Hi all, I'm back with another report, this one pitting my TS against the Emperor's Finest...in the sense that they're trying to live with the embarassment of having their Chapter Planet overunn by Orks...yep it's Cantor and co.
This time (after getting thrashed by the new GKs and ending up with 2 models on turn 2) I decided to try running a more competetive list for my local store tournament.

The Forces:

Sarchan: Chaos Lord with MoT, icon and Deathscreamer

2x8 Thousand Sons, 1 Sorcerer with Bolt of Change 1 Sorcerer With Doombolt (Sarchan here)

5 Havocs, 1 Champion, 4 Missile Launchers (I feel some guilt attempting to replicate Long Fang Spam in my Thousand Sons)

1 Obliterator

(I can't exactly remember his upgrades)

Predo Cantor

5 (normal) Terminators, sgt. with power sword

5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles
5 Scouts with 3 Bolters, sgt. with pistol/chainsword, 1 shotgun

10 Tactical Marines with a sgt. flamer and missile launcher

5 Assault Marines, Sgt. with powerfist

Venerable Dreadnaught with Cc weapon and Plasma Cannon

Misssion: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War
Initiative: Thousand Sons

Terrain: There was a tower on the bottom left of the table, a ruin in the bottom centre and a forest half way down the right flank. On the top right there was a second ruin in the top centre a crater and the top left a hill.

Deployment: I deployed my support squad on the right side of the ruin whilst Sarchan joined the Doombolt squad on the left side.
His 2 scout units set up in the ruin on the right whilst Predo (true to the teachngs of Dorn) hid behind said building.

TS Turn 1.
My Havocs strolled in behind the ruins, not quite able to clamber up. Both of my squads got 5s and proceeded to advance, wary of his deep striking assault marines and terminators. My obliterator was also in transit, waiting to home in on Sarchan's icon.
Shooting saw my Deathscreamer roll a 3 and fall just out of range whilst my Bolt of Change and Inferno Bolts felled 2 Sniper Scouts. Unfortunatley I forgot to remind him to test for morale (he rolled later and passed without Cantor's re-roll). My Havocs ran up into the ruins, ready to UNLEASH CHAOS next turn.

SM Turn 1.
Wary of my Ap3 bolts, Cantor stayed put, instead calling down a bombardment on Sarchan and co. He didn't scatter and hit all 10 of them...wounded 6 and groaned first when I revealed I had 4++ invulns then when I passed 5 of them, losing one son. His tactical squad came in behind the crater, running into it for cover whilst his shotgun scouts attempted to clamber down the building but rolled a double 1. His Dreadnaught came in on the hill and angled its plasma cannon at my squad, thinking to show the Chapter Master how things were done, but scattering away. Finally all three snipers missed my support squad. Finest was beginning to sound more like Finite.

TS Turn 2.
The bombardment obviously damaged my icon as the obliterator refrained from arriving this turn, probably answering a text on one of the i-phones grafted into his flesh. I rolled poorly for movement with Sarchan moving forwards 4" and the other squad 3". Shooting saw my Havocs immobilise and shake the venerable dreadnaught before my last shot scored a 5 which I re-rolled to a 6, it seems as long as I don't need to roll them for armour saves the dice like me. I fired my Deathscreamer at his tactical squad, suffering a wound for my troubles as the eldritch flames consumed my lord (I later realised he had a 4 not 5++ invuln). My bolters were slightly better, felling 2 Marines despite their cover. I slew another sniper with my Bolt of Change but missed with 7 of my bolters (okay forget what I said about luck) and failed to wound with the eighth.

SM Turn 2.
The Terminators materialise behind my Doombolt Squad and Havocs before scattering perilously close to the board edge. His Assault Marines stay put (probably answering my Obliterator's text) as does Cantor, despite the Sons closing in on his position. The Scouts fail their terrain test again (2 and 1), following the example set by their chapter master. Shooting, however, makes up for this as 3 Sons from my Support Squad and 1 from the Doombolt Squad fall to stormbolter and sniper fire. His tactical squad runs a little closer into cover, too far away to lend any asistance to either portions of his force.

TS Turn 3.
My obliterator remembers his manners, exchanging his i-phone for a pair of plasma guns as he appears to greet the terminators. My Doombolt Squad turns around to meet the terminators whilst my Support Squad continues on alone, firing at the tactical marines along with the havocs. Having read the Quantity over Quality blog I launch a salvo of frag missiles at the tacticals, felling 4 whilst my sons manage 2 more (thank you Prince of Excess, Rep pending). My other squad fails to penetrate the tactical dreadnaught armour they are faced with, however my obliterator repeats his anti-terminator stunt used before against Grey Knights, felling 2 with his plasmas before causing them to run 3" (1 more inch and they'd have been off the board!).

SM Turn 3.
His Assault Squad stays in transit whilst his terminators regroup, facing off against the obliterator again. Someone suggests that it might be a good idea for him to use Cantor this game and he moves him up towards the tactical squad. The scouts finally get down onto the ground and form up to face my advancing Sons. Shooting sees my Support Squad reduced to 5 men whilst my Obliterator takes a wound despite his 2+ save. Cantor runs, reaching the crator but not its resident Marines.

TS Turn 4.
My Doombolt Squad moves off, leaving the Obliterator to deal with the terminators, whilst my Support Squad converges on the tacticals. Shooting sees another 2 terminators fall from plasma guns whilst for humour's sake I launch 4 krak missiles at the scouts, leaving a second crator but no marines. Combined shooting and assault seems the tactical squad wiped out and my sons reduced to 2 men.

SM Turn 4.
Still no assault marines and little movement as the terminator sgt. moves to intercept my obliterator and Cantor moves to assault the sons. Shooting leaves me with my sorcerer against Cantor but little else before he assaults me and passes his invulnerable against my force weapon (curses!), however his sgt fails to take off my last wound and I powerfist him into the emperor's lap, consilidating 3" to bring my weapons to bear against the snipers.

TS turn 5.
I move into a central position with my Doombolt Squad and fire at his scouts. My obliterator fires a lascannon at Cantor which he passes his save against. My havocs also launch frags at the scouts, leaving 1 left (he passes moral).

SM turn 5.
He can't roll any more 1s and his assault Marines arrive, almost landing on the tower, whilst Cantor moves to confront the Doombolt Squad. His scout snipes my obliterator, rending and felling the behemoth whilst I loose 2 sons to his assault 4 stormbolter. Assault sees Sarchan roll a 6 for his Daemon Weapon before fluffing whilst my Sorcerer cooly dispatches Cantor with his Force Weapon.
We roll a 3 for the next turn.

TS turn 6.
Sarchan detatches and kills the scout with another 6 for his shots.
I reduce his assault squad to 3 men.

SM turn 6.
He charges me, does no damage, and is tabled.


Well...I'm certainly more streamlined. If those Assault Marines had come in on turn 2 along with the terminators things would have gotten...interesting. I was confident I'd win especially since deployment favoured me. He had to deep strike/walk to me, giving me at least 1 turn of shooting against him no matter what the case. My opponent wasn't particuarly experienced, if he had put Cantor with the tacs and deployed them first then I'd have been forced to focus my fire rather than pick off targets that irritated me.

Sarchan: C+ He didn't really do much and fluffled most of his attacks. I think in total he took out 1 scout...

Thousand Sons: B+ I was playing a standard MEQ army, they stood firm and fought a relentless war of attrition, locking his units in cover for most of the game.

Havocs: A They blew up his dreadnaught, most of his tactical squad and one and a half tactical squads without a single loss.

Obliterator: B+ He singlehandedly took out a unit of terminators before his inglorious fall...he didn't really get to do much more than that.