Kroot/Tau vs. New Dark Eldar at 2250 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Kroot/Tau vs. New Dark Eldar at 2250

    This was one of the best games I have played. Instead of giving a turn by turn battle report, I am just going to explain the two armies, and how the battle went.

    My Tau army is almost all Kroot and Vespid, with 5 Kroot/hound and Krootox units, 2 Vespid units, and only a Tau HQ and a few Heavy support to make it up to 2250.

    He had a sampler army of the new Dark Eldar.

    Overall it was a super close battle. We played the draw mission, and it ended up a draw, even though the Dark Eldar did have a clear advantage near the end.

    People are never really sure how to deal with 5 units of 32 kroot and hounds. They have problems with enough shots to shoot the unit, and always underestimate the close to 100 WS 4 ST 4 attacks on the charge. Even if charged, 24 INT 5 attacks is something to think about.

    Along with the potent fire power of the Tau HQ and Hammerheads at hte Heavy slot, it is hard for armies to fight an unusual enemy.

    He did a great job with his summoning webs, he got many of my units into combat in the first turn they were on the table. However, with the shear number of units, it was hard to make advances.

    Overall, both armies played well, and an unusual combination with two unusual armies was super fun.

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    I recently played against 100 kroots in a 2K game with my grey knights. Though I ate up his kroots, his hammerhead and 9 crisis suits made it a tough game.

    I'm not sure how viable is 160 kroot+hounds, but if you don't have the proper support for them, they're going to fold like a stack of cards against certain more balanced armies.
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