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    Tournament Wrap-up (Short Reports)

    Hi Everyone

    I thought i would give an overview of a tournament i went to recently as a first time back to tournament play. While i may have been a juggernaut at this game back in second edition, i have really enjoyed having my ass handed to me working my way back in to 4th and 5th. Ill give a short writeup of lessons learned at the end for those who are on a similar track.

    List 1500

    --Hive fleet Om Nom--
    Hive Tyrant
    +Hive Commander

    2 Zoanthropes
    + Spore

    1 D.O.M
    + Spore

    3 Hive Guard

    8 Genestealers
    + Broodlord Upgrade
    + Broodlord Scything talons

    18 Hormagaunts
    + Posion

    18 Termagaunts

    1 Tervigon

    1 Trygon Prime
    + Adren
    ------End Hive fleet Om Nom-----------

    Game 1 vs ORKS! Ghazghkul, lootas, looted wagon, truck with shoota boys, shoota boys on foot, nob bikers and of course, a few gretchin for screening.

    Mission: Middle board objective. The defender sets up within 12 inches of board centre and attacker sets up no closer than 24 from the center. Meaning first turn charges can be done. Defender gets first turn. Major points for middle objective, minor points for table quarters.

    Overview: While i realise now as the defender i should have castled up, i made the mistake most do back on the tournament scene. I didn't read the mission all that well, and did not realise i would be getting first turn so only set up with minimum of tervigon, termagaunts and hive guard in the centre.

    My opponent Ryland who was lovely throughout stole the initiative.

    The tervigon was hammered for two turns of fire fromt he lootas (10x3 and 10X2 shots) before kicking it in and spawned 20+ termagaunts, showing how useful it can be in both a non killpoint mission. The hive guard took out some nob bikers with instant death after they failed cover saves and were enough of a threat that ghazgkhul called waaaaaaaGH in the following turn to fleet over to them and tell them how naughty they were with his fist OUCH). Unfortunately for me my reserves were bit by bit. And without the tyrant starting ont he field it really hurt not to have the +1 to reserves. When the doom came on he really made a mess of the lootas. Landing near them and getting to strength 10 immediately and blasting the remainder of the squad of 10 away. The trygon came in my third turn and destroyed a truck with boys in it. Unfortunately it didnt explode so no saves taken. The hormagaunts came on from outflank and really made a mess of a shoota boy unit, 18x3 poison attacks is what i believe to be a nice sweet spot. My opponent played this one safe, more defending as the attacker as i cleared up units closest to the board edge i was playing from. We ran out of time at the end of turn 3 with my hive tyrant still waiting to come on the board. I dont think we were slow as much as we were rolling alot of dice. As the orks had the table covered (alas getting thinned quickly) they had the objectives and nids will have to learn to castle.

    Short one: I will learn to read mission objectives, and i will learn to castle.

    Tyranids Lose

    Game 2 vs Sisters

    Playing as the attacker with defender in the middle with kill points. I set up my units to prepare for first turn charge if sisters were silly enough to get in the 12-18 band from setup.

    I played this one a little wrong. I split my forces up on either side of the defenders and let the opponent counter attack one side at a time. While it works really well to surround your opponent if you can protect each element i didnt take this into account for this game.

    The trygon got a first turn charge in on a squad and killed all but two, failing to run them down. The hive tyrant did the same, but learned badly how evil invulnerable saves can be from faith points. The give guard were charged by the seraphim but the dice gods had a chuckle on this one and they inflicted the only wound of combat (GOGO t6 s5) unfortunately the seraphim made their getaway or the game may have ended with my opponent throwing miniatures.

    I needlessly gave away killpoints my spawning 8 termagaunts in a hope to get in a charge by using the free 6 inches spawn radius. I decided they were better to screen but now seeing the power of heavy flamers, i wont make that mistake again as they and their namesake squad were mowed down with some immolators.

    Again my reserve rolls werent really good. I got my genestealers early (turn 2) this time however and used them to scuttle an exorcist (who did its work on the trygon).

    Hormagaunts came on outflank also and 54 poison attacks turned a heavy bolter sisters squad into tyranid pate. Livers for everybody.

    All in all, the tyranids were turning the tide when they ran out of time in turn 3 (i know again right). My opponent was a little slow but the tournament rounds of 2 hours were also a little too short for a semi horde army. The sisters had 6KP to my 4KP but due to mission objectives (based on units surviving as a ratio of starting units) this translated into a major victory to sisters.

    Tyranids Lose.

    Game 3 - TYRANIDS! Shooting list with carnifex, tyrant, wariors, biovores, raveners and genstealers, gargoyles, zoanthrope and lictor.

    Mission was to hold the middle of table quarters and the centre. In the opponents turn you gained two points for each objective held.

    As i had my ass handed to me up until this stage, i was bound to be playing a bottom ranked player. Keenan was very nice and took the amazing dice rolls on his stride. He set up as the defender i the attacker. He had set up his units maybe a little close to the board edge where i was coming on from.

    Frist turn was ugly. I charged his raveners with my trygon, and was right in his lines with my tyrant. Amazingly i passed my psychic test and got off a 9 inch scream killing a number of gaunts and wounding some warriors. The hive guard took their shots at the zoan hoping to instant kill and successfull with 1 unsaved wound. The trygon was stuck in combat with the raveners after causing 4 wounds and suffering two back. The tervigon got a max roll of 15 spawns.

    The response was not as hard hitting with the biovores taking 10 termagaunts, 5 hormies, and some miserable shooting from the warriors worth another few termagaunts.

    Turn 2 for hive fleet om nom really called the game, with the doom landing right in the middle of his consolidated army and the genestealers outflanking his only non central held objective (termagaunts).

    Between another round of scream fromt he tyrant ( i know lucky right), and the doom the numbers were truly thinned. The Trygon went on to clean up the raveners, the genstealers pasted the termagaunts and the hive tyrant did a number on the biovores. Hormagaunts came through with a thrilling kill of the opposing tyrant needing 5's to hit and 4's to wound. Of course it did help that they only needed two wounds as the Doom had already left its mark.

    The next two turns the tyrant and trygon cleared up the opposing lictor and genestealers. the tervigon drew another 16 gaunts (and stopped there with doubles) and they in turn cleared out the gargoyles.

    Major victory to the tyranids, even better than it was mine.

    Game 4 - Marines 2 Redeemers, 2 X 5 THSS, 2 X 10 scouts.

    Wow, nice combo for this mission. much like planetstrike. Everything starts coming on first turn, units with deep strike can assault turn they enter, and all units can choose to shoot as if stationery instead of attacking in assault phase. All units keep coming back on. We keep track of all KP's

    I wint he roll and choose to go second, which means no Kp's for my opponent turn 1.

    The hormas, tyrant doom and zoans come on wiping a squad of scouts and killing a redeemer. Good for me the redeemer didnt come back on in the following turn, but the flamage was amazing, totally busting the horma unit, a squad of 5 THSS totally made a mess of my tyrant.

    As my tyrant got to come back on, i landed in the middle of another scout squad and went to work with assistance from the trygon. More paste yum yum.

    Following that, the deep striking THSS reply wiped out both the tyrant and the trygon. and a scout scquad coming in to fail shooting on the zoans.

    My genestealers came on and ate a scout squad, who chose to shoot the heavy bolter with blast, OUCH. Lucky the broodlord is a monster in HTH and high initiave meant a cut down.

    We spent the remaining two turns trading two squads of THSS for trygon/tervigon/and another hive tyrant.

    We ended the game with a


    Things i have learned

    - Tervigon is amazing for objective games, but dont both spawning for KP games even if it looks like you could get a free charge in. Theres not much 10 termagaunts can do versus many armies and you probably just giving away a KP.

    Hive guard are nice, instant killing alot of units.

    - The doom while unreliable, has been fun to use, and ill probably keep it in my army.

    - The mycetic spore on the zoans may not have done much this time, but ina ehavy mech list (which i probably avoided being down the bottom) may be all the difference having the free strength 6 shots on rear armour.

    - Paroxysm is an amazing ability. There are some units with WS3 who will have to roll 5's to hit the tyrant. But if your looking down the barrel of TH SS termies, you really dont want them to be hitting anything better than 5's. Much worth it for wearing down a death star.

    As an assault heavy force i brought things on too piece by piece. Where available next time i will start with more on the board, forcing the opponent to make more decisions, and give me ample force to retalliate when things dont go his way. (because having nothing to take advantage of a good situation with is not useful).

    Read Objectives and mission details at tournies!

    Final placing: 23 of 32. A place to improve upon. Ive learned a lot and will fully use that for next time.

    Thanks for reading if you got down here. Next time i go to a tourny i will take photos and write them up in a more classical format.


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    Thank you for this tournament report!! easy to read an not very large, keep'em coming. Good luck for your next tourney.

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