720 point Tau vs Slaanesh Marines - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    720 point Tau vs Slaanesh Marines

    The Shas'el signaled his squad to halt. Sensors had detected an anomaly in this sector, just the smallest spike in the readings. It could have been a glitch in the system, a fluke reading. Yet, something about it bothered him. Gathering up a small task force, he decided to check it himself. Now, within the ruined Gue'la temple, he saw his worst fears confirmed...

    Howdy forum! This game was a tutorial game for a friend of mine who had never played 40k before. I had just completed my first ~750 points of Chaos Space Marines and was eager to play a game with them. Our local gamestore was closed, so we set up on a kitchen table, making the area a 3x4, half the width of a normal table, but with the right proportions for deployment.

    My army consisted of:
    A Slaaneshi Daemon Prince with Lash of Submission
    6 Noise Marines, Blastmaster, 1 Sonic Blaster, Champion with Powerweapon, Meltabombs and Doom Siren
    6 Noise Marines, Blastmaster, 1 Sonic Blaster, Champion with Powerweapon, Meltabombs and Doom Siren
    Chaos Dreadnaught with 2 CCW & 2 TL-Bolter

    His army consisted of:
    Shas'el with Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Targeting Array, Stimulant Injectors & 2 Shield drones
    Crisis suits: 2 Deathrain+ and a fireknife+ teamleader
    6 firewarriors in a devilfish
    A Hammerhead tank
    10 Kroot


    We rolled for mission type and got killpoints, perfect for a first game. Since the table was so very small, we decided normal deployment was best. I won the roll and decided to go second. He set up on the forested side, I set up on the side with the temple. I failed to seize initiative, no big deal.


    TAU TURN 1:

    He moved everything forward to clearer views and better shots and decided to open fire! First shot, hammerhead vs daemon prince. His very first roll of his very first game...
    His Crisis suits, however, fared much better, taking out one of my bolter marines and, more importantly, one of my blastmasters! A 60-point model was blown off the field before he could even get a shot off.


    My daemon prince and dread moved forward, my noise marines remained stationary. The daemon prince lashed the kroot forward, out of the woods, and lumped them together into a pile. What followed was a set of the saddest rolls in the history of bolter, sonic blaster or blastmaster. 2 kroot died. At least they failed a pinning roll.


    TAU TURN 2:

    His turn 2. more fire from his crisis suits into my northern squad of noise marines... but the real point of interest was when he decided to fire his devilfish at my dreadnaught. I gave him side armor... 6 to glance... 6 to immobilize. I couldn't believe it. Suddenly, my close combat dread was a pair of twin-linked bolters. His Shas'el puts a wound on my daemon prince.


    I fly to the edge of the woods and lash the Shas'el into the open. It is time for my daemon to get his first kill! My men take a few more shots at the kroot, but 4 of them are still left standing. My northern squad of noise marines continues firing nerf darts at the crisis suits. My dread gets a sad face, since he can't even wound kroot. In close combat, the drones save their master, his Shas'el takes a wound.

    TAU TURN 3:


    He moves his kroot to aid their leader, swinging them back into the forest to charge in at the prince from the side. His hammerhead finally decides to target something with armor; my dread explodes.

    The kroot charge in, desperate to help.


    They didn't.

    CHAOS TURN 3: Tau: 1 Chaos: 2

    My remaining blastmaster lets rip a powerful wail that fries his devilfish's burst cannon!

    Meanwhile, my daemon prince moves northward towards the hammerhead that didn't move last turn, a sinister grin on his face.
    One explosion later, he has his eyes set on that pesky unit of crisis suits...

    TAU TURN 4: Tau: 1 Chaos: 3

    The crisis suits turn all their fire on the advancing prince, managing to deal a single wound to the horrific creature. As they do, the unit of firewarriors jumps out the side door of their devilfish, unleashing a hail of plasmafire on the remaining northern unit of noise marines. The 6th and final marine from that unit falls.

    CHAOS TURN 4: Tau: 2 Chaos: 3

    My daemon prince swoops in, lashes the crisis suits into range and charges, putting 3 wounds on them and forcing them to flee. They break, he catches them and my opponent concedes.


    The MVP of this game was my daemon prince. It is no exaggeration to say that he practically won the game on his own. With the exception of 6 kroot and a devilfish burst cannon, he did all the work! Still, fun was had by all and my friend got some warhammer experience. A fun game.

    The shas'la shivered in terror, their commanding officers' dying screams still echoed in their headsets. The beast was behind them now, between them and the safety of base. Tossing a twisted and mangled crisis suit aside, the daemon smiled. The Angels of Discord had come to this world. All these poor pitiful xenos would all soon know the dread this tiny squad now felt. Slowly, he advanced upon them, savoring their confusion and despair.

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    Keep up the flowery dialogue and battle reports and you might just have yourself a novel (though the fights would probably need to remain consistently against the same opponent).

    My advice: BURN ALL DICE THAT ROLL ONES. You've not seen the terror and fury of the fickle gods of luck until you're staring down 10+ one eyed, six sided devils. Never have I felt so emasculated when those die turn on me like I murdered their father.

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