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    1850 Tourney with my Eldar

    So my local store here in Utah held a 1850 tournament yesterday. We've had trouble with tournament organization in the past. So Mike, a great person and a great player, took it upon himself to host this one. Mike really enjoyed the adepticon rules and used them. Not so creative but they are really fun rules to play with and give you more then one way to win. We had an excellent turnout with 29 people showing up. There were no problems and over all a good fun gaming day. Unfortunately my phone was already at 20% power showing up to the tournament. So instead of a batrep with pictures, its more like a review. Sorry.

    Though its more mech today, I brought my saim hann eldar. I came with two buddies. They brought Kan wall orks and Chaos space marines. The other armies in the tourney were:
    2 space marine
    2 Space wolf
    1 Black Templar
    4 grey knight
    3 Blood angel
    2 Chaos space marine
    1 Dark eldar
    3 eldar (surprisingly)
    5 Guard
    2 Kan wall orks
    2 Tau
    And a couple I can't remember. No daemons.

    On to my list
    Farseer (Both runes, fortune, jetbike)
    6 warlocks (3 destructor, 2 embolden, 1 enhance, jetbikes)
    Autarch (Mandiblasters, Laser lance, jetbike)
    5 fire dragons
    Wave serpent (bright lance, stones)
    5 dire avengers
    5 dire avengers
    6 guardian jetbikes
    3 viper(3 starcannons)
    2 falcons(EML, shuriken cannon, holo, stones)
    Fire Prism(Holo, stones)
    1842 total. I debated on if I should upgrade a spear in the council. But the past has taught me not to do this and I left it at that.

    Game 1 I drew Tau. His list:
    Commander Farsight
    3 Crisis Bodyguards each with Missle pods and plasma rifles, 2 shield and 2 marker drones, hard-wired multi tracker, targeting arrays.
    3 Crisis battlesuits each with plasma rifles and missle pods and a marker drone, multi tracker, targeting array
    3 Crisis battlesuits 2 with plasma rifle/missle pods, one with burst cannon/Missle, marker drone, targeting array, multi tracker
    2 squads of 11 fire warriors. 4 from each squad had pulse carbines (thought that was kinda wierd)
    They went in devilfish with disruption pods and flechette dischargers
    3 broadsides with 2 shield drones, the leader could shoot something else
    Hammerhead with multitracker and disruption pods

    So I'm not sure if its exactly the same as Adepticon. There were three objectives per game. Primary, secondary, tertiary. You scored points for winning or drawing each objective. Primary was worth the most points and tertiary the least.

    You also scored 1 bonus point for destroying the most expensive unit.
    Destroying the most expensive HQ unit.
    Destroying all the troops.
    Destroying more than 50% of the oppenents VP.
    These would remain the same for every game. Max points if you scored everything was 30.

    Game 1 rules were:
    Table quarter deployment.
    Primary: Seize ground, 5 objectives. One has to be in the center of the table, the other 4 the players dice off and deploy.
    Secondary: Lead by example. Have an HQ withing 6" of the center objective at the end of the game. If we both have an HQ there we draw. If we don't have one there we lose it.
    Tertiary: Marked for termination. Nominate an enemy unit. You complete the objective by destroying this unit. We can either succeed this or fail it. I chose his crisis suit team with all plasma rifles. He nominates the fire dragons.

    Tau win the dice off to go first and take a quarter that forces me into a quarter with no LOS terrain. In return I reserve everything. Risky with my council but I was confident I could hide them or draw fire away from them. Turn 1 and 2 tau just has him shuffling about, but also dangerously close to the middle of the table. Turn 2 I get my falcons and the council and the vipers, even with the autarch +1. Not good I thought, but not bad I suppose. I could cause some damage on his suit teams with all my str 8 ap 2-3. End of turn 2 I killed one marker drone on the burst cannon suit team and put 1 wound on one of the suits. Ouch thats not good.

    Turn 3 he drops both falcons and the vipers. The one falcon took one railgun, failed cover and even with holo-fields ate it. I was thinking I had a pretty short tournament coming up after this round. The dire avengers were fine however. My turn everything else comes in. Council has a lot of work to do now. I boost my wave serpent with the fire dragons up the side towards the hammerhead. Shooting sees the prism land a hit on the marked for termination crisis suits, taking them out. I thought he was crazy not putting shield drones on them. The council destroys a devilfish. I lose 1 destructor to dangerous terrain. Turn 4 he fires his entire army at the council and after the dust settles I lose 1 destructor warlock. I smile, game on! His hammerhead tries to save itself by shooting the wave serpent, but cover holds. He also manages to shake my prism. My turn I kill the hammerhead, the disembarked firewarriors and the other crisis suit team.

    After that turn he lost alot of power in the shooting phase. Turn 5 he dumps all his shots into the council, only the autarch, farseer, and enhance and 1 embolden live. My move, autarch detaches and flies to the center. I shoot and assault the broadsides, and prism fails to take out his other troop(they were out of the devilfish for some reason). My dire avengers manage to sneak through terrain onto objectives. Game ends after that.

    I get the primary, 2 objectives to 1 thanks to my forgotten about dire avengers. We draw secondary. After turn two I just didn't have enough fire power to bring on the hq unit. I also claim tertiary where as my fire dragons were still alive. I also killed his most expensive unit and over half his Victory points giving me 25 total points. Not bad for a rough early game. His mistake was focusing the council too much.

    Second Game I am matched against double land raider space marines. His list.

    5 terminators, power sword, assault cannon
    7 assualt terminators, 4 lightning claws, 3 th/ss
    10 man tac squad, power fist, missle, melta, rhino
    10 man tac squad, power fist, Multimelta, flamer, rhino
    10 man tac squad, power fist, heavy bolter, melta, rhino
    Land raider crusader
    Land raider with multi-melta

    First time fighting Khan, didn't even know he could be on foot. He has a nicely painted army. It was actually themed after deathwatch.

    Mission rules
    Pitched battle
    Primary: Take and hold. 4 objectives instead of the usual 2.
    Secondary: The sum of the parts. A player wins this objective by killing half or more the enemies kill points before deployment and retaining at least half of yours. Draw if we both kill half or do not kill half. So 11 kill points to my 12.
    Tertiary: Recon. The player with the most units(scoring or otherwise) wholly in the enemy deployment zone at the end of the game win.

    I win the roll and decide to go first. I deploy everything, he deploys nothing. I ask, Reserving everything? He answers, No outflanking. That surprised me. I didn't know that could happen, and if he didn't have to tell me how he reserved his units I would have lost as I deployed to one side. Now that I knew I got two turns to turbo boost circles in the center. He got all his reserves in which was lucky, but fast armies are a hard counter to his list it seemed. 2 Tac squads and the assault termies with khan on one side, termies and a tac squad on the other. I simply flew to one side, cleaned up, flew to the other. His assault terminators with only 3 storm shields couldn't absorb that much ap 2. Long story short he had 2 tactical squads on 2 objectives. I held two but contested one. I score primary. I score secondary as all I lost was a prism, the fire dragons, and my autarch who got fisted. I score tertiary with my 6 man bikes and vipers just playing tag on the far side of the table. All bonus points except the troops for a total of 29.

    He was fairly new against eldar and I felt his list was a one trick pony. Hope the opponent doesn't know how to deal with outflank. He told me his first opponent was guard and that he appeared all on one side and just walked to the other side squashing guardsmen along the way. So I could see how it might work.

    Well I scored well twice putting me near the top. The guy running it was pretty secretive on who was where as far as points went. I estimated myself on table two.

    Last game I get blood angels. It never fails. At least I didn't have to deal with str 8 autocannon dreads, stupid grey knights.

    I lost his list so this is by memory.
    Librarian (unleash rage, fear the darkness, terminator armor)
    5 assault terminators(sergeant with pair of lightning claws)
    Tactical squad (Lascannon, melta i think)
    Lascannon razorback
    Assault squad (powerfist, 2 melta)
    Assault squad(power fist, 2 melta)
    5 man squad with a 6" fnp and furious charge bubble (sergeant with power sword) sanguinary guard maybe, not sure.
    5 man squad (same as above, no power sword)

    Mission 3 rules
    Dawn of war deployment
    Primary: Kill points. To win you need 3 or more kill points then the opponent. Draw if the difference is less then 3.
    Secondary: Seize ground. 3 objectives.
    Tertiary: Battlefield control. Hold table quarters. Only scoring units can hold. Anything can contest.

    He wins the roll off and makes me go first. I deploy nothing, flying on first turn except for the 6 man bikes who are reserved. I fly on and thanks to night fight nothing happens. As he drove on I felt his army looked really unimpressive. My opinion changes rather quickly as this game drags on. He also chose my Seer council for the sanguinor. For those who don't know, the sanguinor rerolls to hit and wound agains the chosen unit. The tactical sergeant gets the sanguinor buff(hooray). His long range was rather weak, with only 2 lascannons, and 2 heavy bolters. Or so I thought, but then quickly understood. Those lascannons would almost never miss or fail to touch my vehicles. Only my prism seemed impervious to their damage. Same thing happened when I played dark eldar. I field 20+ lances and can't kill a rhino. But the moment I field just a single, lonely lance, it blows up land raiders and battle wagons. Insta pops characters. Not sure why that is. I felt my opponent was rolling way above average all game. My 6 man bikes fired at his combat squad with the lascannon for 3 turns and then assaulted the two remaining models and just couldn't kill them. Something like 15+ saves on two guys over the course of 3 turns. His termies with the librarian drop in and his hat will stop fortune for the next two times I try to cast it. He eventually corners my council turn 4 and I am forced to fight. I charge the assault squad killing them to 3 guys thanks to the autarch. But that FnP bubble is pretty rough for my council. His counter charge kills the autarch and two warlocks. The embolden warlocks. I get run down. However, my prism was rolling spectacular. Never missed and killed 2 razorbacks and a rhino, as well as some terminators. I also insta pop his librarian. In the end it was a brutal game with him with a decided advantage. I killed something like 450 VP and him with nearly 1200.

    How ever we start tallying points. Primary, he has 6 kill points to my 5. I got 2 razor backs, 2 rhinos, and the libby. He got my council, farseer, autarch, fire dragons, wave serpent, and guardian bikes(yes the 2 marines live). We draw. Secondary, I had two falcons with the dire avengers parked on objectives. He held the third, and we measured to see if the sanguinor was within 3". Nope 4" away. So I win! However he earns the tertiary. 15 points for me. Could be worse I thought.

    That totals me to 69. The organizer calls out the places in reverse order to draw it out. My ork friend pulled horde guard twice in a row... Didn't even make it to 4th turn. Then he played purifier grey knights. Tough luck buddy. Still going up the list. Chaos friend won twice and lost badly once, finishing him at 12th. Now we're up to fifth place still I haven't been called. I only scored 69/90, how badly did other people do? Name is finally called, 3rd place. Tau in second with 75+ points. Draigowing makes 1st. He played the other kan wall ork army on the table next to me. Got first turn, deployed draigo and both paladins at the 24 inch line. Were assaulting orks turn two. Man I would have liked to play that instead, ah well.

    As for the Mvp. Seer council once again proves its awesome-ness. They pretty much took tau single handed. Against the marines. They accounted for a land raider, tac squad and their rhino, and the terminators. Though they had a poor performance in the last game.

    Was a fun day, and the store matched everyones entrance fee so there was plenty of prize money going around.

    Kind of long winded, but thought I'd share.

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    Great job on taking 3rd.

    I'm curious about star cannons on the vipers? Seems awefully expensive for BS3 Vipers.

    And, how was the winner running his DriagoWing? PT Dread Knights or PsyRifleDreads?
    What makes 40k fun is that sometimes, if we do it just right and lady luck smiles on us, rock will kick the **** out of paper. And thats the way it should be.

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    I have a painted Saim hann army. So the vipers are kind of a fluff aspect. However I think I enjoy the starcannon the most on them. If I need to field something cheap shuriken cannons are cheaper but then their offense is terrible and I question why i have them to begin with. Being within 24 inches with them is risky. The starcannons fire less but are ap 2. They can deal with things the army in general has problems handling. Terminators and fnp are pretty tough I've noticed to handle. Don't expect them slaughter the opponent, or even make their points back. I've noticed with eldar tabling the enemy is really hard. Hell its hard to do that with any army against a legit opponent. But when you need to finish a squad or whittle to a manage-able amount, they usually do the trick.

    As for the draigowing, I never looked at his list. From what I saw, two units of paladins 4 cannons and weapon variations for wound allocation and then two dreadknights. He may have had a libby or a small pagk squad some where but I can't remember. I think he just had lucky draws. And last round, where most of the top tables played close games (mine for example, with both of us only scoring mid teens), he butchered his opponent.

    Heh my chaos friend so wanted to play that list with his double lash and double vindicator that he brought. That would have been a shock to the paladins I think.

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    Nice read. And really nice to see a tourny list built for variety and a bit fluffy (your vypers) too many lists made up of DAVUs. Good work, congrats on the 3rd place.
    Check out my Blog for my Biel-Tan Apocalypse progress


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    Great battle report. Very fun to read. Congrats on 3rd!

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