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Thread: Tyranids Vs Tau

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    Hey guys! I'm a nid player and my friend collects tau. His friend also collects tyranids ( i wanna play a double with him vs the tau friend ). They played a game and my friend showed me through it. Its one of the funniest EVER!!!!

    A 700ish point game with the battleforce ingredients!

    Tau -
    3 X Crisis Battlesuits with all the toppings (plasma gun, drone thingo etc.)
    12 Firewarriors with their plasma rifles or pulse rifles (forgot the name :lol: )
    12 kroot (try to counter the nids....HA! :lol: )
    1 Hammerhead with Missile Pods AND Railrifle (Evil GUNS!!&#33 :realmad:

    3 Warriors - 1 with Venom Canon and 2 with Deathspitters.
    16 Hormagaunts, 1 with a hive node.
    8 Termagaunts with Fleshbourers
    8 Termagaunts with Spike Rifles (Wounds on 4+ no matter what, AP 4. THese are Tau killers! )
    12 Genestealers

    1st Turn-
    Tau don't move and shoot. They make onle large line and just shoot. Kroot wait in surrounding trees and forest for the counter.HA! :lol:

    Tyranids charge onwards. Venom Cannon fires, glances and does nothing bad but imobolise for the turn. Genestealers are infiltrating and waiting.

    Deaths - 1 Warrior with Deathspitter. 5 Gaunts! (Apparently he missed alot&#33

    2nd Turn -
    Tyranids continue to charge. Venom Cannon fires at Crisis Battlesuits and kills 1!! The other gets their armour save. Infiltrating Gaunts with Spike Rifles pounce on left side of board and take out 3 Fire Warriors! Genestealers pounce on the other side and set their eyes on the tank. Stealthy :ph34r: .

    Kroot don't come out of hiding spots yet! Crisis guys charge Termagaunts with Spike Rifles and take 'em out! First they use the flamers! The Firewarriors fall back towards the crisis team (who just killed the termies). Tank fires at the genestealers (it couldn't move) with the barrage template shot and devestates them!!! 9 of them died! (ONLY 9&#33 :lol:

    Deaths - 6 Gaunts

    3rd Turn-
    Tau Fire Warriors got happy so they moved back and fired. Crisis guys fired. Tank takes down 3 gaunts. Kroot spring out and prepare for assault.

    Tyranids charge into Kroot lines after killing half of them in shooting!!! Now the nids fight back! The Venom Cannon hits the Hammerhead, glances it and rolls a 6!!!!BOOM!!! Dead. In CC, all the kroot are killed in a masacare and the nids roll a 5 or 6(he forgot when he told me). The hormagaunts got ready for the firewarrior's scare. They were ready for rapid fire and the emp stuff. 1 Deathspitter fires and kills 1 Crisis Battlesuit!!!HAHAA :lol:

    Deaths - 12 Kroot, 1 Crisis Battlesuit and the Hammerhead! :lol:

    4th Turn -
    Showdown! My friend forgot whos turn would go first next turn! (OOPS&#33 :blush: The walls came tumbling down! 2 Fire Warriors are killed by shooting from the gaunts, then the Vennom Canon finished off the crisis battlesuit squad! :lol: something like 6 fw are left. That's it! They get into close combat against 2 Warriors, 8 Hormagaunts and 3 Termagaunts. Then big shock! Only 1 Fire Warrior dies!!!!!!!!!! :realmad: No nids die. Because of outnimbering, 2/3 (he forgot) Fire Warriors die. They fall back and get scared. VERY. He rolls a 4 for the fall back thingy and adds it to their initiative - giving them a total of 6. The nids only needed a 2+ and roll a whopping 4 or something, cutting down the tau.

    Results - Tyranid Victory! The Tau was forced to the edge of the board when they were finally cut down.

    That was basically it. I made stuff up when I forgot what he told me but yeh, you get the picture. The Hammerhead was kinda like a waste! he only killed 1 warrior and less than a handful of gaunts, but wiped out the genestealers.He forgot what happened to them. I think they all got killed by the hh.

    STILL< NIDS WON&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

    &quot;If a ninja does anything anywhere it won't make a sound, but if it does it's probably gonna be the last sound you hear.&quot;

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    Cool little battle. Lots of wild rolls&#33; I love the fact that you just played with whatever was in the Battleforce boxes--no "tailored" armies.

    The smaller battles are fast and furious and tend to be nail-biters, which is why I love playing games of 1000 or less points. 1500 is okay, but anything more than that I think is too big because it takes hours to play and there aren&#39;t as many tactics involved because each army has all the bases covered (FA, EL, HS, speed, firepower, close combat, etc.) and it&#39;s just a statistical slugfest (who rolls the best dice?).

    I&#39;d rather play 2 or 3 small battles than one large one any day. You can go best 2 out of 3 or even link the games into a mini-campaign, which is much more rewarding than a one-off battle. My army quickly develops more history and more character, and my individual models have more fluff value--like my tactical squad sgt (Bremmer) who has beaten down 8 renegade Dark Angels in close combat and is now a veteran sergeant. I need to get him a power sword&#33;

    Purge all the heretics,
    Kill the alien scum,
    Suffer not the unclean to live,
    And have a beer when you&#39;re done.

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    nice nice victory but he coulda used his crisis suits better but i really liked it congratulations on the win

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