Hi all,

Just played a Kill Team tournament yesterday at my local GW with my recently converted group of 6 Chosen. We played five missions in a "corridors of death" layout. Overall I came 6th, not the best of scores but reasonable for my first games of Kill-Team (this might also have had something to do with the list being the first Chaos one I have played devoid of Ahriman and at least 15 Thousand Sons).

Anyhow, the first game I played was against a Space Wolves list that had the ever-obligatory Dreadnaught in it...

The Chosen
Aspiring Champion with Furious Charge, Power Weapon
Chosen with Prefered Enemy
Chosen with Heavy Bolter, Relentless
2x Chosen with Plasma Guns
1 Chosen with a Meltagun

The Space Puppies
6-8 Grey Hunters with Bolters
A Dreadnaught with an Assault Cannon, weapon and stormbolter

Terrain was not set up in my favour. There was a ruin on my half of the field almost halfway accross and to the left whilst a crater was in a similar position to the right on his side of the field.

He won first turn, deploying his Dreadnaught as far forwards as possible on his right whilst his Grey Hunters ranged out accross the field.
I infiltrated my Chosen into the ruins, out of LoS, thanking the dice gods that he didn't have any blast weapons.

Turn 1
The Wolvs advanced, most of them running into the crater. The Dreadnaught moved around just so it could see my melta and preffered enemy Chosen. By some unholy miracle, after his assault cannon and storm bolter had fired both stood unscathed, putting him within 12 of my meltagun next turn...
I wasted no time in sending my meltagun after his dreadnaught and moving my plasmas and heavy bolter onto the ruin's roof. My Aspiring Champion rushed out towards the wolves in the crater. Shooting saw the tide turn drastically as I blew his dreadnaught back the emperor and took out 6 Space Marines with Plasma and Heavy Bolter fire. Assault saw my champion wipe out the last two, giving me a turn 1 victory.

Considering I didn't win any of my practice games with this list, I', quite pleased by my performance. Admittedly he only passed 2 saves the entire game, but even if he had rolled fairly I would have crippled his list to such an extent that his fight-back would be contained to rapid-firing bolters at my closer chosen from 2 or 3 wolves.

Next game was against more space wolves...or more specifically wolf scouts, this list had absolutley massacred the other CSM player first round and, understandably I wasn't looking forwards to facing it.

Space Puppies #2
2x5 squads of Wolf Scouts
3 Snipers
2 Marks
All apart from the snipers had cc/pistols

Terrain was much more in my favour with an arcane ruin in the centre, a forest behind it on my side and a bog on his side. I won the roll to go first and chose to do so, not having to deploy as I was infiltrating.
He set up 5 scouts on one side of the bog and 5 on the other. I infiltrated my 2 plasmas and melta out of LoS into the ruins along with my preffered enemy Chosen. My Champion and Heavy Bolter took the opposite flank, also out of LoS
He failed to steal the initative and off we went.

Turn 1
My Plasmas and Melta rushed towards his line whilst my prefered enemy guy slunk through the bog, my Champion and Heavy Bolter also moved around, ready to rip apart his other flank.
Shooting saw 3 Wolf Scouts fall from the Left and 1 from the right as I missed with 2 Heavy Bolter shots. My Prefered Enemy ran further towards the right whilst my champion assaulted, taking apart another scout before consolidating into the bog. In all I had just failed to tip him over his breaking point, however, once again I had managed to land that all-important first strike and take out both Marked scouts.
I was surprised at the lackluster response my assaults got, his snipers actually moved up to engage me in melee whilst his remaining combat scouts readied to charge my meltagun and heavy bolter. Shooting contained little of note as he only had 3 pistols which missed. Finally, in combat, my chosen took out his scout whilst my heavy bolter was locked in combat but survived.

Turn 2
Both of my combat chosen stalked out of the forest whilst my gunners finished circling aroud to take out the last scout on their flank, which is what they just did in shooting (1 guy does not survive 4 plasma and 1 melta shot without an invuln). My champion then charged his nearest as did the prefered enemy to the other, both easily finishing off their opponents whilst the heavy bolter was still locked.
At this point we decided to call it, I had 4 str 5 power weapon attacks heading towards his last guy and he was well below breaking point.

More to follow