1500 Points Necrons Vs Iron Warriors - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    This is a copy&paste from a private message I sent so if parts of it don't make sense that thats why Also this is my first post here, so hi everyone!

    Hey I just finished my first game against Iron Warriors about an hour ago and thought you might like to read about it...

    It was against a friend who I got into 40k about a year ago and it was actually our first game (he plays at a different store than me). Its kind of my fault he plays Iron Warriors, he asked me what the most powerful army was and I said Iron Warriors so thats what he decided to play It was 1500 points and we were using 4th edition rules (neither of us have the rulebook but we know most of them anyways, and I'm getting mine tomorrow.... or a Monolith, still haven't decided)

    His army list was something like this (everything that can have MoCU has it)
    Chaos Lord with some fancy bits, not anything super powerful, he had 5 str 5 power weapon attacks on the charge along with a single powerfist attack from a servo arm. I think he costed less than 150 points. He rode in a Rhino with 8 warriors w/ 2 flamers, and a champ with powerfist (not chosen bodyguard they are just normal troops choice marines)

    2 squads of 2 Obliterators

    2 squads of 6 marines with lascannon and plasma gun

    2 Predators each with twin linked lascannon and 2 heavy bolters

    8 man havoc squad with 4 heavy bolters (no clue why he wanted so many Heavy Bolters...)


    I was looking in the army list section of this board and there is actually one that is pretty close to this one, but he said its not him...

    I had
    Necron Lord w/ Res Orb and Nightmare Shroud
    8 Immortals
    4 Pariahs
    10 Flayed Ones
    2x10 Warriors
    3x3 Wraiths
    Tomb Spyder

    We were playing at my house so terrain was awful and we were playing on a 42" x 60" board with 9" deployment lengthwise. His left flank: Squad of marines and the havocs set up in one of my awful unpainted ruined buildings, while his 2 Predators and other squad of marines were nearby, with a rhino in front. My left flank: squad of warriors in cover, squad of warriors in the open, Tomb Spyder, Immortals with Lord, and Pariahs right behind them. Flayed Ones infiltrated into a ruined building in the middle of the left flank.

    His right flank: the 4 obliterators and the vindicator
    My right flank: the 9 wraiths

    He won first turn and moved the Vindicator and Obliterators forward 6" and the rhino forward 12. He guessed the full 24" on the Vindicator and it scatters off the board. The Obliterators knock down 2 Wraiths using autocannons. The rest of his army fires at the Flayed Ones and all of his instant kill weapons manage to miss. He knocks down 4 Flayed Ones.

    On my turn 2 of the flayed ones and one of the wraiths get back up. Everything moves forward, and the Wraiths turbo-boost 22" or so right in front of the Obliterators and Vindicator. My Pariahs fire at the Rhino immobilizing it as well as making it so it can't shoot next turn, and then the Warriors blow it up, with 1 marine and the Chaos Lord taking a wound. The Immortals fire at the marines that just came out killing 2. They take a morale check and fail the first one but pass the second one (damn MoCU). Then the Lord uses his Nightmare Shroud and he takes a Morale Test and passes it again (both of these were at Ld7 from the Pariahs). Then the Tomb Spyder and Flayed Ones assault them (who are in cover from the Rhino) and they fail the test the Flayed Ones on 6's The Lord kills 1 Flayed One and fails his mastery test, and then takes a wound from Perils of the Warp (so now he is down to 1 wound). The Tomb Spyder kills a couple marines, and the Powerfist Champ causes 1 wound on it. The Flayed Ones strike at the Chaos Lord, and he fails a save and dies He was like : : :. So his champ fails his morale check and is run down by the Flayed Ones and Tomb Spyder.

    Next turn he kills my Tomb Spyder and all my Flayed Ones from shooting (who would have assualted him next turn) along with 4 warriors. On my turn 3 Wraiths charge the rear armor of the Vindicator and the other 5 charge 1 of the Obliterator squads. The Wraiths destroy the Vindicator and move to charge one of the Predators. The other Wraiths kill 1 Obliterator and the Obliterators do nothing. Shooting killed a few marines, as well. My Pariahs and Lord start to move towards the Obliterators to get into combat (doh, I just told my turn in reverse...)

    On his turn his shooting destroys most of my warriors and they are both sent falling back below 50%. I am actually getting close to phase out now, which is 12 models, and I have something like 20 necron models left. The Obliterator combat is a draw. On my turn shooting kills some more marines, and my Wraiths charge the rear armor of one of his Predators. In the Obliterator combat the Obliterator kills a Wraith. One of my warrior squads falls back off the board. I now have 8 Immortals, the Lord, 7 Wraiths, and 3 warriors left (and the 4 Pariahs but they aren't Necrons). I'm scared being so close to Phase Out . The Lord and Pariahs continue to move towards the Obliterators. The Wraiths destroy the Predator.

    On his turn shooting knocks down 3 Immortals... Obliterator dies to Wraiths and they consolidate into the other squad of Obliterators. On my turn all the Immortals get back up, the Wraiths charge his Havoc squad (now consisting of a single Heavy Bolter marine) and his marine squad (which has 3 marines and a lascannon marine). Pariahs and Necron Lord are going to charge the Obliterators next turn, and the Pariahs fire at his other Predator, destroying it. The Necron Lord uses Nightmare Shroud which is in range of the Las/Plas marine squad that isn't in combat with the Wraiths, and they fall back off the board (thanks to the Pariahs ) The Wraiths do nothing to the Obliterators and the Obliterators kill 2 Wraiths... I am now down to 13 Necrons (the other warrior squad fell back off the board). 1 model from phase out. The wraiths that charged his 2 squads in cover kill a few and take no casualties.

    On his turn he has nothing that isn't in combat and so we go straight to combat... Luckily I lose nothing, and he loses an Obliterator and only has 1 marine left (the havoc marine). On my turn the Wraiths kill the final Havoc, and the Lord and Pariahs charge the last Obliterator, killing it. Another victory for the Bathed-in-Blood Legion!

    Most Valuable Unit goes to either my Pariahs or Wraiths... The Pariahs did a lot, they caused his Chaos Lord to fail a Daemonic Mastery Test, not maul my Flayed Ones because he was hitting on 6's, destroy a Predator, and help the Lord shoo away a squad of Marines off the board with Nightmare Shroud. I probably would have the lost if he had decided to shoot them (they never took a single shot the entire game). The Wraiths also did a lot too, killing the Vindicator, a Predator, 3 Obliterators, and a good number of marines. But my Wraiths almost always win MVU, so I have to give it to the Pariahs. I love my Pariahs!

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    couldnt be bothered to read maybe later but i used 4 heavy bolters to take down 12 swooping hawks..... there are good it could take down atleast 30 imperial gaurd if you have 3 havoc sqauds

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    I like your army list; it seems really fluffy and i like the fact you included non-necron units like the pariahs and that you used them effectively. all in all though nice battle report. his army seems pretty fierce- you did well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Fury
    couldnt be bothered to read maybe later but i used 4 heavy bolters to take down 12 swooping hawks..... there are good it could take down atleast 30 imperial gaurd if you have 3 havoc sqauds
    i wasn't aware necrons could have havok squads or heavy bolters... much like khorne i imagine. :rolleyes:

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