Okay I'm back with another batrep after a long time off 40K (ie: My army was smashed and needed repairing). This game was against the same Dark Eldar player as I went up against in Conflict earlier this year (see (Ahriman at Conflict, the struggles of a special character in 1k)Ahriman at Conflict, the struggles of a special character in 1k).

My list differed slightly from before, dropping the summoned Daemons for an Obliterator and getting rid of the icon.

Anyway, here's how it played out.

Mission: Sieze Ground (4 objectives)

Deployment: Dawn of War

Initiative: Dark Eldar

Combat Drugs: FNP

Four ruins deployed around the centre of the board in a loose square. The objectives were set up 2 on the left, 1 to the centre right and 1 to the middle right.

His Warriors started off in the centre, claiming the middlemost objective, everything else walked on.

Dark Eldar Turn 1.
His Ravager speeds in on the left whilst one raider (with succubus) follows it down the left centre and his final Wych raider moves down the centre right, his harlequins move into one of the buildings on the left, out of LoS. Nothing else for him to do so he ends.

Thousand Sons Turn 1.
Both of my Squads walk on 5, my Vindicator drives forwards 12" and pops smoke (oblit will DS). Ahriman and his squad do everything but destroy his Succubus' Raider with their massed shots. My other squad runs 3".

Dark Eldar Turn 2.
His Succubus' squad are in still range to assault Ahriman and company and move forwards accordingly, his Harlequins make it out of the ruin but are not in range of anything. His other Raider continues its flanking movement, ending up between the two buildings on my side of the board. Shooting sees the Cannon blown off my Vindicator (the flock grass will rest easy this day) thanks to the side shot. Assault goes surprisingly poorly for the Wyches, with me loosing only 3 Sons to 3 Wyches, Ahriman is unscathed.

Thousand Sons Turn 2.
Taking the oppertunity I cast Gift of Chaos on the Succubus, turning her into the Spawnatrix, Ahriman also gets of Warptime (he passes all of his tests for it for the rest of the game) and my Obliterator ends up right next to the second Raider. My Vindicator then rams his empty raider but is just 3" short. My BoC squad advances, firing on the Harlequins, when the dust clears the entire unit is destroyed as I miss with only 3 shots. My Obliterator has slightly worse luck, wrecking the Raider with his twin meltas (this would be the only vehicle I destroyed despite firing over 5 Bolts of Change) and the Wyches pass pinning. Combat sees the Wyches take a wound off the Spawnatrix and leave me with Ahriman, the sorcerer and 2 Sons, they fail Morale but I am unable to catch them, needing a 6.

Dark Eldar Turn 3.
His Ravager moves so that its rear armour is to the table edge whilst his Wyches flee past my Sons. Shooting has his second squad of Wyches take a wound of my Obliterator whilst his Dark Lances take out 2 Sons from the support squad. Then at the barest of long range, his warriors fire at my Support squad, inflicting 7 wounds on my 7 models...as tradition dictates I then fail 6 of the saves, leaving the Sorcerer alone before a splinter pistol from a fleeing Wych downs him...
Unsurprisingly, assault rids me of my obliterator and the Wyches consolidate towards Ahriman and the spawn.

Thousand Sons turn 3.
My vindicator moves 12" towards the Kabalites holding the objective. Ahriman moves up to confront the Ravager, however his Re-rolling Bolt only manages to take out a Dark Lance. The Spawnatrix makes for the downed Raider thanks to Rage, however doesn't make it to assault.

Dark Eldar Turn 4.
The Wyches rush past the spawn and at Ahriman, using their fleet to get there. The remaining lances take a would of the Spawnatrix before in assault I loose everything but Ahriman and the Sorcerer, in return I equalise combat by taking out 2.

Thousand Sons Turn 4.
I fail to create a second spawn from the Hekatrix, however my other one is able to choose between charging the unit and Raider and promptly does so. My Vindicator tank shocks the warriors, and, thanks to its Dirge Caster, breaks them. Assault sees the last unit of Wyches cut apart by force weapons and spawn, however I lose my sorcerer. Ahriman consolidates towards the Ravager, hoping to take it down. No-one's holding anything any more...all I need to do is shepard his last scoring unit off the board and I'll be fine.

Dark Eldar Turn 5.
His Splinter Cannon takes the last wound off my Spawnatrix despite the cover I now have from it whilst my Vindicator is blown up by the Dark Lances...unfortunatley I roll a 1 for radius, meaning that whilst I am surrounded by warriors I only take 1 out in the blast.

Thousand Sons Turn 5.
Well...me only having Ahriman left near the end of the game is becoming a bad habit. Still I'm left with trying to take out 4 Kabalite Warriors to stop them from rallying and getting back to the objective, which requires me to hit and wound with all 4 of my shots and for him to fail 3 FNP saves, or I can go after the Ravager, which only requires me to penetrate on a 3+ and then roll a 3+ to destroy it. I decide to go for the Raider, hitting with Bolt of Change, however, as usual, I roll a 2 for damage, leaving me out in the open facing two dark lances unless....

We roll to see if the game goes on and the dice comes up with a 1, I'd managed to salvage a draw from what had been a game bordering on insanity.

I was fairly pleased with how I performed this game, perhaps I should have used my Obliterator to threaten his Kabalite Warriors rather than the second unit of Wyches...however I only needed a 4+ to get an 'explodes' result...apart from that getting a second spawn would have been nice, allowing me to potentially destroy his Ravager in Melee if Ahriman had instead gone for the downed Raider in that last turn of shooting...

Anyway, now for unit rankings:

Ahriman: A+ He was the last man standing, took no wounds and really turned the game around. A lot of people say he isn't worth 250 points, having used him for so long now I would agree on the grounds that he is a very difficult character to understand and use effectivley. However when you do work out how to use him his re-rollable force weapon and massive array of powers means that virtually nothing is safe from him.

Vindicator: A This tank won me the game despite not having a demolisher cannon for most of it. I would have given it an A+ if it had blown up more Kabalites upon its demise...

Spawnatrix: B It helped out around the combats with the Wyches, tipping them the way I needed, however outside of that its Rage and Slow and Purposefull didn't help me all that much.

Doombolt Squad: C They didn't really do much apart from stand between Ahriman and a lot of Wyches, they would have performed better had most of the action not been so close up.

Bolt of Change Squad: I'm not sure how to rank these guys, they took out the Harlequins by themselves and were then wiped out from full strength in one round of combat...they didn't so much as help me dodge a bullet as catch the bullet in mid air before dropping it and accidentally lighting the fuse to a keg of dynamite lying on the ground...