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    1k wolves vs guards

    went down to a local GW store this evening with a friend to play a game after work and it turned out to be one of the closest and oddest games we've experienced.

    My list was:
    Rune Priest w/ chooser, meltabombs, lightning and hurricane
    Wolf Priest w/ jump pack
    Lone Wolf w/ terminator armor
    Dreadnought w/ multimelta
    10 man Grey Hunter pack w/ flamer, melta and rhino
    5 man Grey Hunter pack w/ flamer and twin linked las razorback
    6 man Skyclaw pack w/ flamer and power fist
    6 man Long Fang pack w/ 4 missile launchers

    His list from memory:
    Lord Commisar
    Command Platoon
    2 squads of basic guards
    2 3man mortar teams
    2 3man autocannon teams
    Leman Russ (battlecannon version)

    As we were getting set up one of the store guys who my friend knew came up and had a chat to us and we were convinced to give battle missions a try. We rolled up the space marine mission where the 'enemy' deploys anywhere further than 12" away from the table edge further than 6" away from another friendly unit though we changed it to 6" from table edge due to space. Terrain had afew ruins scattered through the middle of the board facing inwards and two opposing corners had hills on them plus a small patch of difficult terrain in the form of dead trees on the middle of the right table edge. We rolled off to see who could deploy in the center and who would deploy surrounding. I lost the roll against a 2 and he chose to be the attacker.

    Deployment: the fact that the buildings were facing inwards really hurt me as they were fairly well spaced so i couldnt really claim any sort of cover save. I threw the long fangs into a building that got LOS to about 75% of the table, the dread sat with his back to a building facing another building (massive mistake), the rhino (10man squad) and razorback (5man squad + priest) were placed diagonally so as not to expose rear armor to any table edge and gave me the ability to zip out turn 1. The assault squad sat up in a building giving them free rein of an entire table edge and the lone wolf sat in a building ready to get into assault turn 1 in the north/west section of the table. Overall my entire army was roughly in the center of the table ready to splinter off.
    My opponent set up a weapons team on each table edge (where they would stay for the duration of the game). One squad of guards were in the north/west corner while the meltavets set up inside the trees on the eastern edge with a normal squad further north of them and the command platoon, straken and commisar south of them. The leman russ deployed on the west table edge with clear LOS to my dreadnought. My initial thoughts after deployment was that I was in trouble.

    Turn 1: As the attack my opponent got first turn in which he immobilized my dreadnought (stuck facing a wall 3" away for the rest of the game). On my northern flank the razorback ate an autocannon shell and exploded though noone took damage from the explosion while the rhino in the south got its storm bolter destroyed. My Skyclaw pack took about 3 casualties from massed fire and everything else rather missed or whiffed. At this point I was really worried, my razorback and dread were both out of action and I didnt really have anything else that could deal with that amount of armor in that half of the table apart from the long fangs who could only get side views on it.
    On my first turn I unloaded the grey hunters from my rhino in the southern part of the table and tank shocked between his guardsmen and the command platoon which did nothing but clumped them all up nicely for my shooting phase. Skyclaws jumped infront of the north/east squad and the lone wolf walked up the hill towards the guardsmen up there. Shooting saw the disembarked squad flaming 7/10 guards and the bolt guns cleaned up the rest. The assault squad kill 8 from the squad infront of them and the lone wolves split fire between the leman russ side armor (doing nothing) and the mortars on the hill closest to them dealing one wound. The Rune priest and squad shot at the mortars on the north/east corner and managed to kill them all thanks to rolling up 5 living lightning strikes. In assault the Skyclaws and Wolf Priest assaulted the remaining guardsmen with the priest himself killing everything before another blow could be struck. Looking back I botched this as i could have multiassaulted the squad in the terrain. The lone wolf kills one guardsman with no return damage dealt.

    Turn 2: My opponent skips moving knowing i will come to him and goes straight to shootings. The autocannons on the south/east corner pummeled the rhino immobilizing it. The leman russ moved up and managed to get LOS on the 10man squad placing a large blast marker on their heads and hits. After going to ground im left with 4 men from that squad which is reduced to one from combined fire. Mortars take shots at my long fangs and kill one missile but the rest scatter wildly. Skyclaws lose another guy and so does the small grey hunter pack.
    My skyclaws move into the difficult terrain intent on proving their worth while the rune priest moves more central north and unloads more lightning onto the north/west autocannons killing one of them. Long fangs split onto the leman russ side armor (still nothing) and the south/west mortar crew dealing 3 wounds. Skyclaw shoot and assault the guards killing the middle east squad but losing another one in the process (only got the power fist and wolf priest now). The lone wolf misses everything and makes bout 4 saves this turn. To my great delight the mortar and autocannons fail leadership tests and run off the board

    Turn 3: The leman russ turns and takes aim at my rune priest leaving his read armor facing my long fangs (just what i had been hoping for) and his HQ unit move forward towards the center of the field. In shooting the mortar and south/east autocannons fire at the long fangs doing nothing special while the command platoon manage to kill the wolf priest leaving the power fist skyclaw by himself. north/west autocannons fire at the small hunter pack but does no damage while the leman russ scatters wildly and fails to do any damage with its other weapons.
    I jump my skyclaw out of the battle and have him moving towards the leman russ while the rune priest and hunters move down towards the center of the board to meet his HQ unit. Shooting sees me destroy the battle cannon and lascannon off the russ ~_~the rune priest kills off some of the chaff from the command platoon and the long fangs manage to kill one of the autocannons from the last remaining weapon teams on the south west corner. Assault saw the lone wolf break and sweep the squad (which i realized later wasnt allowed) then consolidates down towards the leman russ.

    Turn 4: By this point both of us had reliatively little left, he pivoted his russ and tried to heavy bolter my rune priest's squad with no results, while the remaining HQ and autocannos managed to kill two guys.
    I moved the lone wolf and skyclaw down to finish off the russ while the rune priest split off from the grey hunters who picked off the last of the generic guardsmen from the command squad and the priest zapped the remaining autocannons. The lone wolf got rear armor on the russ and the skyclaw got side but failed to do anything while the grey hunters charged into straken and lord commisar and promptly rolled 5 odd 1 and 2's while he dealt me 7 power weapon wounds in return... this isnt gonna be good.

    Turn 5: the leman russ decided to tank shock me which does nothing, the HQ run upto my rune priest and whiff on their shooting. In assault i manage to fail counter-attack and roll two 2s and a 1, in return the priest is dealt 4 odd power weapon attacks The lone wolf moves into the ground floor of the building the long fangs are in to prepare for the coming charge while the long fangs split fire immobilizing the leman russ who is facing a table edge and doing no damage to the HQ. At this point we were both invested in the game and just continued on regardless of turn, we both saw victory within our grasp.

    Turn 6: Straken and the Commisar move into the building and shoot at the lone wolf and i manage to get off a 5+ invulnerable against the plasma pistol. He charges and this time i manage to get a wound off which finishes off the commisar before getting cut down. Im now left with 3 long fangs (2 missiles) while he has Straken (not including our immobilized vehicles). I shoot point blank krak missiles which manage to bounce off his iron hide.

    Turn 7: He shotguns me dealing now damage and in assault scores 3 power weapon wounds. I get 7 attacks back with my grey hunters and manage one wound which he promptly fails taking him down to 0 wounds. The board is left with a leman russ facing a table edge, a dreadnought facing a building and a rhino with no weapons facing a table edge. Tactical draw?

    Final Thoughts: That mission sucked! That was the first time he had used straken and im quite sure he will be using him from now on, the guy chewed through the better part of 3 grey hunters, a rune priest, a lone wolf and 3 long fangs by himself. As usual i regret taking a dreadnought though i think my deployment of it really hindered me. Overall it was an enjoyable game after the first turn and we had a blast playing it.

    edit: also just realized I forgot to try and repair the rhino every turn, oh well

    Last edited by demyx; November 11th, 2011 at 15:35.

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    just a (pretty late) notice. Leman russ are turreted, so even if immobilized, it can still fire 360° (or in this specific case, he could have shoot the priest without offering the rear armor)
    I don't use Vendettas or Valks...if Guardsmen were meant to fly, the Emperor would have given them wings. (343rd Mordian)
    The battle for Hidaxes SubSector (Listwar)! 184th Cadian blog: 184th.blogspot.com

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