1000 pts home game Necron vs Chaos (Nurgle/Tzeench) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1000 pts home game Necron vs Chaos (Nurgle/Tzeench)

    I tried my first game with the new Necrons today (my last real game was back in 2008 before 5th ed came out). So far I really enjoy the new rules and can't wait to try them out, but it sure took me a long time to build my first list due to all the options. My first 1000 pt list ended up being 1500 pts after I put in the units and wargear/weapons I wanted to try, haha!

    I played against a Chaos player with:
    - Plague Marines x 7 + lord with lightning claws and twin linked bolters, in a rhino
    - Thousand Sons x 7 + sorcerer with the 24" Str 8 AP2 spell thing, in a rhino
    - Predator with Autocannon and heavy bolters
    - Havoc x 8 with 2 missile launchers and 2 lascannons

    Necron Army list:
    - Phaeron with res orb/staff of light
    - Harbinger of Transmogrification - Tremor Stave and Seismic Cruicible
    - 5 Immortals with Tesla Carbines
    - 5 Wraiths with whip coils
    - 5 scarabs
    - 2 destroyers and 2 heavy destroyers
    - Ghost ark with 9 warriors (so it can hold the Cryptek)

    The battle was for 4 objectives and we started on the back 12" of our halves. I went first.

    Turn 1:
    Necron Turn:
    - Heavy Ds immobilized the plague marine rhino
    - the rest of the armies move into position behind cover

    Chaos turn:
    - Havocs destroy Ghost Ark weapon and immobilize it
    - Thousand Son rhino move forward and the plague marines disembark and foot slog it

    Turn 2:
    - Heavy Ds explode the Thousand Son rhino, killing 1 marine in the process
    - Wraiths move into position to assault the Thousand sons, who are holding an objective
    - Scarabs move closer to predator
    - Tremorstave makes plague marines slower

    - Thousand sons shoot at wraiths without much luck due to Inv saves
    - plague marines foot slog forward 2" due to difficult terrain
    - Havocs shoot at warriors and down 1
    - Predator moves forward and shoots at wraiths, taking out 1

    Turn 3:
    - Heavy D moves to kill the Predator, but only stuns/shakes it...
    - Wraiths charge Thousand sons with 16 attacks, killing only 1... Thousand sons hit back and cause 1 wound, tied.
    - Scarabs move into position to assault predator
    - Tremorstave strikes plague marines again!
    - Ghost Ark puts warrior squad to full.

    - Plague marines slog forward
    - havocs kill 3 of 4 destroyers, leaving 1 left (and he passes leadership test)
    - Plague marines move forward
    - thousand sons win battle by 1 wound (grr), Wraith fails the save, and down to 3 wraiths

    Turn 4:
    - Lone heavy d shoots at plague marines and miss
    - Tremorstave hits yet again!
    - Scarabs assault predator, dropping its armor by 2 (25 attacks, 4+ to hit, 6 hits and only 2 of them succeeded to drop AV)
    - Wraiths and Thousand sons fight, thousand sons win again and wraiths down to 2 wraiths

    - Predator tank shocks scarabs to run away
    - plague marines shoot scarabs down to 2 bases (with flamers and bolters, ouch!)
    - Wraiths finally win combat and kill a few more Thousand sons
    - Havocs keep on shooting at warriors and only kill 1, but it reanimates

    Turn 5:
    - heavy d shakes predator
    - Immortals tesla carbine the plague marines, taking out 1.
    - Warriors shoot the plague marines, taking out another
    - Tremorstave works again! (I love this thing)
    - Wraiths kill a few more thousand sons
    - SCARABS attack Predator back armor and PENETRATES! immobilizing the predator!

    - Havocs take out 3 warriors
    - Plague marine rolls 2" to move and is stuck between the immobilized Predator and dangerous terrain.
    - Wraiths finally win battle, and player concedes game since he only has 1 troop selection and has no way to remove my troops in time.

    So that's it! Let me know if you have comments. thanks!

    Lord Vish

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    Nice battle and a nice list. I don't really like small immortal squads, neither tesla carbines, especially when you have a Phaeron Overlord in the squad. You just waste the Relentless special rule.
    Destroyers are good against CSM, they cause havoc to zerkers and ordinary CSM. However, you need some range anti-tank to deal with Preds/Vindis/Defilers/Rhinos etc. , so HDs are ideal.

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