One of the workers at my local GWS is playing in a comp in jan so i said I would help him get some experience against a range of lists.

My army list was this:
HQ: Chaplain (to go with termis)

Elite: rifleman dread, 2 x TL autocannons
Elite: 5 SS+TH termis
Elite: 10 x sternguar with 9 combi meltas. (couldn't afford the 10th one lol) drop pod with deathwind launcher

Troops: tactical squad with ML, flamer and combi flamer (in basic drop pod)
Troops: tactical squad with ML, flamer and combi flamer (in basic razorback)

FA: MM attack bike
FA: MM attack bike

Heavy: vindicator
Heavy: vindicator

(did have a 5 man scout squad as i thought it was 1850 but removed them as it was the quickest way to get rid of 100 points)

(dont have the list but something like this)

HQ: Warboss with PK (to go with nobs)
HQ: Big mek with KFF (to go with 19 boys squad)

Elite: 8 lootas
Elite: 8 lootas

Troops:12 ork boys with nob + Pk in a truck
Troops:19 ork boys with nob + PK (will go in the battlewagon)
Troops:20 ork boys with nob + PK (will go in the battlewagon)
Troops: large squad (about 1 gretchin
Troops: nob squad (about included 2 burnas, 1 PK, a few big choppa, banner + boss pole. all different from each other (I think he needed another PK here)

FA: deffkopta with TLBS + buzzsaw

Heavy: battlewagon - deffrolla + a few extras
Heavy: battlewagon - killakannon + a few extras
Heavy: 3 x killa kans with 3 different weapons.

DOW with 4 objectives. 3 get put in a sort of triangle on the right (my view), i put the 4th on the other side in his half.
I win the role but choose to go second.
He reserves his whole army to come in turn 1, I reserve everything but a 5 man combated tactical squad which i place in the middle on the left (in building).

Orks Turn 1
He holds the deffkopta, gretchins and troops in a trukk in reserve.
The 3 battlewagons come in on my right (heading towards the triangle of objectives.
He brings the 3 kans in the middle and 2 lots of 8 man loota squads walk on and form 2 lines in the middle and on my far right (no cover for either)

SM Turn 1
Both vindiís and land raider (with 5 SS+TH termis + chaplain) come in on my right dreads comes in a hids behind them to protect it once DOW ends and make a wall of AV13/14. My 2 MM attack bikes come in on my left in a building (out of charge range) and hide with the razorback with flamer/combi flamer inside.
My drop pod comes down in front of his battlewagon but scatters 7 inches which puts the sternguards out of 2D6 range on all the combi meltas. I still get a few pens but he uses his Big meks cover save to save them all. (whatís annoying if I would have gone with my first drop site I would have been in range with rear armour, but I decided it was too risky with it being so close to the table edge)
End of turn 1, nothing is dead!

Orks turn 2:

He moves his battlewagon forward and one unit gets out and shoots and assults both sternguard combat squads, one survives meaning I canít use the deathwind launcher on them next turn. His trukk and deffkopta come in with the DK coming on the right table edge and destroying my razorback (troops get ok)

SM turn 2:

I get the second drop pod and it comes down, combat squads and the flamer/combi flamer kills of 1 loota squad. ML positions for next turn and I now have 3 troops choices over on/near this lone objective.
More shooting from the MM attack bikes, LR , Vindiís, rifleman dread and ML do nothing. Not a thing. In the first 3 turns he makes 10 out of 10 cover saves on his battlewagons.

Orks turn 3:

Battlewagon kills of attack bike and DK kills of the other one. All battlewagons move towards the LR and vindiís Ė next turn assult. Lootas take one weapon off the dread. His gretchin come in next to my drop pod tacticals. With the dice loving him he over estimates his abilities and shoots (kills one) and charges the remain 4. I win the battle and after informing him they donít get fearless, they run off the board.

SM turn 3:

Im dead next turn so I need to kill.
Even in 2D6 pen range for MM, the LR and both vendis fail to hurt anything. Now I know how mat feels when he plays my orks. He finally failed the 11th one and as I roled it I said it would be a 1, low and behold it bloody was.
Laughing at how bad this is going (the other player even said a lot of players would have packed up and walked out by now) I shoot the ML from the tactical and it only goes and blows the battlewagon up. What, after all that a little man with a rocket does it. Just a shame I didnít get that first so the vindiís could kill what was inside.
At this stage I hold 2 and he holds 2.

Orks turn 4:

In this turn his battlewagons all get the charge. His 2 squads of 20 orks kill both vindiís and he loses about 6 men in each squad from the explosion.
His nobs with warboss charge the LR but fail to destroy it (got a load of 2ís and a 4 on the damage chart).
His DK assults my tactical (4 men now) on the right but I win and kill it.

SM turn 4:

My luck finally changes as my termis join the party!
With a flame from the 4 man tacticals and then a multi charge I kill of the whole nob squad, kill most of the 15 man ork boys squad and force the warboss and boys squad to run, never to regroup! (the warboss couldnít strike and he was blocked from getting into B2B by his nobs and my LR)
I also realise his kans are going after my left objective so I start fire at them.
SM = 2, Orks = 1

ORK turn 5:

Now he starts to panic, I have 4 troop choices to his 2 (but 3 of mine are all stuck over by one objective with no chance of getting to the other ones)
His boys in the trukk go sit on and charge the objective in my right corner, kill of the 4 man tactical squad there. The other boys squad (now 13 men + BMek) get back in their wagon and go sit on the middle objective in the triangle. 2nd BW moves in and blocks the termis from getting to them.
His kans (now down to 2) go and sit within 3 inches of my left objective
SM = 0, Orks = 2

SM turn 5:

Now I am in trouble, but I can get a draw out of this
My termis go after the truck boys and assult the trukk (killing it) to get with contest range.
Termi tries to kill blocking wagon but even without cover I only remove the gun.
Now this is it I have 2ML and 2 autocannon shots (4 shots in total) to kill 2 kans (AV11) for the draw.
I fail to hit or wound with everything.
WTF, going all out the 4 man tactical squad sitting on that left objective charge them (no melta bombs or fists in this army) with 4 krak granades I get two 6 to hit, bugger, I now need two more 6 to pen. My luck just turned and I do and get a 5 + 6 to blow both up and get the DRAW (at this point I jumped up and shouted ďI got the drawĒ, they laugh as they know how much I have had things against me in this battle)
SM = 1, Orks = 1
We role (I have my fingers crossed) but sadly the game goes on

Orks Turn 6:

He kills of the termis with a big shoota and then that same trukk boys squad charging them (it was average rolling in the CC bit just the amount of hits was what got my termis)
The store worker now decides its time to take 2 objectives with one squad (I hate the rule that allows you to do that) L
I am now losing 3 to 1.
SM = 1, Orks = 3

SM turn 6.

I have one chance. His squad spread out over 2 objectives number 13 and have a big mek. I have a ML, a 1 armed rifleman dread and the TLHB + one TLLC to get them low enough to get a moral check. Fail that and they run and again I get my draw.
I get 3 hits with the ML and the total of 9 shots (with him getting a cover save from all) I kill of 5 taking him down to LD8.
He roles a Ö. 7 and they stay where they are.
SM = 1, Orks = 3

And now it is him hoping the game ends. If not I should be able to get that middle squad even lower and hope for another moral check on their basic LD. Heis hope would have been screening off with the BW.
Sadly I role this time and the game ENDS!

Afterwards the person admitted that it was nice to play suck a good 40K player who through focussing on the objectives almost made a come back even when it seemed like a tabling was gonna happen. He also added that by turn 3, he even felt so bad at saving every pen on his BW, that he began to wish for the dice to fail when he roled the saves.
Im back their in 2 weeks showing him how tau play. Those cover saves will mean nothing against my pathfinders (just a shame its only a 1750 point game as really need 2K.
Game ends with me having a LR, a drop pod and 3 combated tactical units.
He had 2 battlewagons (1 immobilised with no gun) and 3 man lotta squad, big mek, a 6 man ork squad and a 8 man ork boys squad