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    Close quarters action 2 Necron Attack Black Templar

    I played two games against friends on sunday playing the Close Quarters Action mission as found here:
    Some special rules, most important are attacker gets more points then defender, Shooting phases in each turn are swapped, Play on more dense terrain possibly smaller table.

    We played 1500 point attacker versus 1000 point attacker on a 4' by 4' table.

    ecorns list 1500 points (not exactly certain)
    Some Lord to get him other lords in squads.
    3 units of 5 wraiths; 3 of the lash whip wraiths in each. (these are terminator models with whips, and tyranid without)
    2 squads of 10 immortals with little lordling w/scythe (these are bloodangels and grey knights).
    10 3+4++ unit of some guys with a lordling and some kind of shields that redirect AP 2/3 shooting. (death company)

    Black Templar list 1000 points
    Emperors Champion, accept any challenge.
    Three units of 5 crusaders, heavybolter, heavy flamer, 3 neaophytes.
    Ven dread, heavy flamer assault cannon (GK dread).
    Dread-heavy flamer assault cannon
    Vindicator dozer
    Predator destructor, heavy bolters, dozer.

    Necron walk on, Objective is small token in the upper right corner bushes that is guarded by the Templar squad which is up there.
    Templar shooting wounds three different wraiths, none dead after comeback rolls.
    After Perfect re-positioning by templar (25" away from Immortals convincing them to shoot instead of run)
    All Necron advance. Templar shooting kills three wraiths, one stands back up. 4 total wounds delivered.
    Necron Wraiths Assault, Force top templar squad to fall back losing a wraith in the process. Tying up both dreads, and the southern defense line of templars. Vendread is immobilized
    Templar Assault phase: Top wraiths destroyed by the Emperors Champion, Bottom wraiths cause marines to fall back, middle wraiths blow up CC weapon of venerable dread.
    Necron Turn: The advance and charge, the lychs die to the demolisher cannon on the way. Nothing dies in the assault. (even with the scyth on the ven dread).
    Templar Turnmperors champion destroys immortals tied up with ven dread; win combat, cut down the rest of the immortals, wraiths flee unable to regroup, ven dread is alive, with no weapons or mobility, But I guess he will be repaired and hopefully learned not to mess with wraiths. Other fight is a draw as the Necron can't roll better than a 1 on the damage table with the non venerable dreadnought, it is pretty ridiculous at this point as they have had 30 attacks on it and couldn't do more than shake it, that being said it killed none of them.

    At this point the Necrons concede being down 2 squads of wraiths and a squad of immortals with no one to match the emperors champion, while only hurting a dread (technically still alive) and 5 marines 4 of which were neophytes.

    Necron did not ever shoot which seems like an error to me, but the Wraiths were disgusting and I hope to never have to fight them again. After discussing the game, it really was a mistake for him to tie up the dreads as he just needed to get by them with his wraiths to push my marines off the objective. But he came into the mission thinking his wraiths would wreck everything because that is what they did in his first game (attacking chaos); unfortunately he didn't roll well against the dreads and just was stuck until the emperors champion came to clean up the scrum.

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    I agree that he made a few mistakes, not the least of which was not shooting, but i also think he could've been more prudent with his wraiths, also in the end, i think he gave a bit early.

    regardless congrats on the win, may all your battles be this favorable!


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