Thought I'd share this battle report with you, hope you enjoy.

My List

Overlord (Ress Orb)
2 Destruction Crypteks
3 Wraiths (2x Whip Coils)
1 Ghost Ark
9 Warriors (w/Cyptek + Ghost Ark)
9 Warriors (w/Cryptek)
9 Immortals(Telsa Carbines w/Overlord)
6 Scarabs
1 Annihilation Barge

His List

Space Marine Commander on Bike withPower Weapon
10 Tactical Space Marines in Rhino with Plasma Cannonand Plasma Rifle
5 Terminators with Thunder Hammers
Dreadnought with 2 CC weapons and Multi Melta/Heavy Flamer
10Assault Marines with Sergeant Teleport Homer and 2x Plasma Pistols.
5 Scouts with Bolters and 1x HeavyBolter.

Mission was Annihilation with SpearheadDeployment. He won first turn and deployed in a tight formationclose to a wood in the centre of the board placing his scouts insideand keeping his Terminators in reserve.

I deployed my Barge and Immortalsfurtherest from his board side, and left my Ghost Ark (w/ warriors)and the other warrior squad central enough to try and take advantageof both flayer arrays. Scarabs remained ahead of my warriors toprevent charges whilst the wraiths remained behind the Ark.

Marine Turn 1: He drop podded theDreadnought straight in front of my Ghost Ark opening fire with theMelta, however he failed to destroy it instead removing the shieldingand leaving it stunned. Then using the Heavy Flamer, hit 4 of theScarabs bases I careless placed beside the ghost ark, killing 2. Thebike and assault squads moved forward, and remained out of range. The Rhino opted to stay put, shooting the Plasma Cannon at theAnnihilation Barge but it scattered and missed. Scouts shot at theon foot warriors, but failed to wound any.

Necron Turn 1: The Immortals moved intocover and opened fire on the Marine Commander, downing him in a hailof Telsa. The Foot warriors out of range moved up, the Cryptek firedat the Dreadnought but failed to penetrate it. The AnnihilationBarge then tried the same leaving the Dreadnought Immobilised andwithout it's Melta, Scarab and Wraith then assaulted theDreadnought, wrecking it.

Marine Turn 2: The Assault Marinesadvanced with the scouts opening fire on the Scarabs killing another2 bases. They then charged the remaining 2 scarabs, but with 31attacks only 1 scarab base went down with the last scarabclaiming an assault marine! Rhino advanced forward full 12”towards the immortals

Necron turn 2: Annihilation Bargedwrecked the Rhino with the Immortals and Ghost Ark then attacking theoccupants, claiming 4 Tactical marines. The wraiths then charged theAssault marines, downing 2 and taking one wound with the last scarabbase going down.

Marine Turn 3: The Terminators appearedin proximity of my Immortals, setting up for an assault next turn. The Tactical Marines moved forward, rapid firing the Immortalskilling 3 with one returning from WWB. Scouts shot the foot sloggingwarriors killing 3. The Assault Marines did a better job this timeround managing to kill a Wraith in the assault phase and woundinganother, wraiths only killed one marine in return.

Necron Turn 3: The Second WarriorSquad disembarked from the Ghost Ark and advanced towards theterminators with the first assaulting the engaged assault squad. Shooting saw the terminators take shots from the immortals, barge andwarriors eventually downing 2. The Assault marines then lost another2 in close combat and failed to retaliate. Failing their leadershiptest they retreated towards their table edge. The immortals thencharged the Terminators, killing another losing 2 in the process.

Marine turn 4: The Scouts and assaultmarines advanced on the wraiths downing another through shooting andassault. The tactical marines advanced forward and charge theimmortals however it's an uneventful combat with only one immortalbeing removed.

Necron Turn 4: Annihation Barge opensup on the drop pod, stunning it However the Shot Arcs to the nearbytactical squad locked in combat,downing 4! I thencharge my warriors, one into the tactical marines the other into theassault squad. Wraiths again win Close Combat and the Assaultmarines fall back. The Immortals and Warriors destroy what’s leftof the Tactical Squad and Terminators.

Atthat the marine player conceded defeat!

Ifelt my Wraiths really stand out in this game. I enjoyed being in aposition were I was comfortable charging my warriors knowing that I'dget to strike first, without them to tie up the Assault marines Iimagined the game going the other way.

Lookingforward to next running a destroyer lord with my wraiths, shouldreally help them chew up units.