My store was in week 4 of a league last night. I was paired up against a Blood Angel player, 2nd time I've fought them, 1st time with Eldar, and this guy had a very differant play style, so I wasn't really sure what I was facing. We had 3 levels of objectives. The Primary was kill points, Secondary was a set of 3 objectives in a line down the center of the table, and Tertiary was one objective in each deployment zone. Each level of objectives was worth more battle points then the ones below it.

My list was like this.


Fire Dragons x6 w/ Exarch, Fire Pike
Wave Serpant fully kitted with Bright Lances

Dire Avengers x10 w/ Exarch, Dire Sword, Blade Storm, Defend
Dire Avengers x10 w/ Exarch, Dire Sword, Blade Storm, Defend
Dire Avengers x10 w/ Exarch, 2 Catapults, Blade Storm, Defend
Wave Serpant fully kitted with Bright Lances
Pathfinders x6

Wraithlord w/ Bright Lance
Dark Reapers x5 w/ Exarch Reaper Launcher, Fast Shot, Crack Shot(which I forgot about the entire game).

His list
4 or 5 Priests

Sanguinary Guard x6
Sanguinary Guard x6

Assault Marines x10 2 Melta's
Assault Marines x10 2 Melta's

Devastator x5 w/ 4 Missiles
Devastator x5 w/ 4 Missiles

Deployment was Spearhead. There was a giant ruin in my objective, a building smack in the center, and a forest in the other 3 table quarters. He won the roll, deployed both his Dev's and a Priest in the forest. Opted to keep the rest of his army in reserves. I deployed my Reapers, Avatar, Wraithlord, and squad of foot DA's in the ruins, holding the objective in my zone. The other foot DA is just outside the ruins holding one of the centerline objectives. The Wave with the Dragons and Fuegan are in the back corner behind the ruins as far from the missiles as possible. The Wave with the DA's is in reserves. I then deploy the pathfinders in the forest on the quarter to my left and they have a clear line on his Dev's.

Turn 1:
Nothing happens for him. This missiles that did fire did nothing.

I move flat out with my Wave behind a forest on the other end of the table (his side). My wraithlord peaks around the corner and pops a shot at the only guy he can see, the Sgt of his lead Dev squad. Fails his cover save. Nothing else really happens for me.

Turn 2:
Everything of his comes in. This is where I won the game. He dropped one Sang Guard unit (with Libby) on the other end near my Pathfinders. He then places an assault squad, and Dante with his Sang right beside my giant mess of shootyness in the ruins. His last Assault squad drops behind my Wave, but scatters so their only seeing side. Shooting see's my DA squad not in cover get dropped to 2 Avengers, but hold due to the fearless bubble. His missiles immobilize my wave which uses the vectored engines to land.

My turn. Wave with DA's come in, behind his Assault squad in my quarter. Avengers jump out, DA squad in the ruins move closer to the same Assault squad. Avatar follows suit. Fire Dragons and Fuegan hop out of the downed Serpant. Then I open the gates of hell. I drop half of the guys I shoot at, then charge with everything. The assault squad gets mauled on by Fuegan but a few survive. The other squad gets dropped to the Priest and Sgt (thankfully). They hold and survive the subsequent wounds, and my giant mess consolidates in on him.

Turn 3:
He has very limited options now. Sang Guard charge my Pathfinders, and his other squad with Dante go at the easier target of the Firedragons. Shooting puts a missile wound on the Wraithlord. In assault I kill the priest with the avatar, and he is unable to consolidate in on the Sgt who survived, so he just moves towards Dante's squad. My Fire Dragons succesfully finish off his Assault squad, but Dante and Sang ice the rest of the unit (including Fuegan). His Sang that charged my Pathfinders wipe the unit out.

My turn, the Avatar assaults Dante and Sang Guard. Wraithlord moves in that direction. My DA's finish off the Sgt they were locked in with. Reapers start peppering his Sang Guard that killed the Pathfinders and slowly start chipping away at their 2+ saves. In close combat the Avatar wipes out the remainder of his Sanguinary Guard, and Dante inflicts a wound on him.

Turn 4:
Missiles put another wound on the Wraithlord. Unengaged Sang Guard fall back to claim an objective. Avatar kills the Priest with Dante, no wounds done in return.

My turn, Wraithlord charges in with Dante. DA's hop back in their serpant and shoot towards the center objective. Reapers pepper his Sang Guard some more, and drop his Libby. My two foot DA's consolidate back on their original objectives. In CC the Avatar puts a wound on Dante, and then the Wraithlord just squishes him.

From turn 5-7 the only thing that occured was he drops my Wraithlord and Avatar with missiles, and I drop his Sang Guard down to 1 man and the Priest, causing them to flee. They rally on the objective in his deployment zone.

Game ends, I have 3 more kill points, control 2 of the 3 centerline objectives, and we tie on the objectives in the deployment zone. I took pity on him on that one. He moved his remaining guard to the centerline objective, but I pointed out that he'd force a draw on the Tertiary, if he stayed put. Otherwise he'd just be handing me a win on all 3 objectives.

It was obvious that this was the first time he played eldar, it's not a very popular army around here. If he had seen them before I'm sure he wouldn't have deepstruck everything in range to get blade stormed into oblivion.