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    2500 pts GK vs Nids Way Early Prep for tourney

    Alright, since I got massacred at ‘Ard Boyz last year, I’m working early to tune my list and tactics and in hopes of getting more experience in before. A friend of mine and I played over the weekend under the pretenses of an AB game. 2500 pts, 2.5 hour time limit and it was just a mission out of the book.

    My List:
    Grand Master w/ Incinerator & Sword, Rads, Blinds & Psychotrokes
    Librarian w/ Warding Stave, Quicksilver, Might, Rift, 3x Servo Skulls
    Linked to 5 Paladins w/ Psycannon & Hammer, Psycannon & Sword, Sword, Halberd, Falchions, inside a Land Raider Crusader w/ Psybolts

    Venerable Psirifleman Dreadnought

    GKT x 6 w/ Justicar Thawn, Psycannon & Hammer, Sword, Halberd, Falchons x2 inside a Stormraven w/ TLLC & TLMM
    GKT x5 w/ Psycannon & Hammer, Sword, Halberd x2, Falchions
    GKT x5 w/ Psycannon & Hammer, Sword x2, Halberd, Falchions & Psybolts

    Nem Dreadknight w/ Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator, Great Sword
    His List: Tyranids
    Tyranid Prime w/ Lash whip & Bone Sword, Sycthing Talons
    Linked to a squad of 3 Hive Guard
    Tyranid Prime w/ Lash whip & Bone Sword, Sycthing Talons
    Linked to a squad of 3 Hive Guard

    Termagants x 10
    Termagants x 10
    Gene stealers x 12 w/ Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons & Rending Claws
    Gene Stealers x 12 w/ Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons & Rending Claws

    2 Canifexes w/ 2x TL Devourers
    Trygon Prime

    I’m not sure if I got all of his upgrades but this pretty much covers it.

    Pregame: I’m not worried. I’ve played this friend a lot. He only has Nids, I best him nearly every time as GK. He’s deathly afraid of Palladins and he can never defeat the 2+ Termie armour or the wound allocation well enough. I know I’m playing a new list but I can’t shake the feeling I will wail on him. He does however always beat me when I don’t play my GK. But I don’t think that’s much of a factor now. I just don’t want Dawn of war…. I hate Dawn of war.
    Mission: Annihilation
    Deployment: Pitched
    Set up: We play on a smaller table due to that being what I have. Its roughly 6x4 but it does us good. We normally like to play terrain heavy but in light of going for ‘Ard Boyz, we settled on the rule written 5 pieces (the store we play at has a sad stock of terrain, leaving very little in the way of LOS blocking. Last years’ tourney saw me on a table with 5 very small pieces vs. a IG leaf blower. Color me not happy) So, to work with that, we are trying to decrease our amount of terrain.

    There was a large ruined power plant in the middle of the table. My left gave me a forest area.; in front of that, in the opfor’s deployment gave another forest area. My right gave me a rubble pile that has a trench cut through it that can fit Terminator bases. The opfor’s depolyment has a 15” long craggy steppe hill like structure in it.

    To the Game (or what I can remember of it.): Roll of has him winning and he lets me deploy and go first. I place one skull each on the flanks about 6” from the edge and about mid-field or 2” on my side of it. The 3rd skull goes in the middle of the field. Then, I see the nice juicy kill lane set up by the gap between the power plant and both forests and decide not to send my vehicles down that way. My right side deployment has enough room to run my Crusader along that edge of the power plant and gives enough cover for my Dread and Raven to move about so I take the denied flank route. Reserving my 2 slogging GKT units to Deep strike and the Dreadknight to walk on.
    The Opfor does the exact same thing as I do, deploying solely in the quarter opposite mine. So I’m in my right side, and he is in his right side with the power plant between us. No LOS for anyone. He Reserves his Trygon to deep strike and 2 Stealer units to outflank.

    GK1: I rush my Crusader up 12”, followed by moving the Raven up enough to still fire 1 weapon. The Dread moves up its 6” and waits. Shooting gives me an Assault Cannon shot from the Crusader thanks to Machine Spirit and the Raven gets a shot off with its Lascannon. All the shots go into the only thing I can see, a Termegant unit. I get several hits and manage to kill 3 Termegants. Then leave it to him.

    Nid1: He spawns up 12 Termegants from the Tervigon. And he moves everything up towards my force since I have denied him a straight on fight, he must push diagonally up the field. He manages to get some shots with one of his squads of Hive guard on the Crusader but they just bounce off (a reoccurring theme during this game.). He also manages to get close enough to take out my Midfield and Left side Skulls before I’ve even had a chance to use them… oh well. Then he turns the game over to me.

    GK2: I roll for Psychic Communion on my GM and it goes off (No Shadows in the Warp yet!) And I roll for all three of my units, and end up not needing my Communion as All three come available and I take them all. The Dreadknight walks up 12” to stand behind my Stormraven, and the 2 GKT units DS in about 6” or so from the Servo Skull. One to its left and up the table along the craggy steppe, it deviates all of 1” back towards me. The other to the right of the skull and towards the opfor deployment zone, it deviates 5” into the craggy steppe and forces a dangerous check, killing 2 of them. Those are the breaks though. The Crusader moves up about 8” and peaks its nose out from the side of the power plant and the Raven swings a bit wide to get a better view. The Dread moves up 6: more and is blocked by the vehicles. Shooting gives me a large amount of shots on the the original Termegant target and the newly spawned unit. I wipe one unit of gants off the board for my first kill point.

    Nid2: He rolls for his reserves and gets 1 unit of Stealers up. He rolls for Outflank and gets the 6. I expect him to place them right behind my depleted Termies and he suprises by going for my Dreadnought. They move on 6” and I’m starting to smile but let him continue. He moves everything up again and takes a tremendous amount of shots on my Crusader with 2 squads of Hive Guard and his Tyrannofex. All I get is a few stunned and shakens. Nothing is close enough to charge me yet. The Stealers run towards my Dread and then assault it. The dread weathers some 36 attacks from the Stealers and only 2 get through to pen with 1 glance. He scores an Immobilized and an Explodes. Being Venerable, I force him to reroll both. However, it gets worse and he scores a wrecked… so making the Dread Venerable at this point was a waste of 60 points… live and learn. But I am smiling because my turn is next.

    GK3: I roll Fortitude for the Crusader and pass. I move my Crusader up just enough to turn is 45 degrees to the corner of the power plant the set up the charge for its cargo. I move the 3 Termies in the craggy steppe forward to support. I move the full squad of Termies towards the Stealers surrounding the Dreadnought Wreck. I move the Dreadknight up to use it’s Incinerator and finally, I drop the bomb on the Stealers with Thawn’s GKT unit out of the Raven. The Crusader shoots a squad of Hive Guard and Prime that have managed to move up to it. The 3 Termies shoot at a 12 strong gant unit that is in charge range. The full Termie Squad, the Dreadknight and Thawn’s squad all shoot into the Stealers, wiping them. The raven fires a Mindstrike at the Tervigon and scatters off onto a single gant, who saves. (I didn’t fire them all because I forgot at the time they were Str4 and could all be shot as defensive weapons) The GM squad of Paladins in the Crusader charge the Hive Guard/ Prime unit that is right in front of it after they shoot into it also. I wipe that squad with only wounds going on. This is the beginning of a grand happening… The Libby casts QuickSilver and Might. Both go off with double 1’s on the psychic test. He saves 1 with his stave. The GM also casts HammerHand and it goes off with no perils. And I still have the ability to use Force Weapons from the Pallies. I believe that fails however, I deal enough wounds to kill the squad. The 3 Termies assault the gants and deal enough wounds to them to wipe them. Hammerhand goes off for them due to no Shadow Precense at this time. So far, I’m up to 5 Kps to his 1. Both squads consolidate so as to reload the pallies into the Crusader but that never happens.

    Nid3: He rolls for reserves and gets his Trygon. Who comes up on the top of the craggy steppe, right next to my 3 Termies and vehicles. He moves up his Tervegon, gants, the other Hive Guard and Tyrannofex. He shoots up the GM/Pally squad with the Trygon, and they shrug it off with no wounds. He rains fire down on my Crusader with her Hive Guard and Tyrannofex, more Shakens. He also fires at my Pallies with his advancing Carnifexes (sorry forgot to mention them as they didn’t really impact the game till now). He then charges in with his gants, his carnies and his Tervegon. The Big bugs go for the GM/Pally squad. The gants go after the 3 Termies. He doesn’t do much. Just a few more wounds on the Pallies. So now, I’ve got 7 Terminator bodies in combat with 1 wound on each of them. His Tervegon sits at 4 wounds on it and his his Carnifexes are 1 with 1 wound and the other is dead. I managed to get every one of my powers off this time with only one perils that I saved on the stave (Quicksilver, Might, Hammerhand) and Force Weapons on the GM only who took out that one Carnie. I’m loving this so far as most times I play this guy, I get maybe 3 powers off the whole game due to that Shadows mess. The 3 Termies are holding their own and kill the rest of the gants on them.

    GK4: It’s looking good for me and he remarks how sad it is as half of my army is holding off all of his army. I agree and get the ball rolling. The Crusader is totally blocked for movement and the Pally squad cannot leave combat to climb back in. I utilize the side door to load my GKT squad with psybolts into it and prepare to get a charge for them. The Dreadknight Shunts behind the Trygon so I can Incinerate it. The 3 Termies that have been in combat move towards the Trygon to deal with it. Thawn’s group moves up toward all this battle and the raven moves up a bit but has nothing to really do now. I shoot at the Trygon with all I can and deal nothing. The Raven is worthless now, the Crusader uses its assault cannon on the Tyrannofex and gets 1 wound. The Dreadknight and Termies charge the Trygon and manage to put 2 wounds on it combined. The Tyrgon wiffs on the DK. The Palladin/GM squad goes at it again and I wipe the Carnifex off and the Tervigon hangs on. I lose a Palladin here and my powers start failing.
    Score: GK-6 Nids-1

    Nid4: He only really moves to get more gants into CC, His other Genestealers come out but there Outflank roll puts them on his right table edge. This effectively puts them at the back of his new lines. They never make it to combat before the game ends. The Tervegon uses Regeneration and keeps getting wounds back, grrr… He somehow manages to finally blow up my Crusader, yes, blow it up. No one dies in the explosion and the passengers are left standing there wondering where their ride went. He then blows up my Stormraven. Due to his scattered lines, there are multi assaults all over the place. Again, my powers are failing to Shadows and I really start losing models. I lose 2 Palladins and he loses a group of gants. And we remain locked in combat.
    Score: GK-6 Nids-3
    We officially reach the time limit of 2.5 hours so, by ‘Ard Boys standards, I win. However, we don’t have anything to do and we have several good HtHs going on so we continue.

    GK5: Ok, I’m starting to worry due to the fact that my powers are failing but, the dice gods have been very good to me so far. I can’t hate them now can I? I rally as much as I can and with everything in CC, I can’t shoot. Thawn’s unit starts moving up past the exploded Crusader to try and get stuck in. The 3 Termies and DK tackle the Trygon. I lose the DK and all but the Hammer Termie to the Trygon but, I leave it at 1 wound. I lose 2 of my 3 Termies from the 3 strong unit to CC with gants… gants! WTH! The GM’s unit starts to look slim as I lose the Libby and a few more Palladins but, I kill the Tervegon! This is looking really bad for me now.

    Nid5: He moves his last Hive Guard unit up into combat with my GM and Pallies. He piles up as much of his stuff as he can. My GM is staring at Hive Guard now, with a Tyrannofex behind them. And gants beside it. My lone Termie is surrounded by gants. My other lone Termie is staring at a Trygon. And Thawn just wants in! The assault starts and I manage to lay waste to his Hive Guard; they lay waste to his Palladins and the GM is all alone with the Prime and Hive Guard. I lose the lone Termie to gants and the lone hammer Termie kills the Trygon, then turns to help his GM.
    Score: GK-8 Nids-7

    GK6: I move everything up to assault in a last ditch effort because its all I got. I make no powers, the GM takes and wound to perils, I lose the lone Hammer Termie and the GM to a Bone sword. Then Thawn takes one for the team and his squad gets decimated.

    Nids6: Its so grim, I am holding off a horde of Nids with 3 or so models… I don’t accomplish much of anything other than going down fighting while he piles in all over the place. Now, its over and he ends up wiping me off the board.
    Score GK-8 Nids- 10

    Post game: I think I did really well. Got lucky plenty of times as my psychic tests show. However, this wouldn’t have been any problem against any other army sans Eldar. I think I screwed up my deployment a bit by refusing the flank as I bottle necked myself by turn 3. However, this possibly saved me as well because it forced him to squeeze into the same area to hit me. That large clear area could have been just as deadly for me as it could have been successful. I did of course note a few things that I didn’t know and a few that I did…

    What I already knew: Palladins rock!; Great Swords on Dks are a must, I managed to cause so many wounds on the Trygon because of the re-rolling of the Great Sword.

    What I learned: Don’t forget your grenades! I forgot to ever use them from my GM, with all that combat, I never used them. SO I can imagine how much better it could have gone if I had used them.

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    a good example of how to beat grey knights: grind them and drown them in blood

    Yes they looks awesome but they cannot stand a prolonged fight: (2/3 of the game your knights absoultely dictated the game but once you started losing models it was all downhill for the nids)

    nice battle tho some drawings of the table would have been pretty good to get a better understanding of the battle. Battle chronicler is a good free software to use when you haven't pictures (and anyway it is pretty much always better for battle reps)
    I don't use Vendettas or Valks...if Guardsmen were meant to fly, the Emperor would have given them wings. (343rd Mordian)
    The battle for Hidaxes SubSector (Listwar)! 184th Cadian blog: 184th.blogspot.com

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    As a nid' player I don't really fear GK's really almost at all, due to what I think you learned in this game overwhelming numbers and shadows, those two factors are very strong against an elite and psychic centric army. there is one thing I usually go "awww crap" about and that's seeing 3-6 psyfleman dreds, and purifiers with cleansing flame. psfleman dreds and mean buggers and if you get average rolls cleansing flame will give you a huge edge against most mobs.

    other than that, good batrep was great reading!

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    one of the better written battle reports ive seen. it must have really looked like a sea of tyranids at the end. Did you end up rolling for a turn 6 or just playing it out? Also do you think that you could've prioritized targets better to get a different result? It seems like the whole shadows of the warp thing was what really did you in.

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