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    1250 Dark Angels vs. Space Wolves

    In preparation for a tournament coming up soon my friend and I tested out our possible lists. The Lists were as Follows.

    Dark Angels (me)

    Tac Squad x10
    +PW +PG +LC +Rhino w/extra armor
    Tac Squad x10
    +PW +MG +ML +Drop Pod
    +AC/HB side sponsons +extra armor +storm bolter
    Land Raider

    Space Wolves

    Wolf Lord
    +term armor +wolf claws
    Grey Hunters x10
    +PW +Flamer +PG +Drop Pod w/deathwind launcher
    Grey Hunters x10
    +PF +Flamer +MG +Drop Pod w/storm bolter
    Wolf Guard x5
    +term armor x5 +AC +2xTH/SS +3xPF/SB
    Long Fangs x5
    +2x ML +2x LC
    Land Raider Crusaider

    This was a 1250 point game, Spearhead Deployment with 3 objectives. He won the roll off, and opted to let me go first. After Deployment This what it looked like. p.s. thats my son in the right of the pic, he likes to play with the trees and put his own tank i gave him to play with on the board.

    One Objective in the middle of the battlefield, one in his deployment zone which you can see, and one in my deployment zone to the left of the Predator in the trees.

    Space Wolves fail to sieze initiative so we begin with DA turn 1

    DA T1:
    Drop pod comes in on top on hill near the Long Fangs. Nothing Else moves. Shooting saw the Predator, rapid fire marine, and melta kill 2 Long Fangs. Land Raider and lasscannon from Rhino shot at Crusaider and failed to glance or pen. No Assault.

    SW T1:
    Drop Pod come into play in front of DA drop pod. Crusaider moved back behind the hill some. Shooting saw the Long Fangs explode the Rhino killing 2 marines. Grey Hunters Rapid fire with bolters/plasma gun and flame the Tac Squad and kill 4 marines. Deathwind launcher lands 5 hits killing 1 more marine. Crusaider fires Assault cannon at the Tac Squad and fail to land any wounds.

    At the end of Turn 1:

    DA T2:
    Movement saw the Tac Squad now out of their Rhino move to Capture the first objective. Land Raider Moves up toward the middle objective. Shooting saw the Predator land only 3 hits, 2 wounds, and the Long Fangs shrug off the fire with no casualties. Land Raider and Lascannon Marine shot at the Crusaider again failing to glance/pen. Tac Squad from the Drop Pod fired pistols at the Grey hunters and kill 1. The Tac Squad then launched an assault against the Grey Hunters, who fail to counter attack. The Vet Serg, angered by his squads lack of accuracy, made an example of what it ment to be a space marine landing all 3 PW attacks while the other marines scored 2 more casualties. SW manage to land 2 PW kills. SW fail their moral test, are caught by the DA in a Sweeping Advance, and combat continues.

    SW T2:
    Second Drop Pod fails to enter play. Crusaider moved behind the hill farther. Shooting saw the Long Fangs fail to glance/pen the Predator. Assault saw the Grey hunter engaged with DA's continue to fight valiantly. The DA's land 1 more PW kill, while SW only manage 1.

    After Turn 2

    DA T3:
    No movement. Shooting saw the Land Raider once again fail to glance/pen the Crusaider. Assault saw the Last members of the Tac Squad make a push in close combat to eliminate the SW. Dispatching 3 and not losing any more men the SW's turn tail and run.

    SW T3:
    Drop Pod enteres play near the objective being held by the DA Tac Squad. Long Fangs. The Grey Hunters that fell back rally and move forward in route to engage the Dark Angles in CC once again. Shooting saw the Long Fangs Explode the Predator killing 1 Tac Marine. After Dropping in the Grey Hunters open fire on the Tac Squad managing to claim 3 more casualties. The opposite unit of Grey Hunters open fire on the other Tac Squad but fail to land any killing shots. Assault began with a vicious charge by the Grey Hunters. However, the steadfast Dark Angels manage to whipe out the last 2 of them, losing one more in the process.

    End of Turn 3

    DA T4:
    Belial Come into play near the second drop pod. The Land Raider Moved forward and Dumped Terminators out to support their Master. The Lone Veteran Sergeant makes a mad dash toward the objective in the SW deployment zone. The Tac Squad moves up, sheilded by the Land Raider.Shooting sees the Grey Hunters taking 12 hits, and lose only 2. The Land Raider finally lands a Penetrating hit on the Crusaider, and Imobilizes it. The Terminators begin their Assault on the Grey Hunters. Dispatching the foe, losing 2 of their own, the terminators consolodate closer to the objective

    SW T4:
    Wolf Lord and Terminator Wolf Guard disembark and move toward the center objective. The Long Fangs open fire on the lone Vet Sergeant and fry him with a lascannon shot. The Terminator with Assault Cannon opens fire on the Land Raider hoping to hit a weak spot in the armor, but fail to do so.
    End of Turn 4

    DA T5:
    Dark Angels move the Terminators up to embark into the Land Raider and move toward the center Objective. Tac Squad move back to capture the objective in their deployment zone. The Land Raider shoots at the Wolf Guard failing to land any wounding hits.

    SW T5:
    Long Fangs move down toward the objective in their deployment zone. Wolf Guard Move Forward and shoot at the Land Raider again failing to land any significant hits. Then Falling just short of assaulting the vehical that claimed their transport.

    Game Ends Turn 5. Dark Angels - 1 Space Wolves - 0

    Kendo's DA's, Eldar, and stuff WIP
    Dark Angels: W-22 D-4 L-5 High Elves W-8 L-1

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    50 (x1)

    Nice battle report.
    "To Triumph without Risk, is to Conquer without Glory!"

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    91 (x3)

    nice battle report.
    Just to let you know. You can't use the deathwind launcher from the drop pod on the turn it lands (the SW player did this)
    Its a S5 weapon and the drop pod counts as having moved to fast to use anything over S4
    Tau: 6K - W17-D3-L4, Orks: 4K - W9-D0-L2, SM: 7K - W7-D3-L4,CSM: 4K W5-D1-L1, Nids: 3.2K W3-D0-L2
    Apoc games (mixture of armies used): W5-D0-L1

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    248 (x5)

    Actually it can't use the Storm Bolter on the turn it lands either since it counts as moving at Cruising Speed.

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