2000 Guard vs 1000 White Scars + 1000 Dark Angels-When Dark Angels couldn't be assed - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 Guard vs 1000 White Scars + 1000 Dark Angels-When Dark Angels couldn't be assed

    This is 100% True, although it may not be believable. i don't have any pictures, and we didn't really know eachothers army lists, it was just meant to be a fun game, but afterwards we agreed it had to be posted.

    Ok, so I don't quite know the lists exactly, but here goes

    My White Scars:


    Korsarro Khan

    Chapter Master
    Relic Blade
    Storm Shield

    Honour Guard
    3x Honour Guard
    3x Relic Blades


    Combat Termies
    5x Termies

    Land Raider Redeemer (Dedicated Transport)
    Hunter Killer


    4x Snipers
    1x Missile Launcher

    Tactical Squad
    5x Marines

    Dark Angels

    TH/SS termy leader with a bunch of upgrades that I can't remember

    10 man Tactical Termies

    2x 5 man TH/SS Termies


    3x Leman Russ
    1x Plasma Turret
    1x Battle Cannon
    1x Demolisher

    Creed + Kell Command Squad

    Regimental Command Squad
    Master of the fleet

    all the rest were normal guardsmen with about 3 heavy weapon bases in total, and a bunch of Chimeras

    Deployment: Pitched
    Game Type: Kill Points

    So heres how it went:

    All but Scouts + tac outflanks, all DA in reserve. Guard deployed all across their board edge.

    Guard got 1st turn and set about shooting at my tacs, realising that my scouts had a 3+ cover to my tacs 4+. I failed the 1st 5 saves. 1-0 to IG. He sent a few more shots at the scouts, which did nothing.

    Marines 1st Turn: Telion and scouts, the only unit on the board, fired at his Regimental Command Squad - the one without Creed. Telion's eye of vengeance took 2 of the Colonel's wounds, with the frag missile and snipers taking out him and the rest, except the MofTF. He would do a lot against me later.

    Guard 2nd Turn: He shot at my scouts and only killed 1!!! Granted all he had in range was heavy weapons and LRs but still

    Marines 2nd Turn: dual 6s, all my reserves are in. Unfortunately the Termies were on one side with the redeemer and Chapter Master, and Honour Guard and Khan were on the other, but still. Then I realised there was going to be no support for me, as NO DA appeared.

    Still, it was a great turn. The honour guard smashed through a 10 man guardsman squad, and a chimera (thanks Relic Blades) and the Khan destroyed another 10 man squad. Termies and Chapter Master cut down 2 10 man squads on their flank, with the Raider killing 6 guardsmen with flame. Scouts did nothing though.

    Still, 5-1 to Marines

    Guard 3rd turn: Sent reeling, they set about a counter attack. Creed Ordered some squads, and suddenly I got 20 armour saves on my termies. all died. It was then I realised I was within 12 inches of a 30 man combined squad with my Chapter Master, all spread out in fear of my Orbital Bombardment. he he. But then he turned his demolisher + Plasma tank on my Honour Guard, I knocked down all but 1, then took Khan's saves. He died. but still, ld passed.

    5-3 to Marines.

    Marines 3rd Turn: STILL NO DARK ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!! with my army starting to thin, I realised I needed to kill that Fleet Master, but then I saw the rear of the Plasma Russ pointed at my scouts. I couldn't resist. Telion guided a krak missile, and the tank blew apart. My Raider melta-ed another chimera, and flamed the remains of the last squad. Then, in the assault phase, the turning point. while relic blade allowed the remaining honour guard to blow up another russ - the demolisher that had killed his buddies, the Chapter Master charged the 30 man combined squad. He killed 3, then I realised I might have bitten off a bit to much. The way he set the guardsmen up though, only 10 could attack, and they did 1 wound. Then came the ld test. DOUBLE 6s. Then the sweeping advance: he rolled a 1, I rolled a 6!!!!!!!! bye-bye half his remaining army.

    we counted it as 1 kill point, so

    10-3 to Marines.

    Guard tried to counter attack in their 4th turn with his 2 squads and LR Battle Cannon, but when he fired the cannon it scattered and killed half of one of his remaining squad. When the honour guard shrugged off the heavy bolters, he tried assaulting the remaining honour guard. He only caused 3 wounds, all of which were saved. In reply, the Honour Guard killed 2, and the guardsmen ran off the board. That left the Guard with one command squad with Creed + Kell, 5 guardsmen, a LR, and the prospect of 1000 points of DAs arriving next turn. He concided the match.

    final score was 11 - 3 to Marines

    So, I learnt how good outflanking can be, and that Masters of the Fleet ruin your game plan. But 1000 points of Marines, thanks to multi-assaulting, killed off almost 2000 points of Guard on their own, and in just 3.5 Turns. Maybe the old maxim 'A space marine is worth 100 guardsmen' is actually true.

    Just so you know, the Dark Angels player said it was a fun game to watch, even though he didn't get to play.

    Last edited by Hive Fleet Lamia; March 1st, 2012 at 21:35.

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    do you remember if the guards were veterans with proper special weapons or simply normal guardsmen with a chimera transport?
    As is it is so hard to determine if the guard general has been incompetent, had a bad list or just unlucky.
    I don't use Vendettas or Valks...if Guardsmen were meant to fly, the Emperor would have given them wings. (343rd Mordian)
    The battle for Hidaxes SubSector (Listwar)! 184th Cadian blog: 184th.blogspot.com

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    pretty sure they were just guardsmen with 1 or 2 squads of vets with no special weapons. just for bs4, not a lot of point spare i think

    he did roll quite badly, but taking down 5 termies in a turn was good goin

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