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    Dark Angels vs. Tyranids 1250 pts with pics

    Hi I posted this over at bolter and chainsword. I was looking for some more constructive criticisms on it and the style in general.

    On the out skirts of Hasthinapour.

    In the glowering shadow of storm clouds, the rain fell on Shabala's face. He knew what was to come and the interminable wait that streched out before him. He had been promoted to sergent of this small marine platoon by his company and in the redeployment had been sent to augment the security detail on this backwater world of Selucis. The foliage on the planet had become excessively vibrant even at higher latitudes such as where he found himself now. "...and this is where they're coming because they they know the city of Hasthinapour holds two million victims, and those damn 'Nids are always hungry." the words of belial echoed in his mind. "what they dont know is that here they face a power more terrible than any they have witnessed, the Dark Angels. " The giant man was even more impressively huge in his terminator armor. His gravel deep voice could plow the earth and slightly graying temples bespoke calm command.
    When the three deathwing squadrons had arrived at the local space port people did not know what to make of the massive warriors whose numbers were so few. They were some who voiced concern that to send such a puny force was to invite death with open arms. The genestealer cult numbers in god knows how many, and they send us 16 soilders? Shabala knew better. The warriors that stood beside him on the field were massively experienced and it was that experience that would make it possible to survive today. it was just his squad, the terminators and hopefully brother elijah the dreadnought. That was all that was keeping the city to the east secure.

    Then he saw it. Even at this distance, though the rain, the tyranid leader was nearly three times the height of the 'gaunts around him. The Overfiend. The Hive Tyrant. It turned, looking around, and surveyed the field. Rain seemed to steam off his skin and it had so many arms and weapons it might as well have been a hindu god of death from ancient terra. The overfiend stalked about imperiously preparing its assault troops. then it screamed. It was a scream of metal twisting in the night, of murder, of life removed from bodies a million times over. The scream was a clarion call to its fellows, and the other nids took up the call. The noise came from everywhere. it echoed off the surrounding hills, cleaved into his heart, and pierced the earth causing the ground to bleed in response.
    His earpiece sparked clearly with belial's roaring voice. "The emperor calls our souls to service! Show them the vengence that is your birthright! Lets send these bastards back to the abyss! "
    The torrent in the sky renewed its vigor. Shabala checked his chainsword and pistol. If the devils got all the way to the ruins he would take as many with him as he could, and defend his brothers with his life. All was that was left was the work at hand. Then it began...

    Hq Belial th/ss
    Alpha (Command) squad lc w/ banner, apoth w/ th/ss, 1x th/ss and cml, x2 lc
    Beta squad x2 th/ss, x1 th/ss with cml, x2 lc

    Gamma sqaud x1 pw/sb, x3 pf/sb, x1 pf/sb and cml

    Tactical squad with flamer, missle launcher

    dreadnought with asscan, pw/sb

    Hive tyrant had: twin-linked devourers w/brainleech worms, and a stranglethorn cannon, with psychic powers Leech Essence, Paroxysm, and Hive Commander.
    Hormagants(25) had scything talons and toxin sacs.
    Termigaunts(10) had fleshborers
    devilgaunts(10) had devourers
    Genestealers(2x10) had rending claws
    Gargoyles(10) had fleshborers
    Warriors: 2 with scything talons and deathspitters, 1 with scything talons and venom cannon.
    Tyrant guard had scything talons and rending claws.
    The mycetic spore had ripper tentacles,
    The zoanthropse has no weapons but its braaaiiiin.

    Tyranids role to go first

    We decide to roll d6 + 3 pieces of terrain with first piece being placed by defender, then rolled for mission

    Annhililation, pitched battle


    battle tactics

    Tyranid 1
    All moves up
    warrior fires venom cannon
    Ht fires its weaps

    Da 1
    beta squad deep dwa behind hive tyr fire cml nothing
    Missles and storm bolter fired into HW, one is instan killed others are wounded
    Tac fires into termgaunts by hill
    Dread fires at termg by hill

    Ty 2
    1 gene, horms, enter but too far to charge, gargs mishap detroyed
    Term gaunts 2 fire at beta kill one then charge,
    Ht fires on tact squad kills 2 then moves back toward beta
    Zoan enters stuns dread
    Spore pod fires at tac killing 1
    Termagaunt 1 fires on gamma squad killing two

    Tac squad fires on termg 1 killing a few
    Alpha squad fires cml on gene stealers kill 2
    Gamma squad fires sb and cml on horms killing 6
    Alpha squad chages genestealers killing 4 taking no wounds
    Beta squad in cc finishes termg2 and consolidates toward ht

    Tyranid 3
    H warriors fire venomcannon, and barb stranglers at gamma doing nothing
    Termg 1 fires on gamma does nothing, charges?
    Ht fires leech and paroxysm? at beta no effect then kills three in cc
    Genestealers die in cc, hormgaunts charge and kill 2 in alpha
    second genes enter far from the action
    Zoan immobilizes dread
    Sporepod kills 1 tact squad

    Da 3
    Tact moves to flamer zoan and spore
    Gamma moves to shoot on zoan then assaults spore pod (mistake) and kills it
    Alpha kills 2 more hormg but loses one termie (cml)
    Beta is killed in cc by ht

    Ty 4
    Ht big eplosion on gamma kills 1
    Zoan psy attack gamma no effect
    Gene 2 advances from Far edge
    Warriors fire on tact kill none
    Hormigaunts down to one

    Da 4
    Tact fires on the zoan no effect invuln shrugs off missle
    Gamma fires on ht bring him down to one wound kill body guard
    Alpha kills last hormiguant consolidates toward ruins

    Ty 5
    Zoan shoots on gamma no effect
    Ht leeches (success) and fire on gamma kills one
    Warriors fire on alpha no effect

    Da 5
    Tact and gamma fire everything at ht no effect
    Alpha attacks warriors and kills both

    Da win
    Mistakes the noted one with fireing on zoan and attacking spore (bad)
    Not providing belial with 3 attacks until turn 4 or 5.
    Not realizing termies have 2attacks each
    The alpha squad really did well taking out the genestealers, hormaguants and warriors. (and yes i realize now that they are tyranid warriors not hive warriors.

    As for strat nothing id do different really maybe deep strike against the hive guard but i think the strat of distracting the ht worked best even if it cost me my whole squad.
    I think that with the current faq i treated the apothecary wrong. It states that as long as the apoth is alive the other models in his unit have feel no pain special rule, i think this now applies even when the apoth is in cc. Any constructive criticism is welcome on the art or anything!

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    Gotta say, I enjoyed the bat rep overall. The speech bubbles made the whole thing fun to read, and I liked your camera placement. It really brought a level of immersion to the photos. Main gripe I have is your summary text of each turn. It feels like those were your notes you wrote down, but I can't quite interpret your shorthand clearly. Even simple things like abbreviations I had a hard time following. The lack of sentence structure makes it all jarring.

    So yeah:

    Pro's: Photos and captions were great

    Cons: It feels like you typed it out on your old-school, clam style phone

    Overall, I'd like to see more of these. Rep for you.

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    Hey thanks for taking the time to comment.

    I can see how the summaries could be a little better. I do try and represent everything that happened graphically, but your point is well taken. You are exactly right that they are my notes from immediately after the battle.

    This was my first time playing against tyranids so aside from the lack of clarity on names (which kind of all sound the same), i have to also say that Part of what you are witnessing is my lack of familiarity with exactly what is being done by tyranid player since i dont have his codex or know what he is doing especially when it comes to psychic powers. Having the names to these events would probably go a long way to clearing these things up.

    I am a little curious as to how the camera is best used for assaults. 2 sets of pics (before and after), or just one before? Would it be better to tip models over if they die like necrons. The technique clearly needs some refinement. Any sugguestions would be great. And hey thanks again for your input, its something i'll work on for next time.

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