My Necrons:
5 Tesla Immortals - 85
5 Tesla Immortals - 85

5 Lychguard with hyperphase swords and dispersion shields - 225

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge - 90

Overlord with warscythe, ressurection orb and phylactery - 145
Vryptek with Eldritch Lance and Gaze of Flame - 45
Lord with warscythe and res orb - 75

His Salamanders:

2 10-man tactical squads with a melta and powerfist, both in drop pods and one with Vulkan HEstan

1 5 man tac squad, no upgrades

The game was capture and control/pitched battle. (we played ona 4x4 board)I went first, and put my immortals (squad 1)behind cover next to my objective. My lychguard with the lords went up front + in the middle, my barge was on a hill to the left, and my other immortals and their cryptek (squad 2) flanking it.

He had 5 marines behind a tower on his left side sitting on an objective, and 2 pods.

1: I moved my barge up 6 and squad 2 up with it. My lychguard advanced, and then ran 3". Squad 1 did nothing. The cryptek took a potshot but missed.

1b: His drop pod came in right next to my squad 2 and lychguard, and he combat squadded. The squad without Vulkan meltad my barge, immobilizing it, and the onw with him rapid fired bolters, killing my cryptek and 2 immortals, who got back up. Tht was it for him.

2: My lychguard assualted the Vulkan squad and mulitassualted the other one too. My barge killed a few tac marines, but my immortals whiffed. The lychguard killed the 8 other marines and did a wound on vulkan. He fled, and I didn't catch him.

2b. His other drop pod didnt come in. The squad sitting on an objetive did nothing for the rest of the game, so I will ignore them from here on out. That was it for him on turn 2.

3: My lychguard + lord + overlord squad caught up with vulkan and did another wound. He killed my overlord, who reanimated with 3 wounds (Yes!). I stayed in combat. My barge did nothing, and squad 1 squatted on my objective. squad 2 advanced.

3b: Vulkan killed ny overlord again, who got back up again. He also made 8 invunerable saves, which kind of ticked me off. His drop pod didn;t come in, though.

4: In combat, I fluffed my rolls - Vulkan still lived - making 5 invunerable saves . Nothing much else happened.

4b: His pod finally came down just to the right of my barge. He blew it up with a melta, and he killed 3 immortals with bolter fire. My overlord died - for real this time, but so did Vulkan. I consolidated towards his 2 newly-arrived combat squads.

5. My immortals killed a measly 2 tactical marines, but my lychgurad assualted in and wiped them out. They consolidated towards his last squad.

5b. He did nothing, but rolled a 3 so the game ended - in a draw.

My thoughts -
Lychguard rock! My so-called shooting did squat, but my lychguard unit killed almost his entire army. I think I will give my overlord a phase shifter - he needs an invun.

What should I have done or improve upon?

(PS - I played helves in fantasy for a while, so necrons a a big switch (slow and tough). That's why I like assualt so much.)