Well, my friend tuned up his Dark Angels army a bit and we went at it again tonight. I was fielding the same army as last week. Scroll down a few posts to the bat-rep with the same title as this one and you'll see it.

A quick summary of my army for the lazy: 6 man terminator squad led by the GM, inquisitor armed with plas. pistol with multimelta/plasmacannon servitors, pp acolyte, and 2 sages, two 6 man stormtrooper squads with melta and plasmagun in each, callidus assassin, 6 man GK teleport attack squad w/ 2 psycannons, GK dreadnaught w/ las/ml, 2 IG infantry platoons with lascannons, missile launchers, grenades and plasma spread around, a leman russ, and an orbital lance strike.

He was fielding Azrael supprted by a huge tactical squad riding around in a land raid, another tactical squad with plasma, a scout squad sporting a couple heavy bolters, an assault squad, two 6 man terminator squads with ass cannons and missiles, a dreadnaught with las/ml, a predator annhilator, and a vindicator.

We roll for table quarters and I win, choosing the one with a the best fire lanes and cover. He wins first turn. (again, the bastage)


He basically sets everything but the terminators (which he held in reserve) up as close as he possibly can to my quarter, the land raider, vindicator and assault squad up front. The landraider and terrain basically block my LOS to everything else.

I deploy my russ in the far back corner, the dreadnaught in some ruins, and hold my platoons back a little bit. I put the stormtroopers up towards the front of my quarter, one squad in a bunker and the other on the right side of the bunker, out of LOS from most of his units. My inquisitor gets set up behind the ruins that my dreadnaught is sitting in. I hold all my grey knights and my callidus in reserve. (and forget about the callidus word-in-your-ear ability, bleh)

Turn 1, Dark Angels.

He rolls his land raider towards the bunker, looking to come around the side that my troops are on. (it's a huge bunker, about 12" by 6", sitting on the border of my table quarter) He moved it 12" and doesn't get to fire any weapons. His assault squad and vindicator also advance 12", the assaulties heading towards the bunker and the vindie to the other side of it, hoping to come around the backside where most of my guardsmen are hanging out. The predator and dreadnaught break to the right and open fire on my dreadnaught, luckily only stunning it. The assault squad pumps a few pistol shots into the bunker, killing 1 stormtrooper. Nothing's in assault range, so that's the end of his turn.

Turn 1, Daemonhunters

I move my inquisitors out from behind cover. My first stormtrooper squad (in the bunker) fires at his vindicator, immobilizing it. (whew) The second one advances a few inches then fires it's meltagun at the land raider, stunning the crew. The combined lascannon and missile launcher shots from my first platoon take out his predator. My leman russ makes a brilliant shot at his now-exposed scout squad, which he had packed together tightly, and obliterates the entire squad in one hit. Some missiles and a lascannon from the platoon closer to the back of the table fire at his dread but all either miss or do no damage.

Turn 2, Dark Angels

He rolls for reserves and gets one of his terminator squads on the table. They drop on the left side of my table quarter but scatter behind the bunker, giving them no LOS this turn. He deploys his tactical squad with the mighty azrael from the landraider and prepares to assault my stormtroopers who are now officially shitting in their carapace armor. His assault squad moves on top of the bunker and gets ready to enter, but not before softening up the inhabitants with a few more pistol shots. His foot-slogging tactical squad advances and some bolter fire takes out a couple of my guardsmen who were behind some cover. His dreadnaught opens up on my dread hitting with both shots but rolls double 1's to penetrate. :blink: His assault phase results in both of my stormtrooper squads being killed to a man. Assault squads are badass. So's Azrael.

Turn 2, Daemonhunters.

I roll for reserves and everything but the orbital strike is coming this turn. I drop the terminators near his, with a decent scatter. I pop the callidus out right next to his terminators. The PAGKs drop next to his tactical squad. I opt not to move anything and proceed to open fire. The callidus manages to drop a terminator with her neural shredder, and the grey knight terminators take another one out with stormbolter fire. The PAGKs open up on his tactical squad and only kill one or two. Dice started hating me this turn. All of my infantry squads that are in range light up his tactical squad containing azrael. He had a piece of wargear that gave the whole unit a 4+ invulnerable save, so I only kill 5 of them. Oddly enough, every kill on that group cam from a lasgun. they shrugged off all the lascannons and krak missiles thats to that inv. save. The russ takes a shot at his landraider, but scatters poorly and misses. The landraider also shrugs off a hit from a multimelta. My dreadnaught manages to kill his dread. My assault phase consists of the callidus charging his terminators and not managing to kill a single one. She evades the eventual powerfist attacks.

Turn 3, Dark Angels

His second terminator squad arrives and nearly scatters off of the table. Only one actually falls off, the others are hugging the edge for dear life. I didn't check my range to the vindicator very well, and he's just barely in range. I sweat it out as his demolisher cannon misses my terminators. His terminators fire at mine, but they make all their armor saves. His assault squad flies towards one of my back-position inf. squads, killing a few with pistols. Azrael and the remains of his tactical squad move towards one of my other infantry squads. The landraider fires everything it has at my inquisitor and retinue and wipes them out completely. His foot-slogger tactical squad dumps a plasmacannon and some bolter fire on my tightly packed PAGKs that just teleported in. He kills all but two of them. (ouch) At the start of his assault phase, my callidus jumps out of combat, but his assault squad chews through the rest of the infantry squad they had fired at. Azrael and what's left of his tactical squad munch through an entire infantry squad, too.

Turn 3, Daemonhunters

My lance strike fails to show up AGAIN. I advance my terminators towards his assault squad, not realizing that I'm still in range of the vindicator. My remaining two PAGKs advance towards his tactical squad. I shoot at the assault squad with an infantry squad and a command squad to soften them up for the terminators and end up killing all of them. D'oh. Now the termies aren't in range to assault anyone. The callidus tries to neurally shred his first group of terminators again, but apparently there ain't much there to shred, so no kills. My terminators fire at his termy squad that just dropped in, but don't kill anything. The PAGKs kill another marine or two with stormbolter and psycannon shots. What's left of my forward infantry platoon fires at his azrael-led tactical squad, killing everyone but azrael himself. My dreadnaight gets a REAL lucky hit with his lascannon and blows up the landraider. In my assault phase, the callidus takes out two terminators but gets pasted by a powerfist. The two remaining PAGKs kill one marine on the charge before getting wiped. The dice gods hated them tonight.

Turn 4, Dark Angels

He advances his terminators toward my quarter and azrael menaces my command squad from my forward platoon. His remaining tactical squad fires at my infantry squad that's behind cover, only killing one. His vindicator and terminators wipe out my GK terminators. Assault and demolisher cannons hurt. In his assault phase, plows through a command squad and consolidates towards the infantry squad that's been exchanging fire with his other tactical squad.

Turn 4, Daemonhunters.

The orbital strike finally arrives, and I place it over his tactical squad. A bad scatter means only one dead marine. The remaining infantry squad and command squad in back fire lasguns, missiles, and plasma at his terminators, killing one. (from a lasgun hit of course) He has his guys spread out pretty well, so my russ opens up with 9 heavy bolter shots on the bigger of his terminator squads, killing another one. The remaining forward infantry squad shoots at azrael, causing a single wound. My dreadnaught shoots at azrael as well, but misses.

Turn 5, Dark Angels

His terminators advance and take out the rest of my back-position infantry. Azrael moves advances on my last remaining infantry squad and plows through most of them. They flee off the board edge. He's hoping for VPs now and keeps his other tactical squad huddled behind the wreckage of the LR.

Turn 5, Daemonhunters.

My orbital strike scatters badly again and does nothing. The dreadnaught fires at Azrael who is now standing all by himself and vaporizes him. The russ fires heavy bolters at his larger terminator squad and reduces them to one man. His vindicator still sits immobilized and out of range.

Turn 6, Dark Angels

We roll for variable turn length and a 1 says the game continues. He few remaning termies try to punk my dreadnaught, but it manages to survive a hail of assault cannon fire. One terminator is in assault range to my russ, but only manages to scratch the painit.

Turn 6, Daemonhunters

The russ kills the terminator that is standing next to it. The dread kills one more terminator, leaving him only one.

Turn 7, Dark Angels

Last turn. His remaining termy shoots an assault cannon at the dread, but it lives. He assaults the land raider and immobilizes it, but nothing more.

Turn 7, Daemonhunters

I don't really need to do anything here as he has no full strength units left on the board. I kill his terminator anyway.

Marginal victory for the forces of the Imperium! Final VP tally left him with 60 points (the immobile vindie) on the board and me with about 230.

Comments: Fear the lasgun. No seriously! Later in the game, my heavy weapons hated me but lasgun shots inflicted huge casualties on him. Deep striking against dark angels isn't always the best idea, what with the plasma cannons and all. I might leave those units on the table next time. I'm also going to buy another dread and replace the orbital strike with it. I'll free up a few points by dropping a psycannon or two and the plasmacannon servitor. I might even drop the retinue for the inquisitor altogether and try to squeeze in either another GK squad or some sentinels.