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    me and my good buddy played three 500pt games this weekend with two of them being "destroy objective" missions and the last a cleanse mission.
    the first game saw my ork army as defenders and his choas army as attackers. is the army lists first!

    Waaggh! Bludeth's Bunker Boyz (defenders):
    10 slugga boyz: 2 w/burna, 1 Nob: w/slugga, choppa, 'evy armour
    10 slugga boyz: 2 w/burna
    14 slugga boyz: 3 w/rokkit launchas
    1 Dreadnaught: A.K.A.: Stompeeze!

    Uberloz's Chaos Undevided (Attackers):
    1 Chaos Lt.: Power weapon, Bolt pistol
    5 chaos marines: bolt pistol, ccw
    5 chaos marines: 4 bolters, 1 heavy bolter
    5 chaos marines: Mark of Slannesh: 4 sonic blasters, 1 Blast master
    1 Rhino: havok launcher, smoke launcher
    5 chaos marines: 2 w/plasma guns

    now, be it known that me and him agreed to the army lists and how they were to be set up before hand. so.....the way we deployed was the defenders had one corner of the table with the objective(a radar dish)was, with 18 inches from it being the deployment zone. the attacker got the oppisite corner of the table with anywhere within 24inches. No sentries were played. the attacker got first turn and continued until they became within the 18 inch peremeter or fired a shot, ending there turn and begining the defenders. **note: defenders are fearless**
    Objective: the attacker had to be at the objective by the sixth turn, physicaly touching it.


    (Orks) i put my first squad of slugga boyz with the nob inside a building that was infront of the objective. the next squad (the one with the two burnas)i put in a bunker facing the left side of the table. the last squad with the rokkit launchas i put on the right side so that they had a clear sight on the oncoming chaos. As for Stompeeze: i put him right near the objective so that he wouldnt be seen by any oncoming fire.

    (Chaos) Uberloz put his Plasma crew inside the rhino behind the rest of his deployed troops. the Slannesh Marines were front and center with the other two marine squads facing my left flank. the Chaos Lt was placed right behind the two marine squads.

    Turn 1:
    (chaos)Uberloz decided that he was going to stay put and open fire. figuering that if he wiped me out to begin with then he could just march right in unhindered.
    so with a scream of delight his Slannesh marines fired thier sonic blasters at my boyz with the rokkit launchas killing a couple. which ended his turn.

    (orks) i saw his mistake from the beggining and snickered to myself quite happily, but i will reviel that later. i started my turn by moving out my boyz with the rokkit launchas so that i could get a good shot at his rhino or anything else in range. the rest of my army stayed put. so i fired three rokkit shots at his Slannesh(seeing how his rhino was too far away)and ended up killing one. no one in range to charge! ending my turn.

    Turn 2:
    (chaos)Uberloz moved his rhino a little closer. his marine squad with the bolt pistols headed a little closer to my bunker but remained in cover so that they could get a good shot. his choas Lt moved towards my left flank as well. his other two units stayed put as to maximize the fire power. which he did. he opened up with his rhino firing at my boyz with the rokkit launcha killing one, his slannesh fired thier sonic blasters with the blastmaster as well, killing 9! his marines fired at my boyz in the bunker killing 2. but before he ended his turn, a look of concern crossed his face as he realized that he had a looooong way to trek to reach the objective! Mwa hahahahaa!!!!

    (orks) i moved my depleted orks with the rokkit lauchas towards his slannesh but they were still to far away. i also took my boyz outta the bunker. a mistake which i later felt. i rolled a 1 for difficult terrian which put his one squad tooo far outta charge range! so i openend fire: the rokkit launchas were in good range and hit his rhino stunning the crew! the bunker boyz opened fire at the marines in cover killing 1! it wasnt looking good at all....

    Turn 3:
    (chaos) Uberloz unloaded his marines with the plasma guns so that could shoot at nothing and marched his marines that were in cover out so they could charge my orks. his other unit of marines he brought close to my left flank as well followed by his Chaos Lt. his Slannesh stayed put. so he then proceeded to finish off my boyz with the rokkit launchas and then opened up on my bunker boyz killing 3. he then charged with his marines and Chaos LT. killing 2 with me killing a couple.
    (orks)i saw my orks numbers getting low but kept my nob and co. inside the ruins. with the dread staying put. we fought hand to hand agian with me killing the marines off but but taking a couple more dead for myself.

    Turn 4:
    (chaos) Uberloz put his plasma marines back into the rhino and sped off, his slannesh moved foward as well. but the right flank was miles away from where he needed to be. he charged his other unit of marines into my remaing boyz and with his Lt he finshed me off quite well. Uberloz was begging to see himself toooo far away now to win.
    (orks)i used this turn to trade places with my boyz and Stompeeze. i moved Stompeeze into the building to protect from the oncoming chaos and moved my boyz with the nob around the objective. this put my dread in danger of being shot at but saved all my boyz! i then opened fire with my Stompeeze big Shoota...but failed to kill one marine!

    Turn 5:
    (chaos) uber lurched his rhino agian with his Slannesh keeping pace but were still too far out to make a difference. his Choas Lt and marnies moved closer to Stompeeze and fire thier bolters at him which did nothing. Uber wasn't in range to charge!
    (orks) Stompeeze moved closer to the marines and fired all he had at em and ended up killing the Chaos Lt!! he then ripped down the wall and preceeded to chop up the marines! Mwa haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!&# 33;!!!!

    Turn 6:
    (chaos) Uberloz :realmad: moved up a little closer but realized that he was too far away.....

    WWAAagghhh Bludeth Wins!!!!!!

    The second battle saw my KoS army purging into his Chaos defenders! is the army lists:

    Uberloz's Chaos Bunker Boogers(defenders):
    1: Chaos Lt: Deamonic Strength, Power Weapon, Bolt pistol
    Havok Squad: 1 Bolter, 3 heavy bolters, 1 Auto Cannon
    5 Chaos marines: mark of Slannesh: 4 sonic blaster, 1 Blast Master
    5 chaos marines: furious charge, bolt pistol, ccw
    5 choas marines: furious charge, 4 bolters, 1 heavy bolter

    Waaggh! Bludeth's Speed Freaks(attackers):
    Trukk boyz: 9 boyz 1w/burna red paint job
    Trukk boyz: 9 boyz 1w/burna red paint job
    Trukk boyz: 9 boyz 1w/burna red paint job
    3 Nobz warbikes


    (chaos) Uberloz put his slannesh in the bunker where my boyz were before. he put his one unit of Marines with the bolters on his right flank with the havok squad backing them up. the other unit of marines with the bolt pistols he put in the ruins. his Chaos Lt. decided that the shade underneight the objective would be best for him!
    (orks) three bikes lined up with three trukk right behind. all pointed towards the open stretch that was the right flank.

    Turn 1:
    (orks) i moved my bikes straight ahead so that the could give cover to my trukks. but what the hell, i moved two of my trukks past them using thier 24inch speed to put me right infront of his right flank defenders. the third trukk stayed behind the bikes only moving 18 inches. i opened fire with my twin linked shootas on my warbikes but killed not one marine!

    (chaos)Uberloz looked at all that was before him and decided to stay put. he opened fire with his Slannesh on my rear trukk with his sonic blasters but did nothing but immoblize it for one turn. he then fired at my lead trukk with his havok squad doing nothing but killing two of his own marines with over heated wepons!!!!! he fired his marine squad at my nob warbikes killing two!!!!! arrrgh!

    Turn 2:
    (orks)i unloaded my rear trukk so i could have the joy of charging his front squad of mairines. the front trukk plunged into the havok squad moving them outta the way. the middle trukk decided to move over the marines with the bolters and stayed there. i then decided that if i opened fire at his marines with my footsloggers i would not be in charging range if i killed any so i charged anyway. the chaos mananged to kill one ork but even though i outnumbered him and charged, i failed my Waagh test and didnt even inflict ONE WOUND!!!! even my warbike nob charged in and didnt do crap!

    (chaos)Uberloz saw how close i was so he unleashed the fire of the Havok squad on my lead trukk imoblizing it. with his marines in the ruins he rapid fired all thier bolt pistos at my lead trukk destroying it!!!!!! the trukk boyz bailed out but one died. Uberloz's slannesh were too far away to make any difference. his Chaos Lt. stood ready for the ensuing charge

    Turn 3:
    (orks) smiling at Uberloz's mistake i drove my middle trukk that was still very healthy straight into his Chaos Lt, moving him outta the way and touching the objective!
    ORKS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&# 33;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&# 33;!!!
    amazingly enough, not one chaos marine died by my orks!!!! the only two casulties on Uberloz's force was his own weapons overheating!!!!!!

    i will post the cleanse later after my fingers cool off!

    wWWwwAaaaAAgggGGGhHHHhhh!!!! = DeAth

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    137 (x3)

    Ouch! I should never have agreed to let him play his orks as fearless!! And I'm just about fed up with the plasma guns uncanny ability to kill the chaos marines holding them instead of the freakin' targets!!

    It was 3 fun games though!

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    Member Dorhnkurk's Avatar
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    3 (x1)

    very nice battle reports. hope to hear of the third one soon. *roots for orks, cuz he fights chaos and such*
    "One thing that intrigues people to fantasy is how different it is from reality. Make sure you remember that difference, and you'll have a wonderful time."

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