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    (sorry if this is a little sketchy, but it's my first go at a report from only my third game ever. I wasn't familiar enough with the enemy units to know their upgrades)

    The Battle of Trinity Hills

    I was a new general posted to Khorne’s service, and it was the will of the Blood God that I was to attack the rear-guard of a Tau-Eldar allied army at the Trinity Hills. Initial intelligence indicated the following:

    The Tau army was composed of the following:
    A Crisis Battlesuit leading the group.
    Two Battlesuit Teams
    Two Firewarrior teams
    A Kroot squad
    A Gun Drone squadron

    The Eldar army was composed as follows:
    A Seer Council
    A Howling Banshees squad
    A Guardian Defender Squad
    A Guardian Storm Squad
    A Wraithlord

    These reports saddened me. Our armies were equal in strength. I was hoping for an impossible slaughter for the Blood God for such an early posting. But it could not be so. My forward company were composed of the following:

    Q’ob, my Colonel and Field Commander. A Daemon Prince of exceptional power.
    Four Squads of Berserkers all with chain axes and supremely adept in the charge.
    A Bloodletter pack ready to be summoned into battle.
    Two Dreadnaughts, each with a lascannon.

    We approached the field at the base of the triangle. We stationed behind two hills. Behind the right hill I assembled one squad of berserkers on the far right, and two dreadnaughts behind the hill. Three squads of berserkers were stationed behind the left hill, with some ruins blocking the view from the far left. Q’ob stood between the hills, wide in the open.

    The enemy formed a defensive line. The Crisis Battlesuit commander of the Tau was stationed on the final hill, in direct sight of Q’ob. Immediatley next to him was a Firewarrior squad, and next to them was the Seer Council and Warlocks with a Battlesuit Team at the ready. To the right of them (as I look) was a wraithlord and a Guardian Defender squad. To his left was the Guardian Storm Squad and the Howling Banshees tightly bunched. Beside them hovered the Drones. Slightly further away, behind an obstacle, were the Kroots. Then on the extreme left flank were the Battlesuit Team with a Firewarrior Squad in some ruins.

    Turn one (Enemy):
    The Enemy struck first due to their superior sight. They levelled all available fire on Q’ob. The Battle Suit Commander, the right Firewarriors and the Guardian Defenders all fired on him. The right Battlesuit Squad also moved into a better spot to fire. He shook off the Battle Suit Commander’s Rail Gun and Plasma Attacks. The Defenders did not even touch him, nor the Battlesuit squad. The Firewarriors surprisingly registered a single shot that penetrated his armour. We were shocked, but amused. It would take much more than that to kill Q’ob. The Wraithlord moved ominously forward with the Battlesuit Squad.

    Turn one (Me):
    I charged Q’ob forward 9 units. My right flank berserkers were filled with the rage of Khorne, as was the extreme left flank, and they both advaned 8-9 units too. The other two squards advanced as usual. My dreadnaughts opened fire on the Wraithlord after getting into a better spot. They registered two hits. Q’ob then charged into the Wraithlord and finished him off.

    Turn two (Enemy):
    The Seer Council and Warlocks all advanced into combat with Khorne. The Drones also moved forward on the right to assault my leftmost flank. The Drones and Leftmost Battlesuit squad and Firewarriors opened fire on my lusty berserkers who had moved dangerously close. Two of them fell to the firepower. Q’ob was engaged in combat with the Three groups of enemies. He chose to strike at the Battlesuit Squad, and destroyed all the Drones they had with them. The Seer Council then struck and dealt two more wounds to Q’ob. I was beginning to feel worried for the old man. He shrugged off the other assaults, however.

    Turn two (Me):
    The same two squads kept their rage, while the others still did not get into the battle mood. The dreadnaughts charged into combat with Q’ob. One even went into a frenzy (the one we call Popped). The berserkers on the left flank charged into the Firewarriors in their ruins, and the rightmost ones charged into battle with Q’ob. The other two squads advanced to the top of the hill. These squads then opened fire on the Drones that were harassing my left flank. Four Drones fell. I was amazed, as my army has never been trained to shoot. The firewarriors fell like twigs, each and every one. The right flank berserkers ripped the Battlesuit squad apart and advanced towards the right Defender Guardian Squad.. The two dreadnaughts smashed through the warlocks, but Q’ob did not even dent the Seer Council. They then struck back at him, but they could not penetrate his armour.

    Turn three (Enemy): It was a quizzical part of the battle. The Storm Guardians and Howling Banshees charged my berserker squad closest to the middle of the battle. The drones and leftmost Battle Suit squad opened fire on my successful Berserkers, and reduced them to three. The Defender Guardians shot at my advancing Berserkers and two fell. The main damage was done in melee. The Storm Guardians and Howling Banshees ripped apart my Berserker squad completely, and moved to the squad that was slightly to their left. The Seer Council hit Q’ob again, and managed to penetrate his armour one more time. He could only take one more such hit before he was sucked back into the warp. But he grew angry and slew two Seers, leaving only one, which the Dreadnaughts somehow missed.

    Turn three (me):
    I decided my flanks were doing superbly, so I summoned my Bloodletters right in front of the Banshee squad. My two Berserkers on the left flank charged the Kroots, and ripped 8 to shreds. Only four were left. The Berserkers on the Right flank ripped right through the Guardian Defenders. Q’ob finished off the last of the Seers and everyone there charged towards the Battle Suit Commander and Firewarriors. My other Berserker squad was completely ripped apart by the Banshees, but the Bloodletters came in and killed not only all the Banshees, but all but one of the Guardian Storm troops, who then ran like cowards. The Bloodletters then ran towards the last drones on that side.

    Turn four (Enemy):
    The Battle Suit Commander finally had something to shoot at. He levelled all fire at a weakened Q’ob, who managed to shrug off all hits. The Berserkers on the right flank ripped through the Firewarrior squad next to the Commander. They all fell to the onslaught. Q’ob and the Dreadnaughts walked steadily closer to the commander.

    Turn four (me):
    The Kroots were finished off, the Drones were smashed. Now all that was left was a Battle Suit Squad a way away on my left flank and the Battle Suit Commander. Q’ob smashed apart his drones, the Dreadnaughts (this time with Kream in a frenzy) brought him down to near death, only to have my Berserkers rip him apart. In his final movement he levelled all fire at Q’ob. His missiles missed, but his Rail Gun hit true, and Q’ob must now be summoned back from the warp. It will take several days. My Bloodletters and the last two Berserkers on the right flank (who fought so well I think I will sacrifice them to Khorne) ran towards the Battle Suit Squad. With this the enemy capitulated and was wiped out.

    At the end of the battle I had lost two whole squads of Berserkers, was reduced to only two out of eight in another, and six out of eight in another. I surveyed the remains and was saddened. Only the Eldar units who charged fought well at all. I was hoping for near annihilation of both sides so as to appease Khorne. But it was not to be so. Already rumours of our victory have echoed to the neighbouring Space Marine camps. They will fall to the promise of power and bolster our forces for the next offensive.

    Blood for the Blood God!

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    yay!! i love happy endings.

    great report!!
    Take my words with a grain of salt, i am not the tactical genius i think i am!

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    When you sacrifice the last of your berserkers to bring back Q'ob, and he manages to recruit a few new squads of berserkers for his warband, you'll have to let us know what happens when he takes the fight to the marines in the next camp!


    Great report, very entertaining, I liked the color commentary.
    Purge all the heretics,
    Kill the alien scum,
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