Hello hello hello

I am here again to report a great victory for my rangers, against an iron warriors army, before deployment I was slightly worried about my army list if I lost first turn, however we would have to see how things panned out.

My List

Dick Dastardly and Muttley
2 Farseers, Both with Guide and 1 with mind war both have Ghosthelm and the 3D6 psychic thing.

The Anthill Mob
4 x 3 man ranger squads

The Hair Bear Bunch
3 x 3 man pathfinder squads

Josie and the Pussycats
3 x 3 Strong War walker squads all but 9 weapons are starcannons 3 scatter lasers 6 Brightlances

His List

Tooled up Deamon Prince

2 5-man tactical squads heavy wepons

2 Defilers
1 Dreadnaught

A basilisk
2 Predators :wub:

Wub indeed

However the dice gods had not forsaken me, 2 squads of pathfinders and a squad of rangers hit 6's on the disruption rolls giving me free shots at the target of my choice. The deamon prince was back in the box before he was on the board and the 2 marine squads were in reserve.

All I needed now....

"a six on the first turn roll!"

I won it on a two but hey a win's a win

As for deployment my war walkers spreaout to avoid nasty ordanance blasts with my farseers hiding behing them, and my rangers and pathfinders infiltrated onto every bit of cover they could find

My turn 1

That takes care of that

Saints Begorrah! After getting the 2 units of War walkers with Bright Lances in them guided my gunners went cross eyed at all the armour they was faced with. Finally Deciding that anything with a blast should go the first squad levelled one of the defilers immobilised and the second squad blew the battle cannon off of the defiler.

The 3rd squad of war walkers (not a str 7 weapon between them) closed their eyes and let loose, my 3 scatter lasers totalled a whopping 15 shots of which 9 hit... and couldn't really fail to fell the basilisk

Next came the shot of match followed by the anti climax of the match. Squad after squad after squad of rangers and pathfinder not doing anything with their sniper rifles, a lone ranger hit a defiler on a 6 (now becoming ap1) the proceeded to roll a 12 on 2D6, this now became a penetrating hit, surely this couldn't happen, I closed my eyes as prayed to Mr. T, God of all game of chance and lo the dice, when it's motion had ceased displayed but a single dot.


However not letting that phase me as it couldn't shoot, I ended my first turn.

His Turn 1

Somewhat flummoxed by my uncanny ability to "be a right jammy... well you know" my oppent lost all sanity by forgetting his movement and going straight onto shootinghis only ordance that could shoot was hopelessly out of range leaving 2 predators and the dreanaught between them the took out 2 War walkers in one squad and 1 war walker in aother squad damaging a further one in the second squad (immobilised)

My turn 2

Nadges, the majority of my bright lances were now on fire, those predators had to go, but how? suddenly and abundance of str6 weaponsry and a shed load of snipers didn't seem all that great against armour 13 still, my guided bright lances from both units combined brought down one of the 2 tanks, the sheer number of str6 guns and shedloads of sniper rifles however WERE enough to cripple his dreadnaught (all weapons bar CCW destroyed and immobilised) and destroy his undamaged defiler


His Turn 2, one tactical squad arrived but could shoot due to moving on the board, his remain predator finished off a squad od war walkers leaving me with a solitary bright lance to bust 2 AV 13 vehicles, his vindicator rumbled up a full 12" this time to no doubt fire at me next turn.

My Turn 3

Another Plan falls into place, by moving his vindicat forward so far, a quick 6" move forward by my scatter laser squad is enough to get them in view of the side armour. The entire unit just barely managed to destroy the demolisher cannon and it was at this point my oppenent retired and conceded a 20-0 loss to me.

Thing i've learn't

1) Tanks + Tanks + Tanks = Alaitocs worst nightname

2) Always, get first turn in situations like that, if I'd gone second i'd have been up shite creek with no sign of a paddle

3) NEVER pray to Mr. T for help during a game, he doesn't appreciate it, if you MUST pray to Mr. T, do it before the battle