1500pts Ba Vs Ultramarines - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    This is a battle report from a tournament at our local GW, its a ladder that runs for 2 months and whoever ends up on top (obviously) wins. So this is my first battle, taking on a great opponent (sportsmanship wise). We rolled for mission and level and got Cleanse, Omega. Although I was a bit dissapointed at the mission and level I have to say my army has never lost in escalation.

    nice battlefield really, center was a bridge with water runnign underneath leading into hills on both sides ( the one going south was in my quadrant and the one that my scouts infiltrated behind ). There was a rock column farther south almost at board edge (that my rhino hid behind). Then there was hills all over. The main fighting took place on my opponents side of the river. Are forces really massed up on our respective side of the river, which made for an interesting abttle as it started with skirmishing between infilitrators and ended up being the whole battle.

    I don't have exact numbers for my opponents army (pts) but shoud be accurate

    My BA

    Master of Sanctity, deathmask

    Codicier, Fear of Darkness

    6 scouts w/bolters + vet sgt w/ccw & bolt pistol

    5 scouts w/sniper rifles, missile launcher + vet sgt w/ccw & bolt pistol

    8 tac marines w/bolters, meltagun + vet sgt w/bolt pistol, powerweapon + Rhino w/smoke launchers

    9 assault marines w/bp&ccw + vet sgt w/bp, pw

    LST w/ hb, ac

    LST w/ hb, ac

    Dreadnought w/ ml, ac

    4 dev squad w/ ml + sgt w/bolter

    * I rolled a 5 for d3 DC making a base of 6. Then the sgt from dev squad and vet sgt from scouts w/snipers joined, the vet sgt was given a power fist.



    Master w/bp, pw, iron halo, teleport homor + 9 command squad w/2 flamers(infiltrate)

    4 Terminators w/2 ac + sgt w/pw

    Dread w/ ac, sb

    5 Scout squad w/ccw, bp + sgt

    10 tac squad w/bolters, meltagun + rhino

    LST w/ hf, mm

    2x 4 assault marines w/bp&ccw x3, pp&ccw + vet sgt w/pw, pp

    Pred w/ twin linked lascannons, sponson lascannons


    Only thing deployed is my two infiltrating scout squads, snipers go on hill over looking the battlefield while bolter scouts go on a two level hill but stay behind the top part (on level 1). Both enemy infiltrating squads are about 12" away but because my scouts are not in LOS its good. I get first turn.


    BA turn 1
    Bolter scouts stay and hope to draw the enemy in for an eventual counter attack by comming forces. The sniper scouts take aim and fire a krak into the command squad and annihilate a tac marine.

    UL Turn 1
    all forces move forward towards bolter scouts no shots fired.

    BA Turn 2
    Both assault squad and death company and a LST come in. The sniper scouts rage 1 inch forward :hmm: . Bolter scouts standfast.. the trap has almost been set. Reinforcements move behind the hill waiting for the trap to be sprung.

    UL Turn 2
    Nothing comes in ! Scouts and command squad move around the hill and are out of assault range and have no LOS to the scouts..but they can smell them.

    BA turn 3
    Librarian, Rhino come in, no one rages. The bolter scouts move around the hill across the river, making it easy to be shot but not assaulted, they rapid fire the enemy scouts and cause 4 deaths. They run away in terror. Final movements take place to move the librarian in position to strike with the two assault units. While the rhino takes cover behind some rocks, on the edge of the board covering the flank.

    UL Turn 3
    Pred, rhino, LST and 1 assault unit, and the termies come in. LST moves 24" forward, the rhino is behind it and the pred sits still. The termies come in from the teleport homor and have a clear shot at anything in my army. The assault unit follows behind the termies but still about 15" off. Termies fire at my assault squad but no rending and only kill 1 marine. The combined fire of the command squad, rhino kill 4 bolter scouts while the pred fires into the sniper scouts killing two ( only two targets were within LOS and the rhino was blocking one). Everyone passes there morale check and the command squad is 2" fro the bolter scouts)

    BA turn 4
    second LST and the dread come in and get placed by the sniper scouts to take a run at the preditor which is 48" away and poses a huge problem. The rhino moves near termies and deploys the troops. The bolter scouts move towards the termies as well. The death company makes a beeline to the command squad and the librarian moves behind the hill. The LST (1st one) moves in position to shoot at the assault unit. Freak thing happens and all the termies die, the rhino squad killed 2 on 13 bolter shots and 1 meltagun shot...BUT the 3 scouts on 5 bolter shots caused 3 wounds and all saves came up a 1 !! This leaves the LST free to target whatever and shoots at the assault squad killing two and causing them to run 12". The other LST downs the opposite LST (caused 5 glancing hits). All attempts at the pred miss or don't penetrate. The DC kills the command squad (chaplain killed hero and DC killed 6 the rest were run down).

    UL Turn 4
    The other assault squad comes in and moves to reinforce where the last one was. The rhino deploys and shoots at my assault squad killing 1. Pred shoots at dread and immobilizes and stuns it twice. All of a sudden the board is very empty on the Ultramarine side.

    BA Turn 5
    Dev's refuse to come in ...grrr. Assault company take a run at the deployed squad from the rhino while my rhino squad assaults the UM assault marines. The DC moves towards the pred, moving into a trench area (1 died from DT test). The DC shoots at the scouts and kills 1. The tac squad doesn't succedd in killing the assault squad, but it is a drawn combat (at 1 wounds each). My assault squad kills the deployed squad with the help of the librarian and they run down the suvvivors, both sweeping advance into the shatterd remains of two assault squad that are already in cc with my tac squad.

    UL Turn 5
    Dread comes in and shoots at my DC killing two and assaults killing another. The pred shoots at my dread and does nothing. The lone scout charges my assault marines and kills 2..doh. The retruning attacks kill both the original assault squads and lone scout.

    BA Turn 6
    Devs come on and move into position. Scouts fire at rear armor of rhino and blow it up on consecutive 6's. Everything else shoots at pred and nothing. Enemy dread attacks chaplain and kills him on a failed rosarius save, but the powerfist DC member kills the dread.

    UM Turn 6
    shoots at dread ..nothing..

    Random game length- goes on

    BA Turn 6
    combined 6 ML shots from the dread, scout squad, and dev squad which blows up the pred... ending the game


    Despite what you may think this was a very close game untill about turn 4 when the Ultramarines absolutely collapsed. We played 4 turns in about 20 minutes... pretty much all moving. I basically used a bait and switch with my bolter scouts which worked. I figured that if I could kill the command squad the rest could be destroyed by firepower alone. Obviously you don't expect to fail 3 terminator saves of 2+..but it happens. I think escalation really gives the advanateg to my army because its so mobile and I can deal with things 1 at a time instead of a whole army. 1 for 1, I have better units obviously. The pred was a real problem and if it wernt for the fact that he was unlucky in rolling for damage results the game could have been different as I beleived he would kill the dread in one turn then the speeders. However when his line collpased I took the oppertunity to by pass infantry for the chance at assaulting it with my powerfist. The fast that a trench was nearby and would give me cover from a dread (which almost fell short of assaulting me, rolling a 2 for movement and 3 for assault). Really have to feel for my opponent on the bad rolling, sometimes it happens, othertimes it won't, he remained a good sport even throughout, and that has to be applauded given the situation.

    So I chalk up a win, bit of a gamble using this list that I never tried before, but it worked well...now I just have to see how I do in a non escalation game... :glare: Scouts are definitly worth there pts cost, I know people have asked whats the point of having just bolters on my BA scout squad, well to annoy the enemy basically. They held the center long enough for my reinforcements to come, which really won me the battle. So for me I would have to give the game to my bolter scouts who dictated the flow of the game.

    Current Armies-
    Slaanesh (CSM)
    High Elves (BloodBowl)

    Warseer Blood Bowl League

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    Nice report 311, I think you got the bait and switch from your Guard Army!! Nice tactic!
    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
    Sir Winston Churchil

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    Originally posted by Diggums Hammer@Jan 12 2005, 04:55
    Nice report 311, I think you got the bait and switch from your Guard Army!! Nice tactic!
    it indeed was a cool battle, from the sounds of it.

    see, you gotta play every army to learn new ways of playing. escalation makes it much harder to play in usual styles though, and it's interesting to see how differet people cope with it.

    Yeah, this is excellent! TY Angel of Rust!

    Graktoof the vile, victor of 1000 battles, partial credit to 1000 more, and sore loser about the other 8000...

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