My First 3 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: My First 3

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    Both Of the first 2 were Imperial Gaurd (MEEEEE) and Smurfs

    Basic rundown I lost only 10 of 40 in the first game And he lost every man he had! O YA! Second game was WAYYY more fun with me finshing with only 3 men left (BUT I WOOOOOOOON!!! )

    The tau game O boy I was using my Imperials
    The tau opened up On the very first turn 10 of my men UGhhhhh.. my lasconnons took out his only crisis suit (His Commander)!!Score!!!
    The fire warriors (1 Sqaud) attempted to put up the fight without kroot support that didn't go well with most of the sqaud with the rest running it did give the kroot enough time too sneak :ph34r: around ripping apart the command platoon (CRAP) then he had too go so we called it a tie though as was pretty sure I was going too lose BADLY OH well

    Very fun games (vague descriptions sorry 10:30 here and I am tired as hell) Thanks for Reading more tomorrow maybe
    The Leprechaun

    "Ah the infantry....Poor Beggars"-Plato


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    Some of those smaller games are real nailbiters. I really get into those. Each trooper becomes a personality in those games. I love 'em!

    Plus, I don't have to paint more than a few squads in order to play..

    Also, since the games are shorter, I can play several in an evening. (Y)
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