1500 Pts Of Nids V 3000 Pts Of Marines. Nid Win - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Played 2 of my friends last night, one is a regular poster on LO, and I'm sure he will be looking for this post, the other has been playing for a few years but is still a bit rusty.

    Both marines deployed at either short end of the table 1500 points each end, I deployed in the middle of one long edge with only 1500. The table was a 4' by 2' table. My deployment was 12" wide and 12" deep, as I was out numbered points wise by 2-1 I had first go and was able to charge in the first go.
    The objective was opposite my deployment at the othe table edge, I feinted to go strait for it, so they deployed both sides of me all the way down the table edge, this meant I was within range for a 2 sided fight from turn one.

    I thought for a while about splitting my force, but if I had allowed them to envelop from both sides I would have been in the middle of a shooting gallery, so I thought take it to them with my spine gaunts and CC warriors each side getting 20 SG and 3 CC wariors to deal with in turn 1.
    By doing this I tied up 2 10 man space wolves squads on one side and a tactical squad and 5 man terminator squad on the other.

    I got my biovores to work, one either side, the space wolves lost 3 out of a 5 man devastator squad and the other marines lost 2 out of a devastator squad AND a land raider crusader This was the 3rd time I have destroyed a LRC with a spore mine.

    After this great first turn the other armies advanced but none had any real target in their sights besides those that were in CC.

    I was hammering his marines with my CC warriors loving having rending claws on 3 warriors with ST getting that extra attack. in those CC mele's I lost most of my gaunts to the SW, but none of my CC warriors, completely destroyed one tac squad, and then half the other before he turned to run, the fact that he was so close to the table edge meant he was out of sight and out of mind.

    The othe CC was a little more difficult as he also had a Librarian in the mix, he was stil standing at the end of the battle, onw wound remaining, and by himself he had taken 1 CC warrior and about 10 gaunts, the other tactical squad and 5 man terminator squad was all gone.

    My turn 2 saw my lictor pile into one of the tactical squads in the marine army, whilw my winged HT deep struck into the lines of the SW.

    I also landed 2 more spore mines, one taking out the SW land speeder and also the other taking trying to take out the other marines remaining terminator squad, only for me to realise that having an AP3 V term ar not much use as they all easily passed thier save.

    By the end of game the WHT had aken out the SW venerable dreadnaught and a rune priest in terminator armour and also a full squad of assault terminators only taking 1 wound :blush:

    The lictor had eaten through the tactical squad and was chasing the terminators.

    The SW brought in a reserve of scouts to race to the objective (that had OOE standing next to it) but were cut short as my infiltrating geanstaelers who had been waiting near the objective expecting there to be a lot of marines arriving a little later ( as it was they were all dead before they got close) jumped out and sythed them all down in one go, they then turned thier atention to a land speeder from the other marine player who was trying to get shots onto my biovores.
    He was too distracted by trying to kill it not to see my geanstealer being the next turn away from swarming him and ripping him to bits, thus this is what happened

    At the end of the game I had wiped out the SW (his last remaining devastator blew himself up using a plasma cannon)
    THe other marine player had all his terminators left and tactical marines.

    I had 2/3 of my army points still alive.

    I love my NIDS. :wub:

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    Good game!

    Talk about luck, having destroyed LRs not once, but twice with a Bio-Acid spore... Ever considered participating in lotteries?! Must be annoying for the SM player to lose one of his toughest, most expensive vehicles to something so insignificant as a single Spore mine. :lol:
    "The meat things seek to destroy ourselves. They hunt us as we hunt them but they are weak and uncertain. The inferior flesh will be entirely destroyed, all biomatter consumed. Ourselves will fight to the last, all weak flesh must be devoured."

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