Alright this was a battle between my friends "fallen angels" (witch are just his dark angels useing the chaos codex along with a demon prince) and my Headhuntaz "freebooters" orks.I played it recently so im going by memory. It was a simple recon mission and it came down to the wire :o So here are the lists:

warboss Gathrog (choppa, heavy armor, kustom shoota, 2 attack squigs)

19 slugga boyz (2 w/rockets, 1 nob)
19 slugga boyz (2 w/rockets, 1 nob w/ powerclaw)
17 shoota boyz (3 w/ bigshootas, 1 nob w/ kustom shoota)

3 warbuugies/tracks (all with twin rockets)

2 ork dreadnoughts (all with bigshootas)

Fallen Angels
Demon prince (with basic upgrades)

5 chosen terminators

10 chaos marine squad (asp. champ, and 1 lascannon)
10 chaos marine squad (asp. champ, and 1 lascannon)

6 chaos raptors (lots of cool stuff like melta guns and lightning claws ect.)

Deployment: It was a 5 by 5 table with a large ork fort on the bottom left corner. lots of ruins on the bottom right. There was a large midevil looking tower on the top right. and lots of forest on the top left. In the middle were some random tanktraps and rocks. We rolled to see who would set up where and he won so he choose the side with the midevil tower and forest. While i got the ork fort and ruins. he set up one of his marine squads right outside the tower, and the other was set up deep in the forest. The rest of his army would deep strike :glare: . I set up my shoota boyz right outside the ork fort (deployment would not allow us to start in the buildings) and i split my army up evenly (1 dread w/ 1 slugga boy squad) to charge the 2 marine squads. My buggies set up to rush up the middle.

Turn 1:Headhuntaz
We rolled to see who got first turn and lady luck was on my side. I rushed my shoota boyz up the ork fort and gave them good shooting positions. Then i moved up my entire army towards thier target destinations. My shootas guned down 1 marine in the forest. while my dreadnoughts and boyz with rockets shot at some near the tower but all 6 armor saves were made. My buggies moved too far to shoot.

Turn 1: Fallen Angels
He moved his first marine squad in the tower. The second stayed where it was. The second marine squad desided to shoot at the buggies and he guned down one with bolterfire/lascannon.

Turn 1 results
Orks lost: 1 buggy
chaos Lost: 1 marine (damn he's winning ^_^ )

Turn 2: Headhuntaz
My ork walking force rushed forward and started to split apart like planned. The buggies moved into his deployment area. The shoota boyz managed to gun down 2 marines in the forest. The buggies hit but the cover save was made. The dreadnoughts and boyz with rockets shot again at the tower marines and guned down about 2.

Turn 2: Fallen angels
The reserves were comming but only if a 4 plus was rolled.......NOPE nether the terminators w/ the demon prince or the raptors came in hahahaha. His movement phase consisted of nothing. Then shooting began. He shoot his marine squad in the forest at the closest dreadmought. The lasscannon glaced and BOOM a 6 was made :realmad: . The marine squad in the tower also shot at the nearest dreadnought but missed.

Turn 2 results:
Orks lost: 1 dreadnought :glare:
chaos lost: 4 more marines

Turn 3: Headhuntaz
My boyz on the left continued forward and were able to get a few in the forest. While the boys on the right wrapped around the side the the tower trying to get to its only door (which happend to be placed all the way in the back :glare: ) The shoota boyz guned down another marine in the forest. while slugga boy squad in the forest also shot at the marines with no kills. The dreadnought and the slugga boyz next to the tower all unleashed at the marines up top killing a good three. The buggies managed to it a couple of squirlls near the marines in the forest :wacko:

Turn 3: fallen angels
The demon prince, termiators,and raptors all came in and deep striked right next to my shoota boyz. While both chaos marines squads stood thier ground. The squad in the forest rapidfired at the orks right in front of them killing about 5. While the marines in the tower also got a nice round of rapid fire on the orks below killing a good 4. The terminators and raptors all unleashed at the shoota boyz but thanks to my 3 plus cover save only 1 was lost!

Turn 3 results:
Orks: 10 boyz
chaos marines: 4

Turn 4:Headhuntaz
My boyz in the forest rolled a 5 for difficult terrian which should be enouf for a waaaaagh this turn . While the boyz near the tower got to the door but still needed a whole turn to "walk up" so had to sit there. The dreadnought moved into the fallen angels deployment towards the marines in the forest. The shoota boyz in the fort all rapid fired at the raptorsm below knowing they didn't have to walk up any ladders to get to inside the fort. After the dust settled and noise stoped 4 of the 6 rapotors lied dead.The boyz in the forest shot at the marines in front of them and gunned down 2 more. While the dread and boyz near the tower all shot at the tower marines and killed only 1. The buggies were too busy raceing eachother to even shoot anything this turn. :glare: The boyz in the forest then charged with a massive waaaaaagh into the poor chaos squad. a nice round of melee went on until there were 2 marines left standing and only one ork dead on the floor. The marines ran way and the orks couldn't catch up so they consolidated in the forest.

Turn 4: Fallen angels
The demon prince flew towards his dieing brothers in the forest while the remaining rators raceded up the fort. The terminators went to the fort ladders and had to wait to "climb up" The marines in the tower stood thier ground. while the marines regrouped outside the forest and started to aim at the dreadnought :shifty: . The terminators at the ork forts unleashed another round of combie bolters into the shootas but only 2 fell thanks to the cover saves. The marine duo (only 2 left) to a lucky shot at the dreadnought and Immoblised it! (DAMN! i hate those 2). While the marines in the tower got another round of rapid fire at my boyz killing another 3 orks. The raptors charged my shootas and killed 4. My mob then finshed the raptors and consolidated back into position.

Turn 4 results:
Orks: 9 boyz, 1 immoblised dread
chaos: 4 raptors, 6 marines

Turn 5 Headhuntaz:
The boyz in the forest moved out after the chaos runners. While the warboss and his boyz moved into the tower to finnally kill the chaos boyz! The buggies moved into veiw of the upcomming demon prince. The shoota boy mob unleashed everything they had at the terminators but thier anchient armor was too strong for the dakka of the shootas. While the boyz comming out of the forest shot everything at the runners and only killed one :hmm: . The 2 buggies hit the demon prince but his amor help and noo wounds were made. Next the slugga boyz from the forest charged the lascannon runner and finshed him off w/o loseing anybody. they then consolidated well into the angel's deployment. The warboss and his possie charged the marines in the tower and finshed the remaining only loseing 2 orks.

Turn 5 fallen angels:
The demon princed moved surprsinglly quicklly to the buggies (thanks to his demonic flight) while the terminators ran up the ladders to face the mob of shootas. The termonators opened up on the shootas and killed 5 no cover will save these orks now! The terminators then charged the shootas with the anger of the chaos gods. The melee was qiuck and brutal as 10 orks fell while the chosen lost NONE. The remaining orks quickkly retreted and jumped off the fort for thier lives. The demon prince then charged the buggies and easily demonshlished them.

Turn 5 results:
Orks lost: 2 buggies, 17 orks
Chaos lost:remaining 5 marnies

Turn 6 Headhuntaz:
the orks all moved to the fallen angels deployment even further to make sure they were out of sight

Turn 6 Fallen angels:
The terminators moved down the fort. While the demon prince tryied to get in range of the boyz outside the forest but was too far to charge.

Battle results: The battle was to be desided by victory points. While all kills made in the other player's deployment were given extra points. When everything was added up i lost by about 30 victory points :mellow: :mellow: mainly b/c my mob of shootas were all wiped out in my deployment. It was a good game and VERY close. Every kill counted this game. If i would have killed 1 terminator or if my dread wasn't immoblised then i would have won BUT i don't deal with "what ifs" So i lost fair and square. I hope to be faceing This player agin this weekend and if we do i'll post the results.