This is my first posted batrep, so please excuse and comment:

The Emperor had been sent the message: A corrupt Ultramarine Force Commander had betrayed the Troops of Adeptus Mechanicus after the Battle for Armageddon. The Force Commander for the sheer grab for power had sold out his IG Brethren. The guard held out and with the help of a force of Black Templars and Salamanders, held back the Ork Mobs.

The Emperor had heard that this corrupt lot was going to attempt an escape, so he had to sent the only troops available to reconnoiter the area, and get some troops into enemy lines. He called upon an Elite Mechanized Guard force led by a Deathworld Veteran, Captain Harker. A force of 3 Chimeras, two filled with the finest Storm Troopers, a Demolisher and supported by a Basilisk got to the last know deployment of the Heretic Marines. The Marines were armed with Whirlwind for support, and had two Tactical Squads, of one with Lascannon, one with Plasma Cannon. The Force Commander was escorted by 5 elite and shooty Terminators. A 10 squad of Assault Marines were flying around as well preparing to take on any comers!

The marines had obviously had sentries out, and had infiltrated close to where the Guard Force had come in. The Marines, seeing the tanks coming, got of the first volleys of the battles, but failed to damage anything. A well placed minefield blocked off the Flank for the Chimuras, and Captain Harkers tactics changed. The guard fired back with Demolisher moving out of cover and opening up at the Lascannon squad two marines dead, the Chimeras moved around to get better views of the Enemy. The Plasma Squad get heavy fire from one of unloaded Stormtrooper squad, and only a couple are left. They flee at sight of these gleaming Glory Boys.

The Terminators failed to show up for a while, and the Assault marines assaulted one the Chimeras, but no damage was done. The Lascannon misses the Demolisher. Captain Harker moves the Command Chimera around the back of the mountain to get a better shot at assault Marines, the Chimera unloads the Stormtroops to unleash some Rapid Fire Hell on the Assault Marines, and the Chimera with its Heavy Flamer gets a good line them as well. After all of the shooting only 5 Flyers are left. The Bassie shot finishes off the Plasma Squad. The Demolisher round misses it target.

The Terminators dropped into cover with three killing themselves, despite their losses the terminator with the assault cannon made the Guard pay dearly buy blowing up the Demolisher. The Assault Marines Damage the Chimera, and the Heavy Flamer is destroyed. Both the Assault marines and Terminators assaulted the Stormtroopers, the Vet Sgts pulled down 2 assault marines before he was completely annihilated by the combined effort of the Assault Marines and Terminators. On the Guard side, the Command Chimera and other Stormy Chimera retreat behind the mountain to escape the Terminator fire. The Veteran Meltagun Squad who have been tunneling under the lines show up far away from their intended target, the Whirlwind, They kill one marine in the Lascannon Squad.

The Assault marines shoot at Chimera knocking out the Multilaser, and the Termies shoot at it as well. The Whirlwind moves away from the meltagun squad. The Imperial Guard still cower behind the mountain, er.........are there to support the Bassie, which finds range and vaporizes the two remaining Assault marines. The command squad takes some shots at the Lascannon Squad, but do little damage.

The Lascannon Squad moves over the top of the mountain to fire down on the Chimera, but its armour resists the bolter fire. The Terminators manage to obtain the enemy line. The Whirlwind drops another minefield blocking all routes behind the mountain, essentially trapping the Guard Forces. The Bassie and remaining Stormies Finishes off the Lascannon Marines, and the Lone Veteran Sergeant of the Veteran Squad manages to immobilize the Whirlwind. And obtain the enemy Line.

That it the battle. IG 799 Victory Points to Ultramarine 597