500p Tau Vs Daemonhunters - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Alright so today I went out and bought all the Tau that the shop had. Except for a few Ethereal models. This consisted of:
    Box of Fire Warriors (12)
    1 Crisis Battlesuit, and
    1 Hammerhead Gunship

    A little dissapointed, I ordered 3 more Crisis Battlesuits and another box of Fire Warriors. But for now this would have to do for my first battle.

    My friend collects Tyranids, but also had 500p of Daemonhunters, consisting of:
    5 Grey Knights, and
    5 Grey Knight Terminators

    So he said he would show me how to play 40k. I know he only had 1 troop unit and no HQ, but it was just a practise battle.

    I somehow managed to make 499p with the 13 models and 1 tank I had.

    He had first turn. He deep striked the Terminators because he said it was a rule that I would really have to get used to. So he moved the Grey Knights and shot at my Commander. 4 wounds, I roll 3 2's. Wow this game is so different to fantasy, so much easier to die. Luckily I took Shas'O.

    In my turn I moved my units so all of them were in LOS. I had 1 railgun shot, 8 smart missile shots, 12 pulse carbine shots, and 2 plasma rifle shots. (My friend said if i payed for each seperately, i.e didn't twin link them, and hard-wired multi-tracker i was allowed to shoot both. Is he correct?) Well, I didn't kill a single Grey Knight.

    He failed to deep stike. He also failed to do this orbital death thing. He moved his Grey Knights further, and then shot at one squad of 6 Fire Warriors. One died.

    My turn, I again move everything so they're in LOS and out of charge, sorry, assault range. Same shots as before, less one pulse rifle. Well, I killed all 5 Grey Knights.

    O.k. so the game should have ended there, but that wouldn't really help my experience, so we continued.

    He failed to deep strike again, but this orbital death shot worked. He could have hit and killed my Hammerhead, but it scattered in the wrong direction.

    I moved stuff around so I got maximim shots at where he would likely to deep strike, which he succeded next turn. 2+ isn't that hard. Which he was to prove many times with his Save later on. He shot at my commander, he died.

    Not much more to say, I had a Hammerhead. He killed 7 more Fire Warriors, so I was left with a unit of 4. I won because I kept outrunning him so he could never assault me, and eventually the railgun got through their Invulnerable Saves.

    Lol at the end I started to count vp. I think i would have gotten a minor victory. Anyways all up I like 40k it is much simpler and much quicker. But damn stuff dies easily.

    Quote Originally Posted by rikimaru View Post
    You have the option for instance of infiltrating, outflanking, pillboxing, or anti assault.

    And that's just with the Kroot.

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    good battle, but fire warrior squads have to be in squads of at least 8, and in the future, i definitely recommend to have full squads of 12, as this increases their survivability, gives them more punching power, and most importantly, makes it more difficult for your opponent to bring them below half strenght. you probably didn't do this, but the solid shot with the railgun is s 10 ap 1, and the sub is s 6 and ap 4, and remember, it doesn't scatter like most other ordinance in the game.
    pasta mixed with a little death is a nummy treat for you and me!

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    im sure 6 is minimum for fire warrior squads and i think it was 12 oulse rifles and 2 pulse carbines otherwise he should have been pinned at least once or twice but otherwise well done great battle

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