Note that this is a game of 2ND EDITION 40k, which I and my friends prefer to the newer editions. It's quite long so get ready...

“Enter Captain Chenkov?

Deep within the heart of Ultima Segmentum, far from the main stay of the Imperial forces, lies the littlw-known world of QUISTO'ROL. This world has not seen warfor aeons, but lying so close to the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath, a fierce warp storm mostly forgotton beacause of its remote location, and comparitivly small size cpmpared to the Eye of Terror, or even the Maelstrom.

It should have been foreseen, but it was not; a mere accident, a ship lost in the warp appeared from thestorm, lost in time for an untold age, low on supplies, thirsty for killing. The ship turned to the nearest inhabited planet in the sector: to QUISTO'ROL. This world would be quite no more; now was the time for Chaos.

The raiding party struck without warning, marching accross the ground from their landing site leaving behind them no trace of life, only blood and charred remains, berserkers ravaged the villages and towns, marcilessly slaying peasants, children, and what little militia the rural folks could bring together. Soon they would strike for the cities; they had to be stopped.

The Chaos troops were said to number in their hundreds, with many mighhty warriors among them; the twisted remains of the World Eaters chapter, the Khorne Berserkers, were a force no man ever wanted to face. This was an unexpected incident, but one symbolic of the power of chaos, striking hard without warning and leaving little time for a response. The distress call reached Valhalla, and fell to the ears of Captain Chenkov, the planet's mightiest hero.

Chenkov knew what he had to do: isolate the forces of chaos, cut off their escape routes and surround them. Even the strongest warriors would fall to the tanks of the Imperial Guard.

But the World Eaters too knew their enemy, they had intercepter communicatiosn from Valhalla and knew their course of action; without their leder, the guard would fall: Chenkov must die.

192 Command HQ[75]Captain Chenkov[40]Nork Deddog[67]Conversion Field[10]
90 Weapons Squad[60]Heavy Bolters x3[30]
110 Guard squad[100]Heavy Bolter[10]
110 Guard squad[100]Heavy Bolter[10]

215 Vindicare assassin
55 Rhino[50]Super-charged engine[5]
50 Rhino[50]
180 Predator[90]lascannons[90]


213 Chaos Lord[91]mark of Khorne[30]Terminator & Chainfist[47]Daemon Weapon[25]Praise of Khorne[20]
154 Mighty Champion[58]Mark of Khorne[30]Juggernaut[50]Axe of Khorne[15]Sword[1]
140 Mighty Champion[58]Mark of Khorne[30]Juggernaut[50]Axe[1]Sword[1]
245 Khorne Berserkers[35] x8

195 Chaos Dreadnought[135]Power Scourge[20]Mk1 Heavy Plasma Gun[40]
55 Rhino[50]Super-charged engine[5]



The guard were out in force today; Chenkov decided that standing on the front line, though behind some cover, would be a good way to begin an attack. I'm sure he'll be thinking a lot about that decision in the infirmary. He did have Nork Deddog to help him but, well, we'll come to that soon enough. One two other guard squads appeared; one weapons squad and one squad of guys with lasguns. Obviously this meant that there were at least two vehicles or vehicle squads waiting in reserve, and probably an assassin too. As well as this though, a Space Wolves Predator anihilator sat on the back lines. Those lascannons could do some damage...

It was a risky decision, one that could have lost Chaos the battle virtually before it had even begun: I decided to begin the eight berserkers and the Terminator Lord in the Rhino and place it on the front line. The odds were in my favour to go first, but had I failed I could have had one dead army. The Dreadnought sat behind some cover flanked by the two Champions, eager to charge in in on their Juggernauts. I don't want lascannons blowing up all my troops and support.

Seeing no real opportunity for much killing, the lone vindicare assassin set himself up behind the Guard's HQ squad, hidded in a rocky outcrop.

The roll of the dice saw Chaos take the first turn... all was well.

Turn 1 - A chaotic beginning

With a super-charged engine roaring, the Rhino flew forwards at combat speed. 25" accross the board, and past the enemy front lines the eight Khorne Berserkers and Their dangerous looking Lord and Commander piled out, each suffering a S10 hit with a -4 save in the process. Like a bunch of wimps, the berserkers were all wounded, and like fools, none of them saved. Though I was a little disapointed in this, I'm sure they enjoyed the ride. The Chaos Lord didn't even notice the impact with the ground as he leaped out, making his armour save first time around. His objective was in sight; nearest charge target: Captain Chenkov of Valhalla. Wanting a little action for themselves, both champions ran forwards on their Juggernauts, making it poast the half-way point.

Now Chaos Dreadnoughts are mental. Not only is there a small chance that they'll shoot their own side, but heavy Plasma guns have quite a good chance of exploding immediatly whenever fired. Today was a good day though: three hits on the Predator (Maximum power of course) blew the hell out of it; a flashback to the hull from a destroyed lascannon was the first result, and this destroyed the tank as the rest of the shots pummeled the wreckage.

Though he was alone in close combat, a Weapon Skill of 9 with a +1 charge and Seven attack with a chainfist meant bad news for chenkov with his WS of 5. Chenkov took 15 wounds from a chainfist and was 'removed as a casulaty'. Seeing the chance to take out some more, the Lord went after the Ogryn.

Turn 1 – A minor setback...

Sadly, the imperial guard didn't take the loss of their commander too well, as both squads broke and fleed upon his death, though the command squad was still alive, they were somewhat occupied. Not a lot of movement went on.

Seing it as the real danger, the Vindicare Assassin attempted to destroy the Chaos Dreadnought's Gun arm with a crack-shot, sadly, he was having a bad day, and missed. More bad news. A few imperial guardsmen from the soon-to-be-doomed HQ squad decided to have a pop at the Chaos Commander, but being crap, they missed him from 2" away. Nork deddog promptly followed Chenkov off the battlefield.

Turn 2 – Continuing the slaughter

The Chaos Rhino Kept on going, the driver deciding thatthe best use of his vehicle was to drive it at full speed into a rock, in hope of knocking an assassing onto the ground. Sadly, rocks are somewhat better armoured than tanks, an the collission ended in a stalemate, though a unattentive guardsman was killed in the process. The two champions were happy to be able to attack a recently-rallied Guard squad, who sadly didn't break again upon seeing them coming. Recharging it's plasmsgun, the dreadnought advanced.

A few more guardsmen died at the hands of various Khornate Champions, finishing off the command squad, and the battle raged on...

Turn 2 – Calling in the reserves

Somewhat susspiciously illegally, a Space Wolves Rhino containing another guard squad arrives from reserve at fast speed, heading into the Chaos Deployment zone. Another Rhino picked up the recently rallied Imperial Guard Weapons squad (leaving their heavy bolters behind) and got ready to follow the first.

Being quite a savvy chap, the Vindacare assassin knew that shooting someone with two 2+ terminator save wouldn't get him very far, so he elected to shoot one of the approaching champions instead, wounding him. One Guardsman attempted to use his Heavy bolter on an approaching champion, but sadly, the neglected weapon malfunctioned and exploded in his face.

Turn 3 – Boom

Ready for some more action, the Chaos Dreadnought smashed hell out of an aproaching Rhino, destroying it, and killing the troops inside. The rest of the chaos Army worked out taking out the remnants of the lone Guard squad...

Turn 3 – Assassinated

The Guard Rhino advanced into the Chaos deployment zone, slowing down ready to drop off the troops. The assassin finished off a champion, but the Juggernaut raged on.

Turn 4 – With little left to do...

Though it couldn't do much against it while it's gun recharged, the Chaos Dreadnought charged towards the approachine Rhino with deadly intent, while the rest of the army finished off the remains of the imperial Guard troops.

Turn 4 – Dawn Raid

Stopping inside the Chaos Deployment Zone, a squad of guardsmen step out of their rhino and look around confused. Knowing that after this, there's no way that enormous dreadnought will kill them all in the next turn that sadly won't happen. As his final, and somewhat sad move, the Vindicare Assassin takes a shot at the Chaos Rhino driver, who had gotten out earlier and has a shot at a guardsman, and took a rifle shot in the head.


At at glance, it looks like the 'Guard got wasted. And they did. However, they did recoup a few losses, mostly thanks to the rash actions of the World Eaters.

Chaos Victory Points:
Unit Points Victory Points
Command HQ 115 2
Nork Deddog 67 1
Weapons Squad 90 1
Guard Squad 110 2
Guard Squad 110 2
Predator 180 1
Rhino 55 2

Assassins - +5


Imperial Guard Victory Points:
Unit Points Victory Points
Chaos Khorne Champion 140 2
Khorne Berserker Squad 245 3
Chaos Rhino 55 1

Dawn Raid - +5


So that's the end of that then. Despite their best efforts in taking twice as much support as they're allowed and keeping allied vehicles in reserve, both of which are kind of frowned upon as a blatent disregard for the rules, the Imperial Guard got wasted. The Vinidcare Assassin walked away, as he always does, but hey; we lost two men and broke a track on a rhino, and the Imperial Guard are all dead.

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