Dark Eldar And Orks Vs Beakies - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    I got some friends from out of town come down for a week so I'll have a few good battle reports for the nest few days. This is where a force of Marines confront a split force of Dark Eldar and Da 'Ard Stompas. The Lists are roughly as follows:


    Archon with 6 Incubi retinue in a Raider. Archon was kitted out for CC

    Warboss with 'eavy armor, PK, choppa, cybork body, big hornz

    20 grots, slaver with rokkit and squighound

    18 Sluggas with 3 rokkits, nob with choppa, slugga, eavy armor

    17 Sluggas with Identical uprades as previous


    10 Scourges with 4 dark lances

    Looted Leman Russ with hull HB, Armor Plates and Riggas


    Two 10 man Tactical squads with Plasma Gun and Plasma Cannon

    5 man assault squad

    Vindicare Assassin

    2 predator Destructors

    Land Raider Crusader

    Master Commander in termie armor accompanied by 5 terminators (all in LR)

    We played Take and Hold with a Bridge in the centre as the objective. The Bridge was built over a Gorge that stretched across the board. Ruined buildings were scattered on both sides of the bridge crossing. Barbed wire hampered movement on each end of the bridge with 2 small fortifications (bunckers, dugouts, patrol towers) were set beside of both bridge entrances.

    I Deployed my boyz front and centre, grots for meat shield spread wide across the open field with 2 boyz mobs and Rusty(battle tank) behind. The Raider and Talos took the riar right flank in order to fly across the gorge. Scourges were places slightly further back in sandbag bunker for cover and a good line of sight.

    Beakie deployment was somewhat symetrical with the Crusader in the centre. Two Tactical squads on each side on the Crusader and Destructors on each far side of the Tactical Squads. The 5 Assault Marines were set far on the right Flank.


    Urgaz 'Eadsplitta turned one last time to his boyz. It had been quite some time since their last good scrap and they were more than eager for the chance to spill hot beakie blood once again. "Dose Dark panzees can't handle deez weedy umies on dere own so dey gotz ta 'ave da power of da Orks ta krump 'em good an proppa. Lets show dese panzees how ta stomp." Urgaz could just make out the enemy through the dusty haze and fog of war on the other side of a lage bridge. A large tank began to bear down towards them from afar and Urgaz was pleased that the beakies weren't so scared to face the boyz in the true form of combat. To him this meant that he and da boyz would be krumpin an stompin in no time. Two squads of beakies took to quick pace and headed for fortifications on the other side of the gorge to seek up good firing position and 2 more tanks rolled up along each flank for better line of sight. A small squad of flying beakies boosted to the edge of the gorge towards the Darkies on the right flank. As much as Urgaz wanted to charge headlong in that direction to show his panzee allies how ta fight he held of the urge and kept his boyz on target. It seemed most firepower hadn't gotten into range however Urgaz watched as a lot of dakka was poured onto da panzee floaty trukk and annialate it. He was impressed to see most of the crew come out alive. "Maybe dese panzees is ok?" he thought to himself. The other destructor opened up on his squad of boyz: "Gobz down ladz!" shouted the Nob, many were able to get low and most shots were absorbed by the meat shield of Grots front and centre. Only 2 boyz bit the bullet while the grots seemed unphased. Urgaz took a shot from an unknown shooter in the upper shoulder. The shot mostly irritated the old Warboss, "Dem zoggin scumgrods got sneaky gits! Get sloggin it ya zoggin yoofs, last one to da fights a runty squig!", Screamed Urgaz and all the greenskins surged full tilt towards the bridge. Rokkits were sent flying to no avail but the darkies seemed more focused to their cause and answered the beakie barrage on their Raider by several well placed Dark Lance shots and destroyed rightmost destructor. The Talos manouvred towards the centre of the map towards the bridge and joined da boyz. Rusty let loose with it's Battle cannon which hit wide of its mark only killing one marine on the right flank. "Looks like we'z gonna 'ave to settle dis da proppa way", Urgaz thought.

    The beakies continued in a steady advance and had now taken up good firing positions on both flanks. The Crusader plowed through the razor wire and began to cross the bridge. The assault beakies crossed the gorge and assaulted now wandering Darkie boss and his boyz. This time more 'umie guns were braught to bare on da boyz. Despite the cover that the grots provided many boyz didn't fare so well against the full dakka of the Crusader. Several grots bit the dust as well but the Slaver did well to keep them in line. Urgaz became frustrated "GWARRRRR, Dem gits iz gonna pay for dat!". The assault marines engaged the Darkie Boss in Close Quarters only to lose half their squad befre getting the chance to strike. Urgaz was overly jelouse that da panzees got ta stompin before his boyz. He once again screamed for da ladz to pick up the pace. Another volley from the fancy Lances saw the Crusader's operating equipment destroyed and 6 'ard lookin beakies crawled out of the smoking metal husk. "Get 'em ladz, deres nowhere for dem ta hide now", shouted Urgaz as all dakka was concentrated on the dazed beakies. The bridge was enveloped in slugs and rokkit eplosions until line of sight was completely cut of with dust and debree flying in every which direction. When all was clear none were slain. Rusty seemed to have troubles with the engine but still managed to pop a more accurate shot at the right marine squad and kill another 3 from the tower. The Darkie Boss seemed to dispatch the assault beakies and the Talos charged headlong into the Termies, only to be cut down without causing a single casualty. Urgaz laughed as he always knew dat da weedy Talos couldn't lay dawn da 'urtin like a choppa could. Another sniper round hit him in the power Klaw that almost spun him around but caused no seriouse damage to the weapon.

    All beakies were in position and braught their full arsenal to bare this time. The remaining tank and left flank squad targeted urgaz and his boyz. The Termies also opened fire with bolter rounds and assault cannons. More orks fell to the ground along with many grots but they held composure. Some Beakies shot at the lagging Darkie Boss and his Ladz and fell a couple. Despite being so close to assault the termies decided to hold their ground instead of engage the remaining gorts. Urgaz say the opportunity as the grots shuffled out of the way for the last bit of dakka to get through and allow da boss to charge into the bridge. Once again the termies withstood the oncoming fury of Dakka but couldn't escape a few well placed shots from the scourges with their lances and two fell before Urgaz conquered the last remaining steps toward the beakies. The termies were overwhelming in a flury of choppa blows. Their thick armor holding up against that of the boss's choppa and the nobs but the sheer ammount of boyz brought all tot he ground, leaving the Commander Severely wounded. The Veteran of a thousand campaigns forsaw his demise at this point and held his ground stubbornly, trying desparately to make urgaz pay for his assault and ran a powersword through his gut. Caught up in the heat of battle and rush of addrenaline Urgaz ignored the pain, ripping the blade out of his body with such force that the comander was thrown to the ground. Rusty couldn't regain control of the throttle mechanisms and the hulking tank surged forward at too fast a speed to get off a shot.

    The remaining marines took aim at the last few grots and slaver which wiped them out completely. The last of the incubi and the Darkie Boss met a horrible end to a Plasma Cannon. but none of this concerned urgaz as he was too caught up in the moment. Scourged returned fire but couldn't manage to kill anyhting. Rusty let loose with a deadly accurate shot on the left flank beakies which obliterated 5. The Umie Commander was immediately dog piled and choppa'd to death by swamping boyz and the bridge was taken. Urgaz then directed the boys into cover behind Crusader wreckage to weather the retalitry actions of the remaing beakies that he knew would be arriving any moment.

    Knowing that the bridge was lost the marines let loose withoe last volley of bolter fire killing off a few more orks. After that Rusty moved closer up tot he bridge alongnwitht he scourges and the objective was seized. Urgaz went to see what remained of the Dark panzee Boss that faught off the assault marines and stumbled upon his incinerated corpse. "Anuvver good day" he said to his surviving boyz.

    Victory for da boyz! and friends......

    Urgaz racks up his second win in a row, surviving both battles. One thing i can say is that Choppas always perform spectacularily well against termies, more so than any other foe.

    Either way you do the math, it all adds up to you goin' down

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    I like it man (Y)

    Did the beakies have all beak heads? If so thats awesome! I've always wanted to make my guys with all beaks... :blink:

    The best battle reports are done fluff-like...or maybe I just like stories :rofl:

    peace :ph34r:
    Hope Is The First Step On The Road To Dissapointment.

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