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    This is my first battle report so any suggestions for future battle reports are welcome.
    Death Guard

    -Plague Lt with a manreaper, daemonic strength and nurgle’s rot(with possessed)
    -7 plague possessed with an aspiring champion with nurgle’s rot mounted in a rhino with extra armor and smoke launchers(reserves)
    -4 squads of 7 plague marines, each squad having a meltagun and an aspiring champion with a power fist
    -2 units of plaguebearers, one of 14 and the other 7
    Heavy Support

    Tau List (might forget some stuff)
    -1 shas’el with 2 bodygaurds, all of them have a missile pack, a plasma gun and a multitraker(deepstrike)
    -3 squads of 12 firewarriors
    -8 gundrones(deepstrike)
    Fast Attack
    -8 pathfinders mounted in a devilfish with 2 gundrones and 4 seeker missiles and a pair of drones
    Heavy Support
    -3 broadsides
    -hammerhead with a railgun

    For the objective, we rolled an omega level seek and destroy, which, unfortunately forced me to leave a good chunk of my army in reserves, and there ended up being no night fighting.

    Terrain & Deployment

    Pathfinder extra movement
    The pathfinders disembark and the devil fish moves twards the center of the table

    Tau turn 1
    No movement from the tau army(no surprise). The pathfinders use markerlights and hit 4 times on the squad by the stone wall. This squad of seven was cut down to one quickly. The devil fish fired all four of it’s seekers and killed two, the drones killed another two, and the broadsides killed two more, leaving the marine carrying the meltagun on his own.

    DG turn 1
    As for movement, the entire army marched forward 6� and stayed behind cover as best they could except for the lone marine. The marine, vowing revenge on the devilfish moved straight for it and poped it in one shot, leaving the drones entangled, but unhurt.

    Tau turn 2
    The hammerhead enters beside the broadsides, and the gundrones land behind the two squads that were on my right. The pathfinders decided to move up to the wall to get the marines in range with their carbines. During the shooting phase, the pathfinders open up, but only manage to drop one marine. The broadsides, which were starting to get on my nerves, blew a hole in one more marine. No other shooting did anything, and the drones ran away 6� for their bounce move.

    DG turn 2
    This turn things started to look up for me, as the unit of seven plaguebearers materialized on my right flank, within charge distance of the pathfinders. For the movement phase, the daemons and all the soldiers(again with the exception of the lone marine who stood, shot at and failed to wound one of the devilfish’s drones). The marines with the daemons fired on the firewarriors hiding behind the pathfinders, killing one outright with a meltagun, and a second one with bolter fire. Nurgle’s rot kills off a firewarrior and a pathfinder. For the assault phase, the plaguebearers assault the pathfinders, but the pathfinders strike first due to cover. They fail to hit at all, while the plaguebearers kill off five of them, protecting the PBs from fire.

    Tau turn 3
    The crisis suits try deepstrike to where the gundrones did last turn, but scattered 6� closer to the center of the table, directly in front of the gundrones, who then move to surround the suits. The hammer head moved onto the plateau that the broadsides were behind, while the firewarriors over by the pathfinders moved 6� away from the fight. The hammerhead decided to fire railgun sub-munitions and smart missiles at the tightly packed squad of five marines, killing two. The other squad of marines on that side of the table are fired on by the broadsides and two are killed by smart missiles, reducing their number to five. The gundrones and crisis suits fire on the squad of four and do nothing to them. The assault with the pathfinders was short, allowing the daemons to move 2� closer to the firewarriors.

    DG turn 3
    The roll for reserves saw my defiler lumber onto the far left of the table, and the second daemon pack show up. The plaguebearers, finished with the pathfinders moved in on the unit of firewarriors that ran last turn. The crisis suits, knew they were in trouble when they saw the pack of fourteen daemons (and to a lesser extent the guy with the meltagun) run at them and kill a drone with rot. The marines, still marching forwards, were finally in bolter range. The marines on my far right shot at the firewarriors in the corner, and killed two. The squad of now four marines were close enough to the hammerhead and destroyed it with a meltagun shot. The defiler, in an attempt to kill some firewarriors, fired the battle cannon, but instead ended up killing off the devilfishes drones. As for the fun part of the turn, the two daemon packs charged their targets. The larger mob of plaguebearers got 42 attacks against the suits, who were either not wounded by or saved, all but seven wounds, just enough to remove (with a sigh from the tau player) the entire command squad. On the other side of the table, the seven daemons killed three firewarriors while losing one of their own, and then ran them down as they tried to flee.

    Tau turn 4
    The tau, now running low on soldiers now, had the firewarriors that were on the platform move closer to, and fires on the pack of seven daemons and kills two. The broadsides destroy the defiler and the drones, in an act of insanity assaulted, and were killed by the daemon pack of fourteen.

    DG turn 4
    My possessed FINALLY come, but are too late to be of any use. The flanking unit of daemons moved as close to the platform as they could, as did the marines close to them, who killed one of the firewarriors. As for the other side of the table, the marines also moved forward, and one squad instant killed one of the broadsides, while the other one, moving up the center advanced on the firewarrior squad that was in the center of his deployment zone, and one is killed by a meltagun. The marines and daemons close to the platform assaulted the firewarriors, killing them all, and consolidating 1� and 2�, respectively. The two man squad assaulted the firewarriors, and caused them to run away, and be cut down in the process. This left the tau with two models on the table.

    Tau turn 5
    Determined not to go down with without a fight, he fires his broadsides killing one marine with a railgun and two more with smart missiles.

    DG turn 5
    Everything moves as fast as it can twards the broadsides, who are killed by a pair of meltagun shots.

    Conclusion: I still had a total of 18 plaguebearers, 10 plague marines, my seven possessed and hq mounted in their rhino. Tau had nothing left after this.

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    Good job with that report! Really, a good job, oftentimes i find myself confused about what going on when reading reports, but yours was very clear. Thanks for including a picture of the battle field, not enough people do that.
    pasta mixed with a little death is a nummy treat for you and me!

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    Yeah, a really good battle report

    For one, I like to see Death Guard kick ass
    I also love to see Tau get pasted
    and that map made things soooo much clearer

    Good job (Y)

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