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Thread: Flesh Vs Steel

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    I got a bit bored today so I chucked a few rag-tag models together to represent parts of a Slaanesh army list I'd thought up. I went up against a Necron player who has always been very good. The battle was 1500 pts, so the report:

    Q'ob, Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, Corrupter of Souls, recieved the report. A Necron army was in front of us, and it must be wiped out in the name of the Prince of Chaos. Reports indicate their army was as follows:

    On the left of the field, 3 destroyers.
    To their immediate right, two wraiths.
    Then, further right, a warrior squad.
    In the middle, a pack of warriors with a tomb spider.
    In the middle-right, the C'tan, Deceiver, Pariahs and Immortals
    On the very right, a squad of warriors with a tomb spider.

    Our armies were unprepared for this. Q'ob led the army, but it was composed only of four Noise Marine Squads, a squad of Havocs and a Predator. Thankfully we had two squads of Daemonettes ready to be summoned in. We did have the jump on them, so our troops snuck up the field.

    On the left were our Havocs. To their right, on a fortification, were the Perverters. To their right, in front of the warriors and tomb spider we put the Taunters. In front of the middle warrior squad were the Lusters. And to the very right was the Butchers, our close combat specialists. The Predator was put in front of the C'tan, and Q'ob went to its right.

    Turn 1 (him):
    He shot over cover. The Destroyers powered forward and shot at the Lusters. Thankfully they were unprepared to fire, and killed but one. The wraiths then charged forward into the Perverters, but did not quite make it to them. The warriors with the tomb spider also shot the Lusters, but killed nothing, our armour was too thick. The middle warriors also shot, but to little effect.

    The Immortals and Pariahs stepped forward and levelled all firepower at Q'ob. Though his armour was tough, two shots penetrated and he shivered in extasy at the beautiful pain. The warriors then shot at the Butchers, but could only kill one through their cover.

    Turn 1 (me):
    The Perverters and Taunters shot at the Destroyers, ignoring the closer Wraiths, dismissing them as pathetic. One destroyer went down to the Sonic Blasters, but the Blastmaster shots were enough to finish them off. The Lusters then shot at the tomb spider near the warriors. 10 warriors are not hard to deal with if they cannot get back up. The tomb spider crumpled to the fire.

    On the right, Q'ob wished to charge forward, but he feared the C'tan too much, so did not attempt to assault him, instead moving to reinforce the Butchers. The Butchers could not leave their cover quickly enough, so they chose to fire their Bolt Pistols at the Tomb Spider, it too went down.

    The Havocs shot at the Deceiver, but none were competant enough to hit him.

    Turn 2 (him):
    The Wraiths moved towards the Perverters. Though it charged them, it failed to land any meaningful hits on my troops. Through their milennia of practice, the Taunters killed one wraith, which did not stand back up, it was crushed beyond repair. The other Wraith retreated, but too quickly for us to catch him. The two warrior squads then shot a the Lusters, but only managed to kill one more Noise Marine. They were too far away to be effective, and our guns were too useful when Noise Marines stood still.

    The C'tan moved forwards, the Pariahs and Immortals forming fire lines in front of him. They all fired at Q'ob, but failed to wound him again. The warriors shot at the Butchers, and killed another member, but they were mostly unfazed, revelling in the feeling of their commrades blood on their skin, seeping into their armour.

    Turn 2 (me):
    Q'ob ordered the Taunters and Perverters to fire at the warriors on the far left, and 5 fell to their deadly fire. The Lusters then fired at the Wraith, but could not wound its ethereal body. The Havocs opened fire on the C'tan and managed to wound it once.

    Q'ob himself charged towards the C'tan, but ducked and charged into the Immortals. As this happened, the Daemonettes entered the battle. One group of Daemonettes charged at the C'tan, and the other at the Pariahs. The Pariahs and Immortals were wiped out by the Daemonic onslaught, but the other Daemonettes could not catch the wily Deciever, as he left combat. The Butchers, not wanting to be outdone, shot as they charged into the far right warrior squad. 4 warriors fell, two permenantly to a powerfist.

    Turn 3 (him):
    Of the far left warriors, three stood back up. Of the middle ones, two stood back up. On the right, two stood back up. The left and middle warriors again shot at the Lusters, but only another Noise Marine fell, their cover was too tall, so many Warriors could not see how our Marines. The Wraith charged the Lusters, but then beat him back, crushing him beneath their boots.

    The C'tan, having lost his best troops, left combat with the Daemonettes, and charged into Q'ob, hoping to leave the battle with vengeance, if not his life. Q'ob, thanks to the noise he emits, attacked first. He dealt two crushing wounds to the Deceiver, but in response the Deceiver ripped Q'ob in two. No matter, he will be summoned into a vessel from the Warp shortly. The warriors on the right were further whittled away, with two falling permenantly, though at the expense of a Noise Marine.

    Turn 3 (me): I again levelled all firepower in to the left most warriors, and left them with only two alive. On the right, I charged into the C'tan, but he left combat once again. The Butchers then cut down another two warriors for good. The Havocs shot at the middle warriors, and managed to kill two outright as the gloriously daemonic music shattered their circuits to pieces.

    Turn 4 (him): The C'tan pinned one of the Daemonette packs with his deadly gaze and then moved away from the fray. The warriors on the left again fired at the Noise Marines, but only two Taunters fell to their gauss. The right squad of warriors was left with only two troops, and nothing came of the battle this round.

    Turn 4 (me): Finally taking command of the battle, the Taunters and Perverters finally finished off the leftmost warriors, and the Lusters shot at the now exposed middle squad, though only killed two more troops. The Havocs shot again at the middle squad, and killed one more warrior. Knowing that fighting the C'tan was useless, the Daemonettes charged towards the middle warrior squad.

    Turn 5 (him): The Deceiver pinned the other squad of Daemonettes this time, and moved into combat with them. He killed four of their number, and they could do little in return. The Middle warriors shot at the Lusters, and finally finished them off.

    Turn 5 (me): The leftmost squad was just close enough to the middle squad so that three warriors against stood up. The Perverters and Taunters shot at this squad and put it down again. The Daemonettes strolled past the C'tan, and ran into the middle warrior squad. They tore the warriors limb from limb with their mighty talons, and with no Necron troops serving him anymore, the C'tan evaporated in a tormented scream, knowing that the Prince of Chaos, though youngest of all immortals, has surpassed the Deceiver in strength. But, most depravely satisfying of all, His Highness Slaanesh had more guile that the Deceiver.

    All in all, I think luck had a lot to play in this, but I think it was more my enemies experience with other armies my friends and I play that let him down. Even though he has been playing for many years, and won some tournaments, he's never gone up against Slaanesh. In my Khorne army and LatD my troops pretty much cannot avoid his C'tan, and he takes down my big units with ease. And he's used to rapid-firing my troops, dealing with them quite well. I just don't think he (or I) were prepared for how much more powerful my Noise Marines were than his Warriors. I infiltrated at 18 inches, putting me in range for my Heavy 3, but out of his range for rapid fire, so though I was outnumbered, he had about half the shots I had.

    The other thing he was unprepared for was the effectiveness of the Daemonettes. That right flank was absolutely terrifying, and I suppose he though a C'tan, 5 Immortals and 5 Pariahs could deal with anything, which I would true. But it was scary how effective the Daemonettes were. I engaged every unit on that right flank so his huge firepower there was reduced to nothing very quickly. With his C'tan pinning my DP at Ld 7 (with Pariahs) I don't think he was prepared for the amount of damage that the DP could do. And before the daemonettes came in I was absolutely terrified on that rank, shown by the fact that I could have got my DP in CC in the second turn, but I instead waited for the third.

    Things may have gone better if he had a Lord, but I doubt it. The sqauds were pretty much wiped out. The Blastmasters and powerfists didn't kill that many warriors (probably about 7 in the game).

    I was very impressed with how much better this Slaanesh army went as opposed to my Khorne army. Immortals, Destroyers and Tomb Spiders cause untold havoc to my Berserkers as they can never reach them. I'd be shot at running at Warriors by them, then enter combat, kill the warriors, and then be shot at again by them. So I was so happy to see his best units fall on turn 1. As opposed to just using the mutants for Noise Marines, Terminators for Havocs and berserkers for daemonettes, I am certainly going to grab the models I need for a Slaanesh army. Todays battle really sold me.

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    This was a good battle report, suprised no one else posted in it. I was thinking about making a small slaneesh army one day, as they seem like a fun and highly competitive army to play as (daemonettes and sonic blasters rock).
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    I just dislike Slaneesh, last time I played them he had 6 squads of 6 all with sonic blasters, 108 bolt shots a turn. Plain nasty. Slaanesh aren't all that common, at my local we have several Nurgle, 2 identical Tzeentch armies and Mr My slaanesh are outshooting your Tau.
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