My army (SM)

Master w/ lightning claws

Extra Armour
Assault cannon
Storm Bolter
Smoke Launchers

Troops 1
9 SMs
Melta Gun
Sergeant w/ power fist, plasma pistol

Smoke Launchers
Extra Armour

Troops 2
7 SMs
Sergeant w/combi plasma gun

Heavy Support 1
Predator w/ auto cannon
Heavy Bolters
Extra Armour
Smoke Launchers

Heavy Support 2
5 SMs
3 w/ Misile Launchers
1 w/ Heavy Bolter

His army was some thing like this :blink: evil looking imperial gaurd dude, 5 man termies another 5 man termies :blink: , Havoc squad, Leman Russ, 3 imperial gaurd squads

We played a resque mission, i had to get to a captured guy at the back of the small town my enemy was guarding along the opposite side to my deployment zone. I have to get to him and reach my deep striked rescue beacon.

I deploy in one corner with rhino and support squad on right flank. He deploys in small town along other board edge

Turn 1
I get first turn and my rhino drives behind cover forward with squad 1 and master on board. Support squad 2 opens fire on termie squad, downing 1 with sergeants combi-gun Dreadnought opens fire on termie squad but fails to kill any. The predator can see the side of the leman russ and sucseeds in shaking the crew. The devastator squad fires and destroys it! Score one to me! The rhino pops smoke, as does the preadator.

He moves first termie squad forward whilst other advances towards rhino but fails to damage it. Havocs remain still as do IG squads. Havocs open up on predator and, despite of smoke launchers, destroys it! Score: One All

Turn 2
Rhino suges towards town, getting just in side but immoblised by terrain! the passengers get out, 18" from the hostage, out of LOS of havocs. Dreadnought moves forward, out of LOS of havocs. Al hell is let loose onto termies but none go down!

He moves termies forward to my lines while the squad on the right moves back to destroy the rhino :blink: Havocs and IG squads fire and kill one devastator with a bolter.

Turn 3
Every body except squad 1 remains still, the master detachs and leaves sqaud to charge IG sqaud 2. squad 1 running forward to the hostage. I open fire on the nearest of the IGs with my devs, 7 Dead! Master kills 5 of IG squad

He moves dangerously close to me with termies and opens fire on squad 2, killing 2. Havocs fire at Devs, downing the one with the HB. IG squad 3 decides to shoot at Squad 1 but fail to do anything. Termies destroy Rhino :blink:

Turn 4
Dreadnought moves back, away from termies, scared of them! The missile launchers in dev squad destroy the remanants of IG squad 1, destroying them without mercy. My squad 1 charges at the supprised hostage and the beacon is teleported in next to them. I run at the guard of the hostage and kill him, consolidating next to the beacon. Game to Me!