Report of Kroot Mercenary Actions

As per our employers request, I have given an account of two military actions the warband has undertook recently, with mixed results. The first account is of a battle against Space Marines (ref: Blood Angels) in which our warband was forced to withdraw.
The second account is of a battle against a Tau expeditionary force, and suffice it to say, our genetic pool has been increased after that action.

1st Battle:

Our forces, as detailed are a Master Shaper two Carnivore Squads of 16 each, a vulture squad x 13, hound squad x9 hounds x 10 carnivores, and hunter squad x 10. They were engaged against an army of Blood Angels, comprised of a Death Company and its Chaplain, a tactical squad of roughly 8, roughly 8 scouts, 8 Assault Marines, and a whirlwind. We spied our enemy set up in a staggered line anchoring his whirlwind behind a building holding the scouts, followed closely by his Death Company and tactical squad. The assault marines were anchored on the far flank, behind a low-lying hill.
My primary concern was the destruction of the whirlwind tank, perhaps a tactical mistake, so I deployed all of my forces on the flank with the tank, although a lone squad of hunters took up a position in an abandoned building further back.

1st Turn:
Our forces seized the initiative, despite not having the guidance of our totem, and my vultures raced forward towards the whirlwind, while the Hound Squad went after the Death Company. Our two carnivore squads were pulling up the rear, and unleashed a salvo of fire, supported by the hunters, at the Death Company and Scouts, but too minimal effect, perhaps killing a scout.
The vultures however, quickly overtook the whirlwind and with one swift slice from the eviscerator, the tank was destroyed. In the meanwhile, our hound squad had engaged the Death Company, the entire force save one and the Chaplain leading them were killed, a decided victory, but not enough to break them (they are made of sterner stuff). At this point, I erroneously thought victory was near at hand, the ancestors chose to show me the errors of my way.

For their part, the Assault Marines raced towards their beleaguered companions, and the Tactical squad moved in against my vultures.
Their scouts traded fire with my hunters (this continued throughout the whole battle, neither side able to win an advantage) and the tactical squad opened up fire on our vultures, felling several.
However, the most vexing part of this phase of the battle, was the endurance of their Chaplain, despite losing his comrade at arms and taking a hit from an eviscerator that would have killed any mortal (surely his ancestors looked over him) he slew several hounds and carnivores and shook off the blow unphased.

2nd Turn
Our vultures moved in to position themselves for an attack against the tactical squad, but everyone else stayed either locked in combat, or readying their aim.
One of the carnivore squads fired upon the hidden scouts, felling a few of their number, but not enough. The hunters and other carnivore squad attempted to kill the Assault Squad, but nothing!
Our vultures then assaulted the tactical squad, killing a few and losing some of their number, neither force gaining an advantage. Then the infernal Chaplain again continued to shake off eviscerator hits all the while killing more and more hounds and carnivores!!!

It was at this point in the battle when a Dreadnaught dropped out of the sky with its drop-pod, an unexpected surprise. Its flamer burned several carnivores. The Assault marines advanced out of range of fire, and straight into our vultures aiding their fellow marines. That battle was decided quickly as our vultures were cut to pieces. However, at this point, expecting the Chaplain’s luck to run out, I felt I still would be able to keep the tide from turning against me, but no luck, again, I think the ancestors were punishing my arrogance.

3rd Turn
At this point I knew the tactical situation was dire, I needed to put distance between myself and the oncoming assault marines and soon I suspected their Chaplain. Unfortunately, I would only be able to get one chance at destroying the Dreadnaught, and that would be if I moved forward into his rear and unloaded everything I had from one of my carnivore squads, I elected to pursue that route, but only succeeded in stunning and immobilizing the metal beast.
During this part of the battle the Chaplain finally slew his attackers (who should have killed him several times over) breaking free of that combat.

It was then that the tactical squad and scouts fired on one of our carnivore squads, while the other one was chased down by the Assault Squad (when those guys charge, they hit harder than one would believe.) With the Chaplain closing in on my other carnivore squad ready to attack them, the battle was decided.

My forces kept fighting for a while longer, but as you can see, the writing was on the wall, they broke through the last of my carnivores and eventually set upon the hidden hunters. It was a disaster and a lesson on the importance of battlefield positioning and humility.

Report of Tau action to follow sometime later: that was a lesson on how crunchy tau taste and how an opponent should know better than to tank shock an eviscerator.