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    Recent 500 point tourney results

    So today...err....last night technically...we did a 500 point tournament. I went in with my Imperial Gaurd, my name-sake The Black Hats. I roughly had my leman russ, 2 grenadier squads with 2 plasma each (one of 5 men, one of 6), a JO with plasma pistol, plasma gunner, 2 meltas, and medic; also a sentinel with auto cannon. Other contestants was 2 space marines, necron, ork, chaos. For all games, the terrain was pretty much some trenches, a few craters, and a few buildings.

    First Round, me versus one of the space marines. Scenario, emmisary.

    I selected to have the emissary, and the objective was to not let him die or run off, and try to get him across the board. The space marine had 2 tac squads, a whirlwind, 3 bikes, and a techmarine. My tank was placed in the center of my deployment zone, the grenadiers with the emmisary in a trench, the other grenadiers to the left behind a crater, my HQ deep striking. One tac squad with tech marine was in trenches opposite the crater grenadiers the bikes close by, the other behind the house with the whirlwind.

    He goes first, and pops my tank with a lascannon from the tac squad in the trench. Shaken. Whirlwind shoots at the emmisary squad, kills 5 guys, squad brakes and runs off....with the emisarry. Good job guys. The bikes shoot forward. On my turn I move the tank, and stupidly open up my side armor to the lascannon...dunno what I was thinking. My grenadiers still standing move forward and shoot the bikes, killing 2, the last one flees. On his turn, the bike rallies and moves towards the center. He pops the tank and destroys it.

    On my next turn, grenadiers hold their position, and I get my HQ in. I drop both the sentinel and the comman squad in between his 2 tac squads. The sentinel pops the whirlwind for a kill, which blows up in a fireball and takes a marine with it. The command squad shoots into the marines, killing another 2. The grenadiers shoot into the trenches, killing a marine. He shoots up my command squad with his tac squads, killing only one. The bike charges and gets killed. I move the grenadiers up and my command squad shoots into the tac squad killing another 2. He charges into the command squad and they get into a brawl lasting almost to the end (forget how it exactly goes) but he ends up killing my squad, but only having 2 left. My grenadiers move forward and shoot into the trenches, killing another marine. They head out to join the fight, ending up with the tech marine and a marine from that squad at the end. The last action of the game is the grenadiers killing the tac marines, leaving only 2 grenadiers and the tech marine and a marine. Not bad for losing the tank right off. But by losing the emmisary, he massacers me

    Round 2: me against Chaos, suicide squad (a squad is fearless, extra points if it dies, penalty if not) My suicide squad is the 5 man grenadier squad.

    Pretty much same setup as last one, although HQ starts on the ground, with command squad to the left of the right most grenadiers (they are in trenches, different terrain table, just coincidence of location) and the sentinel in the back. He has his lord and 3 bikes on my left side, a squad in trenches on my right, and one in trenches on my left (to the right of his lord). My suicide squad shoots forward, and my command squad leads a charge on his right. My grenadiers get a good position in the trenches to shoot at his guys. The tank pops 2 bikes. His bike turbos forward, his lord moves up, and the squad on the left gets into the trenches. He shoots at me with a heavy bolter from the squad on the right, but he rolls 3 ones to wound. My suicide squad moves up to the bike, and the command squad get in cover in a crater in the center. The suiciders pop the last bike, the tank misses the left tac squad, and my plasma guys get 1 marine.

    His guys shoot up the suicide squad, down to one guy. He kills off a melta gun from the ocmmand squad, and His lord continues moving in on me down the left. A shootout starts from the 2 opposing trenches on the right, which by the end of the game whittles him down to the heavy bolter. My command squad is down to the medic, shot form the side by his other squad. The tank redeems 3 rounds of straight missing by taking down 3 marines from the left tac squad. I never once get a would on his lord, but I stayed out of his way, he only finishing off my suicide squad. I massacre him becuase his suicide squad didn't die, but mine did.

    Round 3: Me versus space marines-the hunted (choose a squad to be hunted, get double victory points)

    Ok, this was the last round, against the outrider himself. This was my grudge match, 'cuse he was dissing my army the entire time, calling me retarded. His force was 2 scout squads, a land speeder with multimelta, and an uber chaplain.

    My setup is my tank in the center, sentinel to its right, grenadiers in a trench to the right, grenadiers in the center, command squad behind a house on the left. He infiltrates one scout squad 12 inches from the left on the other side of the house, and the other 18 inches on the right in front of the grenadiers in the trench. Speeder and chaplain on my left edge in his zone. He then does a 6 inch move. So if I didn't go first, charged on the first round...I won the roll. Command squad backs up, grenadiers in the center move right to reinforce. Battlecannon round scatters off the board. Sentinel proves its worth and stuns speeder. Grenadiers in the trench kill 4 scouts. His speeder drifts off the board, moves the scouts on the left up around the house. Scouts on the right move up. Shoots into the command squad, killing one. Shoots into the grenadiers, doing nothing. My grenadiers move further up. I shoot the cannon into the scouts on the left and kill 4. My comman squad shoots and kills 1. The 2 Grenadier squads annihilate the other scout squad with plasma fire and hellguns.

    He moves up and shoots my command squad, killing one. He moves in and assaults, killing the lot. He consolidates about 5 inches from my tank. Everyone moves to the left (except the tank) to get in range, the trench boys not making it. The tank shoots its heavy bolters and lascannon into the scouts, killing 3. The grenadiers and sentinel clean up, leaving only 1 left, who breaks and flees. On his turn they fail the all alone test and flee again. My sentinel shoots him down, and my guys finish off the chaplain. Only lost the 5 man command squad.

    So, overall, my faith has now shifted away from tanks and heavy firepower to smart unit tactics. Those two grenadier squads pulled more than their weight. They equaled the tank's cost (actually were 15 points less) and did much more damage. They passed insane number of saves, rarely killed themselves with the plasma, and tore through everything they faced. The sentinel did its job rather well, taking out the speeder and whirlwind. Might have to get more of them, rather good first time use. The tank...meh. Might want to have my next tank be a Executioner...can't think of the name. Autocannons and heavy bolters ought to do well. Overall, I'm happy. The outrider won overall ('cuse he had a well painted army) and I ended up being third in battle points.

    I must say, I now sing the praises of the heavy gaurdsmen. Against a bunch of space marines, they did very well. Since my army is carapace, I'm gonna do my army differently this time, no more sitting back shooting, gonna do things smartly. Might need to rework things, but might go more grenadier squads to mix more plasma firepower with the standard grunts. To all those questioning the value of plasma: I killed 80% of the marines with it. Best to have carapace though, but it works.

    edit: oh yeah, another thing I learned- I need to keep my command squad out of the fight. Heroics might be cool, but not with 5 command squad always gets wasted. I wish we could add more men to it, or take the officer out, so he can be like Gaunt or something. Oh well, need to reevaluate my command squads.

    Last edited by The_Black_Hats; April 10th, 2005 at 06:39.

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