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    Battle For the Park Report

    So me and my freind battles these 2 guys for control of the park since we sometimes play warhammer their and they wanted our place. Luckily since more people were attending than playing so 1 of our freinds recorded the battle to use for future combat plans.

    The battle was in the park seeing as it was a nice 14*C day and we brought about 15 buildings from our city to make the feild.

    The White Lotus Tea Drinkers Society's Armies:

    My army:

    HQ: Space Marine Commander, Company Standerd Bearer, Apothicary
    Veteran Sergeant, Space Marine with Plasma Gun, Company Champion

    Troops: x4 SM Tactical Squads (1 Sergent, 1 Flamer, 1 Missile Luncher, 7 Bolters)

    Heavy Support: x1 SM Devastator Squad (2xHeavy Bolter, 2xLascannon, Sergent)

    Noa's (freind) Army:

    HQ: Librarian, Veteran Sergeant, Space Marine with Heavy Bolter

    Elite: Dreadnought

    Troops: x4 SM Tactical Squads (1 Sergent, 1 Flamer, 1 Missile Luncher, 7 Bolters)
    Razorback (Lent to her at last minute)

    Heavy Suppor: x1 SM Devastator Squad (2xMissile Luncher, 2xPlasma Cannon, Sergent)
    Predator Annihilator

    The Stupid Enemies Armies:

    Nercon Dude (aka Josh the dummy):

    HQ: Nercon Lord (with nasty Res Orb)

    Elite: Immortal Squad, Flayed Ones Squad

    Troops: 4x Warrior Sqauds

    Fast Attack: Destroyer Sqaud

    Heavy Support: 3x Tomb Spider, Monolith

    Dark Eldar Dude (aka Whats his face):

    HQ: Dark Eldar Lord, x2 Incubi with Shreders

    Elite: Succubus with 3 Wyches,

    Troops: x3 Warrior Squads (some had bettter weapons, cant understand short from my freind writ them in)

    Fast Attack: 2x Reaver Jetbike Squads

    Heavy: Ravager, Scourge Squad

    The order we go in is Dark Eldar, Me, Noa, Necron.

    Turn 1:

    The D. Eldar guy starts to move his troops up a steet with his get bikes in the frount with the Ravager behind them, this wyches also move up and starts moving his HQ and Troops to a building with a elevated plaza.

    I start moving my Heavy Squad and 1 SM Squad units to a convenience store with roof access and I move the rest of my troops across the street to a barricade.

    This part is hard to read but I remeber that Noa takes all her units and rather than doing like me and setting up a defence she starts to make a B-line right for the Dark Eldar units.

    The Necron player starts by moving his destroyers towards my guys but hes stil latleast 1 turn away. The rest of his start to move to intercept Noa's units but they are still out of range and behind cover. The monolith is to big to fit any of the streets so its moving around the city to a place it can squize into.

    Turn 2:

    The Dark Eldar jetbikes reach Noa's Tank and because crappy BS rolls only one hit and no damage was taken. His Ravager opens fire and damages the tank more seriously but its far from dead. His other units make it to the Elivated Plaza and the Wychs turn back go stay with the HQ.

    I get my guys onto the roof of the conenience store and my other guys onto a Barricade.
    My postion is good vs. the Dark Eldar player but it sucks vs. the Necrons becasue I dont have much cover from them.

    Noa opens fire with all of her Infentry on one of the jet bike Sqauds and destroyes 2 of the bikes. Her Tank and Dreadnot and Razor Back destory the Ravager.

    The destroyers are only a turn away from me. The other units that are moving to counter Noa's forces find away through some buildings to get within a turn of her army but the Tomb Spiders dont fit and have to go around (near me).

    Turn 3:

    Dark Eldar buy is all pissy and his jet bikes attack Noa's infentry killing a few of them. He move around his units in the Plaza fo have a better shotting postions, the Myches are guarding the closest stair entrance.

    I use 3 Missile Lunchers on a the destroyer squad and damage one of them. With the threat of the Darkeldar gone I start to move my guy on the store roof to help the guys at the barricade.

    Noa uses most of her troops to attack the jetbikes and destroy them all. She moves her HQ to the other side of the force becasue the Necrons are Getting closer and uses one squad of SMs to shoot at the Flayed Ones who are in range.

    The Necron Guy advanced towards Noa and her flayed ones nearly take out an entire SM squad. Her Immortals open fire finishing off the sqaud. Her Nercon warrios arnt through the gap in the buildings yet and the destroyers attack my marines and kill tow guys.

    Turn 4:

    This guy takes agai nshirts stratigys and moves his entire force twards the battle with Noa buts stil la turn away from weapons range.

    All of my units open fire on the Destroyers and take out the one I damaged before.

    Noa uses some Librarien power on the necrons. All her units concentrat on them and take out the Flayed Ones and Immortals thanks to the Drednough and Anniolater.

    Necron guy pulls his warriors back cause he wants to force Noa's troops through the crack in the buildings away from their heavy support. His desroyers kill a few of my guys. The tomb spiders are getting closer to me, they all have claws so I dont need to warrior about them shooting. He suddenly remebers hes been ignoring the Monolith and starts to move it to flank me.

    Turn 5:

    He opens fire on Noa's Drednought damageing it. Opens fire on some of her SM and kills 1.

    I keep attacking the Destoryers and manage to take out another after a series of great rolls.

    Noa doesn't go through the crack, insted she attacks the dark eldar with the aniolater and dreadnought and kills an entre sqaud. She lines up her some of her missile luncher guys to shot through the crack and kill about 6 Nercon Warriors. The other missle Luncher guys fire at the eldar killing 3 of them.

    I cry when the Immortals and Flayed one get back up. They attack Noa's SM and kill a few.
    Destoryes dont even hit my units this turn.

    Turn 6:

    Dark Eldar guy has lost some morale rolsla nd hit units run away.

    My turn consists of damageing the destroyer and running away from the tomb spiders.

    Noa opens fire on the Flayed Ones and Immortals with almost everything killing them all again. Then she moves through the crack with her heavy weapon's Sqaud and takes out a chunck of Warriors with them. Something about the Nercon guy needin to phase out soon is said.

    Nercon guy kills all of Noa's Heavy Weapons guys, and moves up through the crack and shoots at her HQ killing the SM with heavy bolter and Wounding the Veteran Sergent.

    Turn 7:

    Dark Eldar guy starts to attack Noa again and kills 2 SMs.

    I destroy the last destroyer and run from the spiders to elovation.

    Noa splits her forces to attack both the Nercons and Dark Eldar and it does t work, only 2 guys were killed thans to bad rolls.

    Nercon guy again attacks Noa's HQ becuase she didnt move it far enouph and her Librarian dies. the Spiders get some of my SM and the Monolith opens fire on the to killing another.

    Turn 8:

    He attacks killing a SM.

    I start sooting at the spiders but it doesnt work.

    Noa is all pissy now cause her HQ is dead and she kills more of his Warriors.

    Neron guy Phases out.

    Turn 9: The Eldar guy serenders because he cant bea tnay of Noa's vehicals.

    In the end we one but if the ELdar guy didnt use bad stratigy at frist notbeing able to choose what to do with his Troops then we would have lost. Someone Lendign us the Razor back also helped lot.

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    Okay, interesting battle and all, but it would seriously help if next time you used better spelling and grammar.

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    i agree whole heartedly

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    Better grammar and spelling would make this much more readable.

    From what it sounds like this little battle in the park was something of a luck fight.

    Meaning nobody knew what they were doing.

    A flamer and a missle launcher should NEVER be in the same squad. Just because GW sells them like that doesn't mean it's smart.

    I don't know what size of area you were using, but those destroyers should have been shooting you from turn 2 on.

    That monolith was mobile terrain for all the good it did. It should have been deepstruck into your lines and just started laying down plates of marine death.

    Where were the flayed ones? why were they not doing bad things to your dev. squad?

    Moving towards Dark eldar is only good if you are one of a few armies, and plain jane marines ain't one of them.

    The dark eldar player should switch to something more forgiving, like marines or necrons. Their attack plan is as cohesive as a bucket of sand.

    Good win despite all of that.

    (I know I sound really harsh but I hate seeing battles like this because most of the time the winners never learn anything except that getting lucky wins occasionally)

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    1. Don't type so fast... it makes you look stupid.

    2. What The Mad Hatter said about the monolith.

    4. Why did that guy even take a Monolith in a city fight? He should have gotten H. Destroyers.

    3. Why did Noa rush through a chokepoint with a heavy weapons squad?

    4. You said the Necron had four squads of warriors, did he crowd them all around that one "crack"?

    5. Scarabs would have been useful for Mr. Necron.. 1+ invulnerable save in cover (city fight) and are nice vehicle hunters.

    A few strategy flaws, but it was interesting.

    Good job on your victory.
    Anything that has been said above must be immediately

    disregarded, as the high level of stupidity contained in every

    word may cause you to drool on your computer thus causing

    your own demise...

    you know water+electricity= dead...-ness. :mellow:

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