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    What the ****? 243 points 1 vs 3!

    We spawned this sitting around while waiting for a 5th player...

    243 points

    Force 1:

    7 shoota boyz (orks with some kind of ranged gun... I think this is what they're called)
    1 warbuggy
    1 warbike
    1 gnob with 4+ armour and some ranged weapon
    1 warboss with megaarmour and a custom blasta

    aka: his entire ork army

    Force 2:

    1 Necron warrior
    4 Scarabs w/ disruption field

    1 marine with heavy bolter
    1 marine with lascannon

    1 zoanthrope with warpblast
    1 warrior with scythes and rending claws

    Mission: play-till-one-side-is-dead
    Special Rules: hah!
    Rules ignored: Squad size, Force organisiation chart, phase out, game length.

    marines and Necron warrior upper left corner opposite the orks (lower right). Tyranid upper right. no terrain.

    scarabs in the lower left.

    Turn 1:

    Ork: Orks advance towards tyranid and fire loud guns. Wound warrior once. Buggy advances toward marines

    Other: Scarabs fly towards marines, Necron warrior advances, tyranid advance. Necron warrior shoots buggy: nothing. Space marines blast weapons. 1 wound on the warboss. Tyranid fire a warp blast, taking another wound off the Warboss reducing him to 1.

    Turn 2:

    Ork: Orks advance. Ork buggy blocks warboss from lascannon. Orks fire weapons: nothing. Bike and shoota boyz fire: nothing. Warboss fires at Necron warrior and kills it. Charge the zoanthrope and Tyranid warrior. In the ensuing melee, The warrior is slain, as well as the warbike and one shoota boy.

    Other: Necron Warrior fires and stuns the buggy. Heavy bolter fires at Warboss: nothing. Lascannon fires at the buggy:rolls a 1. Scarabs assault the buggy and destroy it. 1 wound is taken from Zoanthrope.

    Turn 3:

    Ork: Warboss advances towards marines ever so slowly destroys a scarab. Zoanthrope slain.

    Other: Scarabs boost towards the boyz and the gnob. Marines fire and kill the Warboss. Scarabs assault the boyz: kill 3, loses a scarab base

    Ork: Scarabs kill 3 more boyz, loses another scarab base and 1 wound.

    Turns 4+

    Ork gnob and scarab base with 2 wounds stay engaged for 4 or 5 turns. Eventually, the scarab is destroyed. Gnob advances and is cut down by a heavy bolter, the lascannon having rolled a 1.

    Remaining: 2 heavy marines. ~81 points.

    A very fun and quick game. Took about 30 minutes to set up and finish. Take that, warhammer in 40 minutes!

    Necron will stand for eternity.Their race has survived aeons by trading their very souls for metal bodies. Now, they will live on through eternity and will vanquish all life from our universe.For they are Necron. Flesh is weak. The machine will rise!

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    Cool, weird but cool.
    'Thou shalt not refer to the Adeptus Soritas as "Bolter Bitches" nor shalt thou go anywhere near our sisters during the time of the "Red Rage," lest thou wishes to be the first human to enter orbit without the aid of a shuttle.'

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