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    2K Dark Eldar Wych Cult Vs Dark Angles

    Mission: Recon -alpha rules set.
    DA starts with everything on the table. DE opts to start with 2 web way portal squads, Dark Lance squad and Wych Raider w/ 12" Asslt drug roll on the table. HQs (in Raider), 2 Wych squads(in Raiders), 2 Warp beast packs, Reaver Squad and Ravager are in reserve.

    DA. L-R from DE perspective

    Whirlwind Assault Sqd Tac Sqd landspeeders
    Dev sqd Tac Sqd Tac sqd
    Dred #1
    Dred #2

    DE. L-R

    Warrior Sqd (WWP) Warrior Sqd (WWP)
    {in open} DL Sqd {in cover}
    {in cover} {trees}
    Wych Raider

    Turn 1
    DA (first turn) Asslt squad, Dreads, Reavers and Tac Sqds move forward. Whirlwind fires and scatters. Speeders shoot warrior squad on right and kill 3. Dreds shoot squad in open killing 4. Dev squad shoots DL sqd killing 1.
    DE. Warrior squad on left moves forward to fire on Asslt sqd. No kills. DL sqd fires and kills one Dred. Warrior sqd on right deploys WWP and fires on Speeders. One killed one weapon destroyed and stunnded. Wych Raider moves forward, Wyches disembark FoF and assualt Dev Sqd killing all but two.
    Turn 2
    DA. Asslt squad moves forward and assaults warrior squad. Dred moves forward, shoots and kills empty Wych Raider. Tac squads move forward. Speeder fires on warrior squad killing 3. Whirlwind again scatters for no effect. Dev squad killed in HtH and Wyches consolidate toward Whirlwind.
    DE. Both Warpbeast packs, Reavers and Ravager make reserve rolls. Both packs assault Tac Sqd, 4 DA killed 2 WB killed. Ravager and DL sqd kill last Dred. Reavers kill last speeders. DA assault Sqd finishes off Warrior Sqd and consilidates into DL sqd. Wyches FoF and assualt rear of Whirlwind with Haywire Grenades.
    Turn 3
    DA. Assault Sqd kills 4 DE warriors. Ld check made. Tac sqd kills 2 more WB but looses 4 more troops. Other Tac sqds move to support.
    DE. Hqs and 2 Wych sqds make reserve rolls. Hqs and one sqd assault Tac sqd and massacre it. Other Wych sqd supports WB. 3 Raiders fire disintegrators on remaining DA Tac sqd killing all.
    Turn 4. With only the assault squad remaining on the board DA concedes game.

    What worked. 12" Drug roll on 1 Wych squad allowed it to get into HtH on turn 1 with Dev squad negating ranged heavy weapons. WWPs allowed fragile Raiders to stay alive to deliver Wyches into HtH. Multiple Warp Beast Packs assaulting a single squad.

    What didn't work. Moving 1 WWP squad forward in the open (OK Dark Eldar 101 here). Thought 13 Splinter rifles, 2 Splinter Cannons and 2 Blasters would at least hurt the assault squad. Didn't get a single kill.

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