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    Sisters of Battle vs. Notable Divergence Space Marines [2,000]

    (This was a battle between 2,000 pont armies. Phil, the Space Marine player, was using his home grown chapter designed with the new rules in the Space Marine Codex, and a Monstrous Creature which I had no problem letting him use. My Sisters army was designed to:
    -Give me meltas
    -Maximize Faith Points (I had 12)
    -Use Immolators for transports)


    Know, all Sisters of Battle, that a great victory today was granted to the Adeptus Sororitas by the grace of the Emperor!

    A company of Space Marines had for too long flouted Imperial policy, and when they recently began taming great carnivorous beasts to serve them on the battlefield, our Order could no longer stand by and watch them flout the precepts of the Adeptus Astartes and shame the Emperor.

    Two weeks ago a force of Sisters and Inquisitional Storm Troopers traveled to their training fields to call their Commander to account for his erroneous ways. The two forces fell to fighting and our valiant Sisters and Storm Troopers were attacked and nigh all slain.

    Yesterday, after two weeks of preparation, our Canoness Preceptor Evaine set out with Sisters of out Preceptory of Saint Katarina, of the Holy Order of the Sacred Rose, to destroy the marines before their treachery and apostasy could grow greater. Her objective was to Cleanse the continent of these foul Marines. As they marched from our gates a great sign of Divine Imperial favor gave great courage to our Soldiers: the Living Saint Diana appeared and strode to battle at the side of our Canoness!

    In a broad, fertile valley we found the thrice dammed Marines. To make their treason worse, they were of a venerable Chapter, who honored their wargear and heeded the wisdom of the ancients.

    Preceptor Evaine set her battle lines, Retributors with their mighty heavy bolters in the center, Exorcists anchoring each flank, and our Battle Sisters between. Our Preceptoress Evaine with her retinue took the van. Yet, even as she made her final preparations the perfidious Marines were attempting to infiltrate! A squad of scouts with sniper rifles, and devastators with heavy bolters, suddenly materialized on our left flank.

    Evaine threw this challenge straight back into the teeth of the Marines and ordered a charge of all forces but the Retributors. The infiltrators were faced not only with Battle Sisters but with Veteran Sister Celene’s Celestian squad leaping from their Immolator, and Seraphim under Veteran Sister Yvonne.

    The Immolator Lava Rain, in which the Retributors had traveled, was sent with Exorcist Jackhammer to flank right, and all the rest went straight in.

    Ahead was an awesome sight: four dreadnoughts, two of which were clearly ancient and venerable; two tactical Squads bearing lascannons, a great, horrendous beast called a Megasaur, and their traitor Captain, profaining the Artificer armor he wore and the Thunder Hammer he bore!

    Our gallant Dominions, aboard the Immolator Hell’s Gate, sped ahead and, leaping out before their transport had fully stopped, sent a flurry of melta fire at the dreadnought striding beside the Great Beast. The dreadnought succumbed and came apart in fiery ruin. The monster, fierce and fell, charged the Dominions and slew them, devouring their bodies before our eyes. With a furious challenge bellowing, Saint Diana called to the Monster as she sped toward it on angel’s wings, swift as a storm wind.

    Superior Alissa’s squad, assaulted by the Captain and a Dreadnought, lost half their strength in an eye blink, and only the spirits of our blessed martyrs saved even that many from such a powerful attack. Alessa’s Squad fell back in dismay, but such is her force of will that she rallied them, readied their weapons, and came back soon to the battle.

    By now we could see that of Celene’s Celestians only she and one other, the melta gunner, were left, and only that because the light of the Emperor which graced Celene was keeping up their courage as they faced Devastators, a venerable dreadnought, and three landspeeders which had appeared from behind a hill.

    The scouts, however, had disappeared! They had broken, not expecting the fierce onslaught of our Sisters and the Seraphim, and had fled the field. The Widower Maker, Celene’s Immolator, was burning, but so was one of the landspeeders, destroyed by the Exorcist Reaper Gal.

    On the right the Jackhammer, having only loosed a single missile, was a blasted hulk, and the Lava Rain sped on alone.

    Preceptoress Evaine ordered all weapons of her retinue, save the bolters, to fire on the rebel Commander, and then they charged him. He was wounded, although only slightly, from Superior Alissa’s power sword. Evaine called upon the Emperor and his Passion filled her and her retinue with righteous indignation, speeding their blows to such a flurry that the Commander could not parry such a swift attack, and pierced by our Preceptoress’s Blessed Sword Retribution he fell, his black hearts cut in two.

    A blast bathed Evaine in a red glow, turning we saw the dreadnought hard by us leapt skyward in blazing ruin-- Superior Alessa and her melta gunners had gotten their revenge.

    By now Reaper Gal was out of the battle, she’d thrown a track and her launcher was destroyed. Hell’s Gate, also immobilized, continued to trade shots with a Tactical squad, entering a duel with that Marine Squads lascannon gunner, who vainly sought shelter among a group or rocks.

    Superior Margaret, whose Battle Sisters had seen the snipers off, now finished the Devastators which the Yvonne’s Seraphim had battered. As both squads rounded the remains of the Widower Maker they found a young Sister, a melta gunner, cradling the body of the slain Celene. Calling to her, they roused her courage and recalled her to her duty. Standing alone, she advanced toward the Venerable dreadnought and lone landspeeder who had slain her beloved Sister Superior. Her vengeance was wreaked by Margaret and Yvonne, who between them destroyed the last landspeeder and the venerable dreadnought, which succumbed to the implacable heat of a Seraphim’s inferno pistols.

    Meanwhile, Superior Barbara’s Retributors had been steadily decimating a tactical squad holed up in some trees. Little good did those trees do them as only half their number would survive the battle, although they had accounted for the Lava Rain, now lying wrecked and broken near their position.

    Our Preceptoress and Alissa’s squad pressed forward, passing the epic battle of Saint Diana and the Dragon beast. The last venerable dreadnought stood its ground, but a welter of melta and inferno fire left it weaponless and immoblized, a fitting statue to the price paid by those who flout the precepts of the Emperor!

    Catching our breath we looked around. Hell’s Gate was still alive! Immobile, it had continued to trade shots with the Tactical squad in cover. Every time it slew the Marine with the lascannon, another would pick it up, take his place and fire at our Immolator, yet it lived! As we watched the last gunner and his loader were consumed by the mighty flames of Hell’s Gate.

    Nearby Saint Diana still contested with the Megasaur. Now we divined her purpose: it was not to slay the great beast, which even for her was nigh impossible, but to keep it occupied, freeing her lesser Sisters from its overwhelming strength, and so neutralizing its impact on the battle. We could see the spirits of our martyrs surrounding her as she fought, warding her from the monster and keeping her from being wounded. For two thirds of the battle she fought thus: great is the wisdom of the Emperor!

    Holding three quarters of the valley securely, and contesting the remainder, we had won a crushing victory over these misguided Marines.

    Veteran Superior Celene was lost to us, and the only survivor of her squad, Natasha, was promoted to her place. Likewise Sister Jenna’s Dominions were gone. Superior Alissa and our Preceptoress Evaine’s retinue had suffered 50% casualties. All our Immolators had been damaged or destroyed, likewise the Exorcists. The Seraphim had suffered heavily but still stood tall in ranks. Superior Barbara’s retributors were unhurt and, Miracle of the Emperor, Superior Margarets Squad had come through with but bruises: all reported to roll when called! The Great Beast, perhaps because it's master was no more, or in frustration at being unable to harm its foe, had gone. Now Saint Diana lifted her Ardent Blade to us in Blessing, and then she too departed.

    The Preceptory now prepares the Ritual to honor the passing of the Slain, and will then offer prayers of thanksgiving to the Emperor for our victory this day.
    May the blessings of the Emperor be with you, and his Light ward you in the Dark places.
    --Sister Superior Katrina, Celestine, Recorder

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