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    Dark Eldar vs Ultramarines (2000pts)

    Having just successfully repelled the forces of Chaos from the planet the Ultramarines were conducting an orderly withdrawal through one of the may devastated towns on their way to the LZ off planet when scanners showed a sizeable Dark Eldar raiding force coming up from behind the hills to the north.

    The Dark Eldar Archon was outraged to learn that the forces of Chaos had already raped and pillaged this world, just days before his arrival. His Scourges spotted some marines in the ruined town ahead and the Archon wanted some payback.

    SETUP - this game was played with 3rd Edition rules
    The Dark Eldar hid three Raiders (Lord+Incubi, Wytches, Hamonculi+Grotesques) behind the central hill, hid the Ravager on the right flank behind some woods and a Sniper Squad and a large Sybarite Squad behind the hills on the left flank. Awaiting deployment in the Web Way Portal were a Talos, a Wytch Squad on foot and a War Beast Pack.

    The Ultramarines deployed throughout the ruined buildings that covered much of the south end of the table, using height and open fire lanes where possible and setting up difficult terrain to block choke points.

    Both wytch squads rolled Re-Roll misses in CC for their drugs. This lucky roll set the tone of the future die rolling and marked the point at which fate abandoned the Ultramarines.

    TURN 1 - Fate continues to side with the Dark Eldar and they strike first.
    The Archon orders his Haemonculi to block the marines centre fire lane and howls in fury when his Wytch Raider moves up instead. (this was player error not discovered until turn 2) The other Raiders and Ravager fall in behind as the Sybarite fleet of foots into the open on the left flank in front of the Dreadnaught and Scout Snipers in a daring display of 'No Guts, No Glory.'. Two Dark Lances fire past him and destroy the Dreadnaught and his Lord smiles: 'Fortune Favours the Bold my child, run down and deploy your portal.'
    The Ultramarine Chaplain smiles in anticipation and gives the order for his forces to pin the Sybarite, destroy the blocking Raider and disable or destroy the Ravager. Unfortunately none of these goals were met although the Raider was stunned and lost its weapon. (surviving 7 Rapid Fire Bolters, 2 Heavy Bolters, 5 Las Cannons and a Missile Launcher).

    TURN 2
    On the right flank the Ravager unloads 3 shots into one of the Land Speeders to no effect and the sniper squad moves forward slightly hoping to get line of sight on someone. This is practically the last ineffectual action by the Dark Eldar for the rest of the battle.
    At this point the Scourges Deep Strike right in front of the marine's Annihilator and have their pick of targets. They chose to wipe out a CC Scout squad with a withering hail of Cannon fire. The Sybarite fleet of foots up behind a grain tower and his squad unleashed a torrent of Cannon fire into the other Land Speeder sending it crashing to the ground while the Archon orders an all out assault. His Raider floats over the stunned Wytch Raider and he disembarks into the Devastator squad, slaughtering it in a furious assault. His Haemonculi perform a similar feat on the Chaplain's assault squad, unleashing two Destructors into the hapless Marine HQ. Unfortunately the superior power armor of the Imperium could not be breached outright but combined with an assault they were able to slay three marines, forcing the squad to fall back. (at this point the marines roll 4" fallback and the DE player grinz sadistically, and rolls 3" to overtake)
    The marines retaliate by destroying the Wytch Raider and most of its squad as well as wiping out the Haemonculi and Grotesques but things do not look good for the men in blue.

    TURN 3
    The Archon has consolidated into the marines holding the ruins on the left flank and continues the assault, wiping them out. His Sybarite moves round the front of the tower and deploys the Web Way Portal. The Talos come screaming onto the field and assault the Annihilator causing it to explode in a fiery ball of death and nearly suffering a wound from the explosion. The Wytches on foot come howling onto the filed and head straight for the remains of the Chaplain's Assault squad. The Ravager kills most of the remaining Scout snipers with three heavy disintegrator blasts and forces the remaining two to flee. The Raiders attempt to shoot down the remaining Land Speeder and the Scourges assault the Chaplain and the marines from the Razorback, trying to buy time for the wytches to close to CC.
    The marine Chaplain, his Captain, a few assault marines and the squad from the Razorback kill half the scourges in an unimpressive display of mediocrity. He immediately calls down his Terminators for backup. Unfortunately their teleport targeting sensors were not properly calibrated for they materialized somewhere out of sight on the right flank, perhaps in the next town, and were not heard from again. (they deviated 11" in exactly the wrong direction).

    TURN 4
    The Ultramarine Chaplain checks his Jump pack fuel and surveys his forces: 2 assault marines and 6 TAC marines, a Razorback, a Land Speeder, his Captain on a Bike and of course two scouts fleeing on foot.
    Facing him are two squads of wytches in assault range with a full Lord's retinue behind them. A Talos on his flank and a Ravager and two foot squads hovering out of bolter range commanding the center and left flank of the field.
    Saying a prayer for the souls of his scouts he gave the order to mount up and quit the field.

    edited for spellig and font changes

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