The Eldar and Chaos armies were fought only with the models we had at hand, but anyway.

The battle was fought with 3rd edition rulebook, 3rd edition codexices for eldar and marines but 4th edition for chaos (i know it shouldn't really work but we found our way round difficulties)

The Army Lists:

Space Marine:

Chaplain with bionics, terminator honours and artificer armour
Tactical Squad 1 - a veteran sergent with power fist and bolt pistol and 6 marines with bolters
Tactical Squad 2 - 6 marines with bolters
Tactical Squad 3 - 4 marines with bolters, one marine with a bolt pistol and close combat weapon.
Devestator squad - 3 rocket launchers, 1 marine with bolter, 1 marine with close combat weapon and bolt pistol


Farseer with mind storm and 1 warlock bodyguard
Guardian Squad 1 - 6 guardians
Guardian Squad 2 - 6 guardians
Dire Avenger Squad 1 - 4 dire avengers and one exarch
Warp Spider Squad - 4 warp spiders and one exarch with power blade upgrade
Falcon with bright lance

Chaos (Khorne)

Chaos Lord - Bionics, Feel no pain, Mark of Khorne, Spiky Bits, Combi Melta, Power Fist and Personal Icon
Khorne Berkzerker Squad 1 - 5 berzerkers, 3 of which had khornate chainaxes, 1 had a plasma pistol and 1 aspiring champion with an axe of khorne and bolt pistol. All models had mark of khorne.
Khorne Berzerker Squad 2 - 6 berzerkers, 3 of which had khornate chainaxes. All models had mark of khorne.
Bloodletter Squad 1 - 6 bloodletters.

The table

I reckon it was about 4" by 4". In the middle was a large temple type thing blocking LOS from corner to corner. About a foot squared. There was a piece of scenery in each corner which was counted as impassable terrain and they were all about the same size. On one corner was a hill.


Marines won the deployment role and chose to go in the corner with the hill. The chaos deployed oppsite and the eldar were stuck pretty much in the middle of both armies (this was a bad decision to play it like corners, we should have done it in thirds).

This is written in the perspective of the chaplain in the marine army, getting regular information about what is happening across the other side of the board from ships orbiting above.

As i watched my brave marines jump out of the drop pods i knew that this was a battle that we could not lose. At my disposal i had 3 tactical squads and a heavy weapons squad supporting huge amounts of firepower. I positioned my marines with rocket launchers on the top of the hill nearby where they could see almost right across the board, had it not been for the large temple like structure just ahead of us. I took the largest tactical squad and positioned them in a way so as to be able to move into the place where the eldar had latest been reported. They were here to take some sort of stone from the temple, and i had been ordered to get it first. It was that simple. Myself and my squad started to move towards the eldar position, and i ordered the other two tactical squads to start to move towards the temple. My devestator squad could see nothing so started to prepare themselves for the battle ahead. I got reports that a small chaos force were also here hunting for this stone, and i resolved to destroy the threat of the chaos as well as the eldar. My reports told me that they moved towards the eldar in an unorganised manner, possibly against their commanders will, where they were met by a hail of fire from warp spiders, some sort of anti gravity tank and some guardians.

That thought aside, i saw some guardians up ahead of us. They shot at us but inflicted no wounds. Brother Mathius was hit, but the emperors blessing must have been with him as his armour saved him from any further injuries. I shouted a war crry and my squad fired at the guardians, killing 4 of them. We then proceeded to charge into them where i myself struck the remaining 2, however Brother Kilamengius had his armour punctured and died on the spot. It was a sad day for the empirium to see such a mighty warrior go to waste. The guardians seemed to be only a scout force as i could see no more of them.

My other two tactical squads moved up towards the temple again, however one of them suddenly saw a squad of dire avengers, whom they shot at and apparently inflicted 3 wounds on them. My heavy weapons squad also saw the dire avengers, and firing missiles at them managed to kill the last two in the squad. I got word that the chaos army had suddenly grown stronger, with their commander summoning many demons in his fight against the eldar and myself. According to reports some of the chaos troops clashed with eldar in hand to hand combat, with the chaos coming out on top against the general eldar troops, however i heard that a squad of warping spider like things were causing the chaos significant truble, shooting and killing at least 2 men, and then killing a further 1 in close combat.

I thought about the task at hand, and my two tactical squads moved further towards the temple. I moved round a large house only to see the last of the eldar, ome sort of psykers i believe, turn past a large rock and out of my line of sight. My ships told me that this person i saw was a mighty farseer, and it seemed that he had serverly hurt the commander of the chaos army, taking him down to his last legs it seems. Apparently the chaos lord struck back and destroyed the eldar falcon. The spider type things had seeminly been beaten by the last of the berzerker squad, with only one berzerker squad serviving. The remainder of the other berzerker squad, the number being between 3 and 4, charged at the fireseer and his warlock bodyguard, losing one man before striking down both psykers. The chaos army then seeminly retreated, their numbers being too small to take my mighty marine force. One of my tactical squads reached the temple and retrieved the stone, which i will send back to base when we get back.

Chaplain Morendius, battle report.

So thats how it ended, the marines losing a single man and the chaos player giving up knowing he was too badly hurt to win. It was a mistake to make eldar start in the middle as it wasn't fair and they were slaughtered - still it is my first victory with my marines, so Hurrah!