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    4-way 1k battle, Ultramarines, Necrons, Deathwing, more ultramarines

    4,000 pt Battle Report
    This game was a “kill the other team? game. There were two teams, 4 Players, and 1,000 pts each player. There were two Ultramarines players, A Necron player, and me, the Deathwing general. We all rolled a D6. Me, and the guy who worked at the Rogue Trader store we were playing in Bruce, got the low rolls. The others, including my brother Jason, the Necron general and the other Ultramarine player, Will, got higher, so it was lows against highs.

    The Armies

    Team 1

    HQ: Master, Terminator Armour, Sword of Secrets, Storm Bolter, Lion Helm (Stuborn), 180 pts
    Elites: Dreadnought, Missile Launcher, TL Lascannon, Venerable, 155 pts
    Troops: DW Terminator Squad x5, 2x Assault Cannons, Furious Charge, 280 pts
    Troops: DW Terminator Assault Squad x8, Lightning Claws, Furious charge, 384 pts
    Total: 999 pts

    My list: I knew that I would be facing Necrons, so I obviously included my lightning claw termies. They cut Necrons apart like nothing else (32 S5 I5 attacks). The other Ultramarines player (on the other team) had a Rhino, Dread, and Predator, so I included a Dreadnought. I had an extra twenty points to spare, so I made it venerable. The 5 man Termy squad is my main source of fire power, and I attached the Master and Lion Helm bearer to give them some devastating close combat attacks (6 attacks at Strength 7 Initiative 6).

    Ultramarines 1 (rogue trader guy)
    I don’t know the specifics, but he had a Terminator Command squad w/ 2 assault cannons, a Master, and a Librarian, and a bunch of tactical marines. He had some scouts with sniper rifles and a teleport homer, and a Predator destructor. We agreed that team members could use each other’s teleport homers.

    Team 2

    HQ: Lord with Warscythe and 100 pts of wargear, including a resurection orb, 210 pts
    Elites: 4x Pariahs, 152 pts
    Troops: 27 Warriors in 2 squads, 486 pts
    Fast Attack: 3x Destroyers, 150 pts
    Total: 999 pts
    Ultramarines (other SM player on team w/ necrons)
    HQ: Master, Librarian
    Elites: Dreadnought w/ Assault cannon and Missile launcher
    Troops: 2 Tactical squads, 7 and 8 marines
    Heavy support: Predator destructor, Devastator sqd w/ 3 MLs and an HB.
    Total: I’m guessing around 995 pts

    Set Up
    The board was about seven feet by five feet, with a river running through the center, dividing the teams. There were two bridges that allowed passage accross the river. There was a small buildind ruin on each table quarter. I took the right side, Bruce (the SM player on my side) took the left. The other SM player (Will) was directly accross from me. I had my Master and his joined squad staart near Bruces’ forces to give him some support on the left bridge, while my LC squad would deep strike. My Deadnought was near the building on my quarter, safely far from Will’s forces.

    Here are the Players:
    Me: Deathwing
    Bruce: Ultramarines w/ Deathwing (me)
    Jason: Necrons
    Will: Ultramarines w/ Necrons

    Turn 1

    Team 1
    Bruce and I won the first turn. Bruce infiltrated his scouts on my quarter, near the river, to take advantage of the trees, and give a position to deep strike from. He kept his Tactical squads where they were. I moved my Master’s squad (which was in the middle of the board on our side) straight up. They couldn’t shoot Will’s Ultramarines because of cover, though. My Dreadnought, to my shock, was out of range by about an inch. Bruce knocked down four Necrons with his Predator and Tactical squads.

    Team 2
    The Necron warrior squads, with the Lord behind him, moved toward the bridge on Bruce’s side. The Destroyers fired but failed to kill anything. Will fired his missile launchers, Dread, and Predator at my Master’s squad, but not a single one fell. This was the most boring turn.

    Turn 2

    Team 1
    Bruce’s Terminator squad (with the master and Librarian) managed to Deep Strike; right between the two opposing players. My own squad failed to come in this turn. The Dreadnought moved up 6?, and the Master’s squad broke left for the bridge on Bruce’s side, where the Necrons posed a threat. My Dreadnought fired and blew up Will’s Predator, with a 6 on the Penetrate. The blast hit some of his Tactical marines, but 1’s were rolled to wound. My command squad, however, nailed three marines with Assault cannons from his 7-man squad. Bruce’s Terminators killed the remaining three, but they were stuck where everything could shoot them.

    Team 2
    The Necron’s 17-warrior squad advanced onto the bridge, but the other squad stayed to rapid fire at the Termies that had just deep-striked. Two of them were instantly downed. The Terminator squad was hit by a whole bunch of stuff, but they passed their armour saves.

    Turn 3

    Team 1
    My Terminator squad finally arrived, but about 18? away from Bruce’s Terminators. My Dreadnought fired at and failed to damage will’s Dread. My command squad spent the turn moving toward Bruce’s bridge, but couldn’t hit anything due to terrain between them and the Necrons. Bruce fired everything at the ‘crons, but only downed two of them, due to some amazing armour save rolls on my brother’s behalf. Bruce killed the sergeant of Will’s devastator squad with his scout snipers.

    Team 2
    Only one ‘cron passed the WBB. Will killed all but two of Bruce’s scouts in turn from the sniper kill. The scouts passed their morale check. Then, after their team fired everything they could at the terminators and killing another, the lord moved up, and he and Will’s tactical squad assaulted the Termies. Bruce put two wounds on the lord, which in turn killed two of his terminators. Will’s Tactical squad completely obliterated the other regular terminators, to our shock and dismay. I prayed that the assault squad would reach the two remaining terminators before they were killed, but the commander and sergeant probably won’t last.

    Turn 3

    Team 1
    I fired the dreadnought at will’s own dreadnought, scoring a glancing hit, and rolled a 4. The assault cannon, which posed a threat to the Terminators, was blown off. The scouts moved with my master’s squad, taking advantage of the lion helm’s save. My assault termies moved toward the close combat fight, and by next turn, they would save the commander. Bruce moved his tactical squad into the Necron squad on the bridge. His Predator killed all three Destroyers. In the assault phase, Bruce downed three Necrons with his tactical squad, but the remainder of his Command squad was killed by the Tactical Marines and the Lord. The Lord consolidated toward the bridge, and the Tactical squad consolidated toward the Lightning Claw terminators. Bad news.

    Team 2
    The most devastating turn for me and Bruce. Will shot down two more of my Lightning claw termies, and asaulted them. The Lord and ‘crons killed all but two of Bruce’s Tactical marines. Then, I only killed three of Will’s Tactical marines, who in turn killed two of my LC Termies. Not good.

    Turn 4

    Team 1
    Things started to look better. The Master’s squad joined the combat on the bridge, and killed every single Necron that was attacking Bruce’s two remaining Tactical marines, including the Lord, which my master killed with the SoS. The Lightning claw termies killed the Tactical marines, and consolidated towards the wreckage my dreadnought had caused, and speaking of which, my Dreadnought had immobilized and destroyed Will’s own Dreadnought. My Dreadnought was saved (last turn) from its Venerable ability.

    Team 2
    Jason charged his Necrons (suicidally) into my command squad, of which half were killed. They passed their Ld, and piled in. On the other side of the board, will’s Devastators had reduced the once proud Lightning Claw squad to one man.

    Turn 5
    Team 1
    The Master’s squad killed more Necrons (who would phase out). The Dreadnought moved forards, toward will’s quarter.

    Team 2
    Any remaining Necrons were killed in combat, so they phased out. Will’s Devastators were all who remained, and they were up against two scouts with sniper rifles, two tactical marines, A dreadnought, and a full squad of hulking Terminators. Just then, my mom came into the basement of the store and told us we had to go. Bruce didn’t argue, and told us to pack up and leave. It was clear that team 1 had won, though.

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