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    Space Wolves versus Daemonhunters, tons of pics

    I just watched this game and wrote a protocol of it.

    The armies (perhaps a bit incomplete):

    Inquisitor with termi armour, lightning claws and scourging
    8 Stormtroopers with two plasma guns
    8 Stormtroopers with two meltas
    Dread with lascannon
    7 GK, two psycannons
    GK Grand master with four termies as retinue
    Land Raider

    Space Wolves:

    Rune Priest
    15 Blood claws, with two power fists, one flamer, one pack leader with power fist and MC plasma pistol
    Venerable dread with assault cannons
    Long Fangs, four lascannons, plasma gun
    10 Grey hunters, melta, pack leader with MC plasma pistol and power fist
    6 Scouts, melta, plasma pistol, power weapon, pack leader with plasma pistol and power weapon

    The space wolves got the first turn.

    SW Turn One

    (pics taken after the SW dread had moved)
    The stormtroopers with meltas deployed at the upper edge of the table, near the land raider. The STs with plasma guns are the models near the stone circle The inquisitor is attached to them.
    The GM with termies and the GK remained in reserve.

    The long fangs are in the rocky terrain at the upper edge, the blood claws with rune priest near them.
    The grey hunters are at the trench. The scouts are in reserve, the rest is obvious.

    The dread assault-cannoned three stormtroopers, the long fangs immobilized the empty land raider, the rune priest suffered a perils of the warp attack when attempting to use storm caller.

    DH Turn One
    No movement occured...

    The stormtroopers with plasma guns manage to glance the dread, and immobilize it with a five. The SW player asks to reroll this damage result, which then would end with the dread being destroyed with a six.
    The land raider fired at the long fangs, causing no casualties.
    One grey hunter got roasted by the dread's lascannon.

    SW Turn Two
    No reserves arrive

    Everything except the long fangs advanced.

    The long fangs fired at the land raider, with no effect.
    The rune priest suffered a second perils of the warp attack and fried himself.

    DH Turn Two
    No reserves arrive

    Again, no movement occured.
    The land raider fired at the long fangs, causing three casualties.
    The grey hunters were luckier, no damage was caused by the shooting dread.

    SW Turn Three
    The scouts arrive behind the dread.
    The rest advances.

    The shooting of the scouts shook the dread, the long fangs destroy the left lascannon of the land raider.
    The grey hunters fail to damage the dread, but the blood claws (now without rune priest ) kill one stormtrooper with their shooting.

    DH Turn Three
    Both the GM and his retinue and the GK arrive.
    The GM and his termies deepstrike behind the blood claws, and scatter a bit closer to them. The grey knights walk onto the table to help out at the dread.

    The dread approaches the grey hunters (with power fists) and prepares to charge.
    Meanwhile the stormtroopers kill two blood claws, the grey knights kill three scouts with their shooting. The stormtroopers, inquisitor and dread kill another grey hunter each.

    The dread charges the grey hunters and kills three of them, it loses both its main weapons in return. The grey hunters pass their morale test.

    SW Turn Four
    The blood claws prepare to engage the grey knight termies with grand master, the scouts approach the normal GKs.

    Both the normal GK and the GK termies suffer two casualties due to the shooting of their respective opponent.
    The two remaining long fangs fail to damage the land raider.
    Then blood claws and scouts charge:

    The grand master kills two blood claws, the two remaining termies fail to kill anything. The blood claws then finish off the termies and the grand master with a little help from their power fists.
    The scouts fail to kill any GKs, but lose one of their own in return. They pass morale.
    The dread kills one more grey hunter even without its DCCW, but gets destroyed in return.

    DH Turn Four
    The plasma gun stormtroopers with inquisitor marched towards the grey hunters.

    Their shooting killed one of the grey hunters. The inquisitor got a full six shots for his scourging, but...well...see for yourself:

    Meanwhile the melta stormtroopers and the land raider killed another three blood claws.

    The grey knights killed two of the scouts in close combat, thus wiping them out. There were no casualties for the GK.

    SW Turn Five

    The remaining grey hunter prepared to charge the stormtroopers with attached inquisitor, the blood claws marched towards the other stormtroopers.

    Once again the long fangs failed to damage the land raider, but the blood claws could kill one stormtrooper with their ranged weapons.

    Both the blood claws and the remaining grey hunter charged their targets. The blood claws wiped out their opponents, suffering no casualties. The grey hunter killed both stormtroopers, leaving only the inquisitor (no base contact, no attacks in return)

    DH Turn Six
    Confident that the inquisitor would be able to deal with the remaining grey hunter the grey knights moved towards the blood claws.

    The land raider killed two blood claws, the inquisitor indeed finished off the grey hunter.

    SW Turn Six

    The long fangs once more failed to damage the land raider, but the blood claws damaged it in close combat: two more weapons (heavy bolter, right lascannon) got destroyed.

    DH Turn Six
    Now things got a bit fuzzy...the GK moved towards the BCs and killed one of them, as did the land raider with its pintle mounted stormbolter.
    The GK were out of charge range.
    In his next turn the SW player shot the GK with the BCs, killing one. The BCs then charged, but all of them got cut down by the GK:

    Now only two long fangs were left. All DH infantry moved towards them through cover, and eventually killed them

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    Wow. Very well described there man. Nice pics too!
    "To each his own"

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    Yeah, nice battle report. Go Daemonhunters

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