[1000] Sons of Medusa Vs Ulthwe - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1000] Sons of Medusa Vs Ulthwe

    OK so tried out a new gaming club on Saturday morning, got a 1000 point take and hold mission with some trees as the objective.

    Me - Sons of Medusa (Nilla Marines)

    Chaplain (bolt pistol, termie honours, Rosarius, Crozius Arcanum)

    Dread (TL las cannon, extra armour)

    10 man marine squad, missile launcher, vet sgt, BP and power fist)
    6 man marine squad (missile launcher, vet sgt, power weapon, bp) (Razorback, tl las cannon, extra armour)
    5 man scout ssquad (4 sniper rifles)

    Land speeder tornado

    5 man dev squad W 2 plasma cannon

    Him: Ulthwe Eldar

    Seer council (2 farseers, 3 warlocks, 1 singing spear, 1 witch blade, rest CCW and SP, one mind war, dunno what the other farseer had but it wasnt mind war or fortune, augment, embolden and conceal????)

    10 man guardian defender squad with bright lance, warlock with conceal
    10 man guardian defender squad with bright lance, warlock with conceal

    5 dark reapers (exarch with ?)
    Falcon (out the box fit)

    big board with an even but heavy scattering of mostly difficult terrain, I will refer, for the sake of arguement, to my side of the board as south.


    after some discusion as to what consituted an infantry squad without vehicles, I deployed my scout snipers amongst some ruins on the south west corner of the board with commanding lines of fire, my 10 man tac squad was deployed in cover slightly east of the centre south edge

    He put the two ten man squads about a third of the way in from each table edge.

    He got first turn

    Turn 1 (Ulthwe)
    both of his squads edged forwards into cover and tried sniping with the bright lances.

    Turn 1 (Sons of Medusa)
    Snipers opened up and hit one of the western squad, dropping him and pinning the squad.
    The tac squad opened up with the missile launcher on the eastern squad but failed to achieve anything

    Turn 2 (Ulthwe)
    reserves: Falcon comes on just about centrally, directly opposite my 10 man tac squad, and creeps forwad. the east squad start to advance through some ruins, the western squad being pinned, do nothing. Faclon unloads all it has into my 10 man tac squad, result: nothing (he had somw quite bad dice rolls)
    the 10 guardian squad in the east advances through some ruins, taking a pot shot at my marines with a bright lance, hit wound - woops -cover save, obviously the hairdressers are not having a good day

    Turn 2 (Sons of Medusa)
    Enter my dread opposite the falcon and it advances, the 6 man squad and the razorback (the vehicle moves to hull down by a ruin and the 6 man squad advances) and my chaplain (behind the 10 man squad) who moves forward and the dev squad who appear behind and moe on to a hill to the right of the centre opposite his 10 man squad
    Shooting: the dread upens up on the falcon and shakes it. The scouts drop another guy, the 10 man tac squad fail to scratch the falcon with its missile launcher. All othe squads moved and are out of range

    Turn 3 (Ulthwe)
    reserves: in the middle come 5 reapers, The seer council arrives and do what I can only describe as a fan-anning around move behind the advancing reapers
    they move up behind a hill and I agree that they can claim cover from being behind the brow, The falcon moves to what would be (if it wasnt a skimmer) a hull down possition by the central objective. both 10 man guardian squads play at sniping with their bright lances, one manages to drop a grunt from the dev squad

    Turn 3 (Sons of Medusa)
    reserves: up leaps my whirwind, on the left flank, which quickly moves out of sight behind some woods, and also arriving - the tornado, which deep strikes behind his lines, moves up to a possition where the reapers are not getting any cover from the hill and opens up, killing 4 and causing the exarch to route, leaving the table at the end of the turn he arrived (for shame)
    Otherwise, the dread advances, descovering it is probably in charge range of the falcon I open up with my las cannons and cause it to explode (not a good day for the hairdressers in black). missile launcher squad open up on the eastern guardian squad killing a couple, 6 man tac squad move forwards. scouts drop another guardian off the western squad, 2 plasma cannon in the dev squad drop a couple of guardians from the eastern sqaud

    Turn 4 (Ulthwe)
    Reserves: his single remaiing reserve (the Avatar) is obviously having a bad hair day and is too embarressed to turn up
    otherwise: eastern squad advances through the ruins and opens up on the dev squad dropping another grunt, wetern squad opens up on the advancing 6 man squad, killing one marine. Seer council leap with relish on the land speeder, he seems to think I have made an error, however I am perfctly happy to lose the speeder since it was a fair swap for over 200 points of reapers. Much to his chargrin they only suceed in shaking the crew

    Turn 4 (Sons of Medusa)
    Reserves: I have none left
    otherwise:10 man squad, chaplain and dreadnaught advance towards the eastern side of the central wood, the 6 man squad advance towards the western side, the dev squad open up on the eastern guardian squad and drop about 4, causing the unit to route. the sniper squad drop another guardian off the western squaud, the razorback failst to hit a guardian with it s TL las cannon and the scatter dice for the whirlwind are not kind, it deviates and misses entirely. The speeder pulls back about 20 odd inches

    Turn 5 (Ulthwe)
    Reserves: the Avatar finaly decides to join the battle and does another fan anning move
    Otherwise: the eastern guardian squad rallies and opens up on the dread with the bright lances - causing it to explode. The wester squad move vauely east, out of the ruins they are sheltering in and open up on the 6 man squad with the bright lance, achieving nothing. The seer council moves west, further away from the objective

    Turn 5 (Sons of Medusa)
    the Chaplain bimbles into the middle of the objective wood, having not got anywhere near anything all battle he sits down and proceeds to open up his packed lunch. The 10 man squad move round the eastern side of the wood and them and the dev squad wipe out the eastern guardian squad, leaving a lone warlock standing. The western 6 mand squad advances to the western edge of the wood, the objective is thouroughly taken, but they have no line of sight to anything in bolter range. The scouts move forward in the vein hope that the final turn will give them line of sight to the avatar. The whirlwind fires at the western squad and despite another miss, manages to top a lone guardian, the speeder surges forwards and piles heavy bolter and assult cannon fire in to the western squad dropping it to 3 guardians and a warlock (it stays though).

    Turn 6 (Ulthwe) the avatar, from what I can tell, stares at his shoes in a rather sheepish fasion, starts to whistle ad shuffles around alot. The easter guardian squad turn around and move back towards the ruins from whence they came, the seer council decides they are gonna try and charge the land speeder that is 15 inches away (seriously I did point this out to him out of sympathy), the guardian squad however manage to bring the speeder down with shuriken catapult fire. The lone warlock does a passible impression of the avatar of the laughing god, shuffling around, but atleast gets out of sight.

    He declares before my turn 6 (note this had variable turn length) as I had sufficient forces left to both hold the objecive and mop up his few

    Result: decisive victory to me, (we didnt add up the points, but all he had left was the avatar, the seer council, 3 guardians and 2 warlocks, all he had killed of mine was 4 marines, the dread and the speeder, there seemed little point in continuing)

    Last edited by Cheredanine; May 25th, 2005 at 10:21. Reason: amend list

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    nice battle report it was clean anyou had a good list. The game was pretty good and it was nice that the Avatar did not show up till it was too late.


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