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    Dark Eldar vs Tau [1000]

    This was basically a last-man-standing meat-grinder type fight. All special rules are fine and 6 + random length turns.

    My list:
    1x Archon w/ Agoniser, SF, Combat Drugs, WWP
    3x Incubi
    2x Warriors w/ 2x S. Cannon
    In a Raider w/ Night Shield, Horrorfex, nets, and Disintegrator

    1x Haemonculous w/ Destructor and Scissorhands
    5x Grotesques
    in WWP

    1x Succubus w/ Agoniser
    5x Wyches w/ wych weapons
    In WWP

    10x Warriors w/ 2x Dark Lance

    10x Warriors w/ 2x Dark Lance

    10x Warriors w/ 2x Dark Lance

    1x Talos
    In WWP

    His list: (roughly)
    1x An'shui (s/p?) (I think this is right. The ethereal special character)

    3x Crisis Suits
    2x Gun Drones
    In Reserve

    4x Pathfinders w/ grenades (2 with special guns and 2 with marker lights)
    In a Devilfish w/ seeker missles, machine gun type thing (submunition gun maybe?)
    2x Gun Drones for Devilfish

    10x Fire Warriors

    10x Fire Warriors

    around 24x Kroot
    2x Kroot Hounds

    1x Broadside
    2x Shield Drones

    Those are roughly the lists. I would have switched out one of the warriors squads for warpbeasts or bikes, but my bikes are broken and the beasts aren't ready. I think he said he had made an army for playing against my 'nids, but he took an hour or so retooling the army after he saw I had brought Dark Eldar (though he had never played against them before).

    4' 6" x 5' 6" table (half of a ping pong table)
    In the left-middle of the board was a large (about 9"x 7") ruined building and a small house (about 5"x5") building in the right-middle. In his side two small see-overable pieces of impassable terrain, one on each side and in my area there was, on the right side, a large low hill and a piece of impassable terrain next to it with 2" between it and the board edge(which he had planned to use, but ended up being to my advantage ) and a small piece of rough terrain on my left.

    I deployed my Archon squad in the Raider on the left with a warrior squad right next to the rough terrain. Roughly in the middle was another warrior squad and on the right, behind the impassable terrain, was the final warrior squad.
    He deployed his Devilfish with Pathfinders on my left (and move them towards me 4" before the first turn). He deployed both firewarrior squads pretty far out for the most part in the middle with one semi-hidden behind the large building and the other semi-hidden behind the small house. His kroot were on my right as far out as possible (I wondered why he didn't infiltrate them and he said he forgot to). His Broadside was right in the middle at the very back and the ethereal was just behind and close to the firewarrior squad on the right.

    I got to go first (which helped immensly I believe)
    First Turn:
    MOVEMENT: I moved the raider up 12", unloaded the Archon squad and moved them as close to large building as possible (only the pathfinders and devilfish could see them). The middle warrior squad moved and FoF'ed on to the hill.
    SHOOTING:The squad on the left lanced the Devilfish (crew stunned) and the squad on the right lanced 1 kroot. The Raider also shot at the Devilfish, but to no avail.

    MOVEMENT: Pathfinders hop out. Ethereal joins closest unit as they move up an inch or two. Kroot move up as far as possible.
    SHOOTING: Pathfinders shoot at Archon and Co., but nothing. Broadside cannons a warrior in the face.

    Second Turn:
    reserves rolled: Wyches are to come in.
    MOVEMENT: Archon unit moves 6" up to touch the large ruins. Raider moves to the ruins also and moves to being just barely hull down of the Broadside and firewarrior unit.
    SHOOTING: Archon lays down the WWP, S. Cannons fire at pathfinders, but nothing. Left warrior squad lances the Devilfish again and immobilizes it . It would have crashed to destruction had I not stunned it the round before (this would come to psychologically plague me for the rest of the game). The middle warrior squad shoots a shield drone from the Broadside. The other warriors miss. The raider dissie took out 2 f.w.'s from the right group.

    reserve roll: nothing
    MOVEMENT: Kroot move up as far as possible.
    SHOOTING: The right firewarrior squad shoots its 30" shots and take out 2 warriors from the middle group. The left firewarriors realize they can see an incubi through a window in the ruins and take 4 shots at him (all that can see him). It brings him down... . The pathfinders shoot at the Archon, special guns miss, but they light the group up. A smart missile (or seeker or whatever) is subsequently launched from the Devilfish which is 3 or so inches away. He rolls a one and I guess my archon matrixed the missle. The Broadside tries to take out the raider, but being hull-down saves it.

    Turn 3:
    reserve roll: Haemonculous and Grots come in
    MOVEMENT: The wyches and Haemi group spill out of the WWP.
    /*We weren't yet sure of the rules for entering (whether you could still move or assault), /*but someone went to go check (couldn't find it in the rulebook). Not knowing how long that /*would take I set up the Grots in the very front to absorb fire for the wyches and archon /*(hopefully). Eventually, the person who went to find out not finding, I hopped on a comp., /*came to LO, and found the WWP discussion.
    So!, the Haemi and grots go around the ruins toward the left firewarrior group. The wyches loop around, w/ FoF, the Devilfish towards the pathfinders. The Archon group follows Haemi. and crew.
    SHOOTING: The left warriors DL the Devilfish again to try to stop it from firing at the raider later. They immobilize again and I take off the highest str. gun (don't remember the name). The wyches fire at pathfinders, but nothing. The raider dissies the broadside out of another drone. The middle warrior group then wounds the Broadside, and the right warriors shoot down 1 more kroot.
    ASSAULT: The wyches assault the pathfinders. He forgot about the grenades and they had rolled +1 Attack, so they came in with 15 attacks. 12 hits. 1 wound that is saved. The succubus manages to bring 1 pathfinder down. no wyches killed in return.
    Archon group drugs to assault 12" (taking 1 wound in the process) and assaults the firewarriors and take out the four that were involved before they can retaliate. We forgot to make them take a Ld test.

    reserve roll: Crisis are good to go!
    MOVEMENT: Crisis come on, deploying about as far as possible in the middle. The other firewarriors move away from the group being assailed. The kroot move closer to my warriors.
    SHOOTING: Crisissuits shoot up my middle warriors to pieces (3 left, but they pass Ld) before hopping towards the back edge. The kroot try to shoot, but fall just short. The right firewarriors shoot my middle warriors again, but fall short since they were running away. The devilfish fires at my raider, but the nightshield puts it just out of range for its remaining weapon.
    ASSAULT: The wyches take their attacks, almost all hit, but only 1 wound. The pathfinders do nothing in return, but pass their leadership.
    The Archon kills 1 firewarrior, the incubi kill 1, and the warriors kill one. They kill 1 warrior in return. Firewarriors remain steadfast.

    Turn 4:
    reserve roll: The Talos cometh.
    MOVEMENT: The Talos moves towards the Devilfish. The right group of warriors moves to fill in the 2" gap between the terrain and edge (forward about 4"). The Haemi. moves towards the engaged f.w.'s.
    SHOOTING: The left most group pot shots at the Devilfish again, missing. The middle group lances the broadside to its death. The right most group opens up on the kroot (all but 2 in the back are in range) and manage to bring down around 12 to 16. The kroot do not fall back. The raider shoots another firewarrior down with the dispersed dissie shots and misses with the horrorfex again.
    ASSAULT: Reg. wyches hit almost everything again, and again cause 1 wound which is saved. The succubus gets her third kill (wow) and the pathfinders are destroyed when they are surrounded after failing their Ld. check. The wyches consolidate towards the warriors and suits.
    The Heami and grots join the firewarrior battle and between them and the archon they kill some more, but the firewarriors still don't fall back.
    Talos assaults the devilfish (the final gun drone having been brought down just prior) He stuns them again. (His devilfish just won't die. Same thing has happened in past games he has played against other friends)

    (By this point I thought I had the game in the bag)
    MOVEMENT: The crisis guys hop forward. The kroot get within charging range of the right warriors.
    SHOOTING: The firewarriors with An'shui let loose on my middle warriors and finish them off. The crisis unit deals 3 wounds to the grots.
    ASSAULT: The kroot assault me. I hit with almost all attacks, but only kill 1. He kills 1 in return.
    The Talos strikes the Devilfish again (I assumed that since it was in close combat AND is IMMOBILIZED it can't run away like most tanks can after a fight) regardless it doesn't do any thing but remove the last gun from the devilfish.
    The HQ units wipe the firewarriors clean. The grots consolidate straight towards to firewarriors, and the archon and Co. consolidate somewhat behind them and towards the Crisis suits.

    Turn 5:
    MOVEMENT: The Archon moves towards the Crisis suits. The Haemi goes for the firewarriors. The wyches run towards the firewarriors hoping to get inon the CC. Talos moves 6" to go help against An'shui.
    SHOOTING: The raider takes a shot at the Devilfish. Nothing. The left sniper unit penetrates and glances. They finally manage to bring it a firey desctruction. The archon is incapable of firing guns properly. The talos fires its stinger just barely having 2 firewarriors within 24" and kills 1. The wyches FoF 1". The Haemi. fires his destructor and kills 2 f.w.'s.
    ASSAULT: The Archon assaults the Crisis suits and kills 1 gun drone. They return by killing the other warrior.
    The right sniper squad kills 2 more kroot and have 1 of theirs killed. The kroot pass their Ld test with just 2 hounds and 2 kroot.

    MOVEMENT: Nothing.
    SHOOTING:The firewarriors shoot past the grots. and obliterate all the wyches but my succubus. She proceeds to high tail it out of there.
    ASSAULT: The Archon takes the other gun drone. The incubi deal 1 wound to the suits. They do nothing in return.
    The kroot and sniper squad do nothing.

    Turn 6:
    MOVEMENT: The raider just chilled. The left sniper squad moved ambivalently forward and to the right. The Haemi. and his monstrosities move towards the firewarriors. The succubus ran farther away and Talos moved another 6" towards the firewarriors.
    SHOOTING: The raider put out some potshots that missed the f.w.'s. The Haemi. killed 1 more with his destructor.
    ASSAULT: The right sniper squad kills 1 kroot (they are down to the two hounds and 1 kroot). The hounds and the kroot kill 2 warriors in return (I am down to 6 warriors). I roll a 10 for Ld. and the kroot catch up as the warriors flee to bring them all down. They consolidate somewhat towards left.
    The Haemi. assaults the firewarriors. An'shui deals 3 wounds to the grots and uses his other attack to parry. At this point we were somewhat unsure of what parrying meant, so we assumed the entire unit attacking him lost 1 attack to a min. of 1. The grots and Haemi. respond by killing around 4 of the f.w.'s.
    The Archon deals 2 wounds and the incubi slash at air. The crisis suits deal 1 wound and the incubi who saves against it rolls a 1. The Crisis suits fail their leadership (2 suits left) and take off. The Archon and incubi go towards An'Shui.

    MOVEMENT: The Crisis suits go off the edge (we figured that gun drones counted for 50% of unit strength). The kroot and his hounds go hunting for my 10 strong D. Lance group while hugging the hill for cover.
    SHOOTING: Nothing
    ASSAULT: An'Shui has moved nearer to my Haemi. and then my friend tells me he is parrying 2 attacks this round. This sounded ridiculously powerful after I asked and was told that he could parry up to four attacks. The idea of 1 model reducing a squad of 10 wyches, assault marines, or hormagaunts to 10 attacks and still attacking once seemed a bit too powerful. So, we figured that it must be the overall # of attacks. I assumed he meant the Haemi. would lose the attacks. So, An'Shui attacks and deals 2 wounds. The Haemi and grots respond by reducing the # of f.w.'s to 4. The f.w.'s kill the wounded grot.

    Turn 7:
    MOVEMENT: The Archon and incubi go for An'Shui. The left warriors move towards the kroot.
    The Talos moves another 6" towards An'Shui. I forget to move the raider to hopefully blast the kroot next turn.
    SHOOTING: Nothing in range.
    ASSAULT: I assault An'shui with my Archon squad. The Archon kills a firewarrior. An'shui finishes off the last grot and parries 2 Archon attacks. The Haemi. misses as does the incubi. The firewarriors kill off the Haemi. (both wounds)

    MOVEMENT: Kroot are still footslogging about 2 feet away from the warriors.
    SHOOTING: Nothing in range.
    ASSAULT: Archon and Incubi kill off the second to last firewarrior. An'shui kills the Incubi (another 1 on armor save. This was starting to build up in this group). The firewarriors wounds the Archon and he fails his armor save with another 1. The Archon roles leadership, fails, and takes off. What seemed like a solid hand to hand attack on a group of firewarriors and crisis suits has turned into an almost all out rout. The Talos is the last chance.

    Turn 8:
    MOVEMENT: I realize that Talos is fast and can move 12" (goddamnit I can't believe I forgot that). It doesn't matter anyway as he is within 12" of the combat and moves 6" to be within range of combat.
    SHOOTING: The raider can't make it to the kroot, but shoots at An'Shui and wounds him. The kroot are just out of range of the warriors.
    ASSAULT: Talos enters the fray. An'shui will parry 3 attacks by the talos and with his other attack fails to wound 7 Toughness. The Talos deals 3 wounds, which kills the firewarrior and the invulnerable armor of An'shui fails to save against 1.

    MOVEMENT: Nothing. Kroot are just out of range as he knows from watching me measure for warriors.
    SHOOTING: Nothing. See sentence above.
    ASSAULT: An'shui wounds, but can't pierece the armor of, Talos. The Talos gets 1 attack after parries and fails to wound An'shui (I didn't realize that An'shui had T 3 and I guess my friend forgot).

    After realizing that An'shui should have died I came away with roughly 950 victory points. He got about 750, so I earned a solid victory.

    Some questions though: (This is all off memory, so some numbers may be a bit distorted) Are there any glaring rules errors?
    What could have been done better? I really thought I had this game nailed by turn 4, but it came very close to a draw. I don't really believe it was about dice as he was rolling plenty of 1's also. (We both came to not rely on any of our units)
    How the hell did the raider survive so long?

    Any tips, complaints, questions, and/or comments would be very welcome!

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    116 (x4)

    I have a ferw points to make about your DE, I'm not accussing you of cheating by the way, just letting you know it appears you've misinterpreted a few rules.

    1) You can't move teh turn you open a portal.

    2) Your archons drugs do not affect the whole, squad so you can't use the 12" charge drug for your incubi and warriors.

    3) Your talos cannot attack a tank in your enemies turn as they do not count as engaged even if the tank hasn't moved.

    4) Your talos is NOT fast it is slow. It moves only 6" not 12"

    5) When moving out of a webway portal you weasure from the edge of the portal to your move distance, no part of your base can be further away than that, effectively the edge of the portal actas as the effective starting point for the lead edge of your base (as the table edge would if you where brigning them on from there)

    6) Remember to roll drugs for your archon every turn.

    7) You were unlucky with your assaukts.

    May have mroe comments later, I take it this is one of your early games with DE, welld one on the win by the way.

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    5 (x1)

    "1) You can't move teh turn you open a portal."
    Oops. I thought it was used like a non-heavy gun sort of. You can move and assault the round you drop it, just the character dropping it can't shoot his gun. Thanks for the info.

    "2) Your archons drugs do not affect the whole, squad so you can't use the 12" charge drug for your incubi and warriors."
    I didn't know this. I kind of assumed they did since the 12" move is much less powerful, but I suppose everything getting to reroll missed hits would be overpowered also.

    "3) Your talos cannot attack a tank in your enemies turn as they do not count as engaged even if the tank hasn't moved."
    There was some confusion about this. We both were unsure, and we agreed on that conclusion. That sort of thing happened both ways a few times during the match.

    "4) Your talos is NOT fast it is slow. It moves only 6" not 12""
    Okay. As I said it didn't effect the game, but that is good to know (I didn't have the codex on me (it's already in the apartment I'm moving into)). Thanks though.

    '5) When moving out of a webway portal you weasure from the edge of the portal to your move distance, no part of your base can be further away than that, effectively the edge of the portal actas as the effective starting point for the lead edge of your base (as the table edge would if you where brigning them on from there)"
    I actually thought that it was only 2" away and then they moved, but I do recall the wording is treat it like coming in on a table edge. Thanks for the correction.

    "6) Remember to roll drugs for your archon every turn."
    I did do this, but I only included the roll that wounded him because I figured it wasn't important to include that I passed the others (the post was already pretty long).

    "7) You were unlucky with your assaukts."
    I felt like that too. I mean...it's Tau for christ sake. As said he had bad luck, so it could be said he was unlucky with what he relies on also. Do you think that the tactic I used was sound, or was there a way that I might have unified my troop's attacks so that bad rolls wouldn't matter as much.

    Thanks for the feedback karantalsis. It will be helpful for future games

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