[2000] deamonhunters vs. Chaos - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [2000] deamonhunters vs. Chaos

    Ok here goes:

    HQ: Grandmaster, 4 terminators
    Inq. Lord, retinue(7) chimera

    ElitesEversor assassin
    Inq. , retinue(shooty)
    Inq., retinue(cc)

    troops[/B]grey knights(6)
    storm troopers (7)vet segent
    storm troopers (7)vet. sergent, rhino
    storm troopers (10)

    Grey knight tele. (6)

    Heavy dreadnought w/ twin lascannon
    dreadnought w/ twin lascannon
    Dreadought w/ plasma cannon

    the chaos player had,
    khorne , i agreed
    deamon prince w/ up-grades
    2 oblitirators
    12 khronebezerkers
    6 vet. marines
    10 possessed
    squad of 8 marines
    squad of 8 marines,+rhino
    15 mutants
    4 bikers
    devestor squad

    We were playing a kind of take and hold,, the map was an open field with 3 buildings around the center(the objective) and trees and hills around the out side edge.
    Turn1: i moved the stormtroopers around the woods and charged the mounted units. Eversor assassin moves up oppiste side. Dreads manage to kill 4 marines from squad a
    chaos: vets move into teh village, alng with the rhino squad, rest of teh army moves forward. The basalsik shoots and kills 4 stormtroopers
    Turn2: Assassin keeps moving up on the basalisk, dread open up on the bezerkers and kill 5, shooty Inq. kills 6 mutants, mounted forces reach the town.
    chaos, basalisk destoryes dred. w/ plasma. Devestartors destory rhino, and kill 3 stormtroopers. Vets. and maine squad b charge the stormtroopers and Inq. Lord, route the stormtroopers, but the inq. squad kills 4vets. Rest of the army moves up towards the town
    Turn3: Grand-Master and Tele. Grey knights teleport into town, kill all the mutants. Storm troopers and inq. (cc) move up to the town. Dreads. Target marine squad a and kill 2 marines. Eversor charges the basalisk and destorys it. Inq. lord Kills all the vets, but looses most henchmen. Chaos, devestators fisnish off the stormtroopers from rhino,Oblitirators shoot the (cc)Inq. marine squad b shoots and kills 2 grey knights, bezerkers+khorne, deamon prince and vets. charge the grey knights and inq. lord. Inq. Lord is killed by khorne, deamon prince goes down to Grand-Master, losses from combat (4)grey knights, (2) grey knight terminators (5) vets. (4) bezerkers.
    Turn4: Dreads finish off the mutants, eversor charges and kills 4 devestors, catchs the rest as they flee. Khorne kills terminators, but is killed, marnie squad (a) attacks grey knights and kills 2, they all die. Oblitirators open up and finish the (cc)Inq.bikers charge remaining inq. stormtroopers and route them..

    End result victory for DeamonHunters, Grand-Master 1 terminator, eversor assassin, Inq. Shooty, grey knight squad (5) 2dreads.
    chaos, 4 bikers, 2 oblitirators, 6 possessed.

    sorry for the low quality, currently working on putting together pics and report from large battle i did.

    Last edited by GODFATHER40k; June 16th, 2005 at 19:56.

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    How did the Eversor destroy the Basilisk? Eversor's strength is only 4 and he gets one d6 against vehicles...The maxe armor he could touch is 10 and the Basilisk is 12, so did you go around to the back or something? Please inform me if I have some rules wrong but im pretty sure about this one...If so you got really lucky that the Basilisk was not all the way in the back cus most players have it so you can only get to the back by being off the board. So confused....

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    Most likely he used melta bombs (since basalisks are genrally stationary, and that means an automatic hit).

    However, it's possible that he could have used his special close combat weapon, which glance on a 6+.

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