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    Space marines vs same, 2 games

    I started playing in an escalation league at the local gaming store. We are allowed to play armies of 500 points (1HQ, 2 troops), then add a certain amount of points and force org chart selections each week. We play one game each week for 6 weeks. Here's the first two, using my marines:

    Week one vs Sammy and his marines:

    My forces->

    Master of Sanctity
    -bolt pistol
    Tac squad I x10
    -melta gun
    -twin LC sarg
    Tac squad II x10
    -melta gun
    -heavy bolter
    -powerfist sarg
    Sammy's forces->

    Master with plasma pistol/ccw, iron halo, and artificer armor. (Maybe some other junk, he had tons of upgrades.)
    Tac squad A x10
    -Missle launcher
    Tac squad B x5 or 6
    -rhino (HK missle, i think)

    The game->

    My Turn One
    We roll an omega cleanse mission, awsome! I place all my forces very close to the table center, as i am cc oriented. He deploys his squad A + master likewise. I get first turn. Move forward, charge with tac squad I and attached chapie. He is in cover, and i roll low for the diff terrain test. Only the LC sargeant makes contact. No kills. (I forgot to reroll the misses due to the chaplain, doh!) We pile in.

    His Turn One
    Our heros wind up base to base and begin trading blows. Amazingly he scores one wound without a power weapon. I wound his master once. He loses 2 marines due to powerfist.

    My Turn Two
    Move up squad II again. Cc continues. I kill his master, and one more marine.

    His Turn Two
    Rhino squad arrives. It moves forward and fires at Squad II to no effect. I kill some more of squad A in cc.

    My Turn Three
    Start moving squad II towards the rhino, just out of range for the melta gun. The cc is down to like 1 enemy marine, they will not fall back.

    His Turn Three
    Disembarks, and unloads on squad 2. He rolls pretty good, i don't. 3 dead marines, we fall back like 10 inches! I finish off the last of his squad A in cc, consolidate halfway out of the woods.

    My Turn Four
    Squad 2 regroups and moves up 6 inches again. Squad one tries to get out of the woods.

    His Turn Four
    He shoots up squad II a little. I think i lost a marine.

    My Turn Five
    Both squads move up.

    His Turn Five
    He drives his rhino through diff terrain to tank shock my tac squad one. I roll bad on the moral check, and fall back about 5 inches. (thinking back, i don't think this could have happened, chapie makes the squad fearless) Then he shoots up some more marines. Squad one is at like 4 guys total, and squad II has 6 or 7, i think.

    My Turn 6
    I foolishly rapid fire with squad I, as I wanted to assault. We kill another marine. He falls back.

    The judge declares me winner based on victory points. We shake.

    Week 2 vs. charlie and his marines

    My Forces->
    Same as last time, but added terminator honors to the chapie, and
    Tac Squad III x10
    -melta gun
    -heavy bolter
    -sarge with power fist

    His forces->
    -power weapon/plasma pistol
    -artificer armor
    -iron halo
    Tac squad C x10
    -plasma gun or something
    Tac squad D x6
    -razorback w/TL lascannon
    Predator Annihilator
    -heavy bolter sponsons

    The game->

    Scenario was some home-brewed store scenario called suicide squad. Each side picks a troops unit wich is fearless, and hits on 3+ in cc. You get extra Victory points for losing that squad. We roll omega again. I pick squad III as suicide squad, he picks squad D?!?!

    I deploy squads I and II at the edge of my deployment zone. Squad III and the chaplain infiltrate 12 away from his tac squad C behind some terrain. (realized later that i couldn't do this as the chaplain makes the squad lose infiltrate, doh!).

    His turn one
    He foolishly moves his squad towards mine, into the same terrain we are hiding behind.

    My turn one
    All the squds move up. Squad III rolls 3 for diff terrain, barely inside the woods.

    His turn 2
    Predator arrives, shoots lascannon at squad II, picking off a marine. They have sooo far to walk. His squad C moves up close to my suicide squad, killing one with a plasma pistol.

    My turn 2
    All squads advance. squad III shoots, misses, assaults. My character base to base with his. I miss him (forgot to reroll misses again, gahh!). I think we each lose a guy.

    His turn 3
    Shoots up my squad II again with the predator. He loses 2 marines in the cc, i only lose one. He fails his ld check with a 10! They fall back 11 inches, right off the board! Woooo! We consolidate completely out of the woods.

    My turn 3
    Move up all squads. Squad III shoots at his pred with meltagun, miss. Assault, the powerfist (rerolling misses, this time!) immobilizes it, and destoys the lascanon.

    His Turn 4
    His other squad arrives. Disembarks from the razorback. They are quite close to squad III. Maybe 4 inches away. The pred fires at squad II with heavy bolters, nothing. Squad D and the razorback fire at squad III, dropping them to the chaplain, powerfist, and meltagun. They are fearless, though. :p

    My Turn 4
    Squad III shoots and assault his squad, killing all of them.

    His turn 5
    Shoots at us some more.

    My turn 5
    Squad III destroys the razorback. Squads I and II move to within 12" of the predator. They miss with 2 melta guns.

    He concedes the game. I score another victory. Brutal. I am 2-0 so far, 4 matches left.

    Infiltrate is awsome. I will be adding it to the other squads.
    I need a command squad, so the chaplain can infiltrate, too.
    Forgetting about the chaplain rerolls was really dumb, gotta remember that next time.
    Only players left are one tau, one eldar, one tyranid, and one marine. So anti swarm weapons will become very good. I should add a whirlwind for next time.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Cool reports,

    One question, does anybody at where you play this not have Marines?

    You seemed to make good choices, Marine heavy is usualy good. You need to remember Litanies of Hate more.
    Your first oppo didnt seem to bright, no power weapon? a rhino? why do these people who know they will be playing escalation insist on transports?
    Every time you read this sig: a fairie dies!

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    This league is mostly newer players. Sammy was a fantasy battles player that just got into 40k. I thought his army list needed work. But, I have only played 3-4 games in the last year myself, so I'm a bit rusty.

    Like i said, there are several marine armies, one eldar (the type that gets the ridiculous seer counsel), one tyranid, and one tau. I've played most of the marine guys, so i'll most likely fight one of the other armies for next week. The eldar player is like the store champion or something, he'll be the biggest challenge.
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