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    Hall of Hereos Battle Reports

    Just got home from the local GW store after a good day of Hall of Heroes tournament gaming. My list can be found here: http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...ad.php?t=40567 ([1700] Space Marine - Blood Angels)
    The details aren’t great as I didn't write this stuff down so bare with me. The pts value for the tournament was 1700pts at the gamma level with mission being decided by strategy rating.

    Game 1
    So right off the bat I face an Ultramarine player (who would have thought lol). He had two dreadnaughts one with lascannon/ccw another with assault cannon/ccw and this one was venerable. He then had one rhino with Magnus Calgar and 4 guys and another rhino with a full tac squad in it. He also had a vindicator and two, five man tac squads, whirlwind and to finish it off a librarian in terminator armor with a 5 man retinue with a ml/assault cannon.

    So we roll off and I win choosing seek and destroy (a trend ...) and my opponent got to go first (another trend). He did minimal damage on the first turn since I hid behind trees and a rhino wall (I deployed my squads behind them). The whirlwind killed 2 assault marines.

    My death company rages forward 6 and makes it into hth with a tac squad. My Vindicator blows up the command rhino and the LST take down a dread. Likewise my dread takes down the other enemy dread. My tac squad marches up the middle of the board but is slowed by trees.

    The game went downhill here for my opponent (unfortunately it was only the top of turn 2) as he again did minimal casualties and I pounced on his vindicator with a power fist on my vet sgt in the assault squad. The DC got assaulted by the termies and got wiped out but the chaplain held his own and held the squad in place. Calgar got a lascannon to the head and my librarian with veil of time ripped through all his tac squads. Although my chaplain died he held the enemy long enough for my librarian to get over and force weapon his librarian.

    End result: Massacre for me (+20)

    Game 2

    This game was against an Ulthwe strike force and again I won and picked Seek and Destroy and he got to go first. We rolled for dusk and dawn and got a 1 so my shooting was messed up for all important turn 1.

    My opponent had 6 war walkers with star cannons on all of them and they really did a number on my death company and one group of 2 took out 7 assault marines and the librarian attached to them. However my LST made short work of them and my psychic hood stopped fortune long enough for my vindicator to get a shot off on the seer council killed 5 warlocks from them and killing two warlocks from the avatars bodyguard. This proved to be huge as his power house unit was knocked out considerably. This game was a real massacre but I couldn't finish off squads as he ran he ended the game with 2 farseers and 3 units of 1 warlock, while I had a dread, pred, 2 LST, full tac squad and a rhino.

    End Result: Minor Victory (+12)

    Game 3

    This game was against SoB (I hate this army) and he won the role but picked ..yep you guessed it seek and destroy. He also got first turn (blasted dice!).

    This was an extremely frustrating game as faith was being a real pain. I did fairly well but the St Celestial (?) absolutely started havoc as he kept making her save invulnerable and I couldn't get him to roll a 1. However eventually she met a tactical squad vet sgt's power fist. Oh yeah she came back on turn 6 and my opponent reminded me I don't get points for her if she’s still on the table. At this point I was like "what a bi...? So I fired a dread/2 LST/rhino/ and a chaplain who was ready to assault. She eventually died to mass fire from the LST's.

    This wasn't a memorable game because we both played really conservative. I mean at the end I had 910pts left and he had 800. I basically took out the 2 exorcists and was content to try to force him to me. He was content to sit and let his powerhouse unit raise a little hell. I also forgot about the objective and he had more scoring units to add points on and ended up winning by 125pts but it was still a draw. This actually was an okay game very tactically challenging just not a real exciting game.

    End Result: Draw (+10)


    Wow. Really odd tournament that I thought I might have won based on my score from games which IMO was poor (last tournament I had 50pts). Usually you need to massacre your opponent to win, but I ended up coming in second in game pts with 42pts behind my friend’s tyranids with 43pts. However at the end of the day awards were handed out and I got best general; which was nice if only to remind me I did pretty well and it was a fun day. The Ulthwe player got best sportsmanship and the SoB player got best painted (not the best, I thought but the overall theme and painting was very good a nice black/red/white SoB army that looked good on the battlefield).

    Current Armies-
    Slaanesh (CSM)
    High Elves (BloodBowl)

    Warseer Blood Bowl League

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    Nice job.

    Shame about the last game

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